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MicroStrategy is a platform where innovation isn’t being dealt to build synergies between different technology podiums and organizations. It’s much more than that and perhaps, that’s the reason why the product was rated #1 in 4 out of 6 cases in 2019 as per the “Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform Report”. That’s why it’s positioned to escort the next paradigm shift, which is led by HyperIntelligence.

The latest update of MicroStrategy includes various HyperIntelligence products, which is in high demand, nowadays. As a result, it leads to many companies and persons to go for full-fledge MicroStrategy training courses.

We have done deep research on Hyperintelligence so that you get served with the best knowledge.


How does it work?

On top of highlighted words, HyperIntelligence dynamically overlay its cards. Each card includes recommended actions and relevant KPIs based on the task in hand. Cards can be infused to popular apps like Microsoft Office 365, Google’s G Suite, SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Atlassian, and Workday, famous mobile productive apps and much more – catering contextual and relevant insights tailored to each individual.

The update involves numerous enhancements to the HyperIntelligence Suite, which are listed below:

Hyperintelligence for office

It brings intelligence to an extensively used Microsoft Office client – Outlook. HyperIntelligence is equipped to bring 1-click insight to more than 400 million active users and supercharge emails of web and desktop clients. It enables users to discover germane, contextual insights within the emails and Outlook-based workflow via HyperIntelligence cards. These cards are accessible through the latest add-ins for desktop clients and outlook web clients for both Mac and PC.


HyperIntelligence for Mobile

Now HyperIntelligence is available on android and iOS devices too. It delivers a standalone app that endorses calendar-based notification and in-app search.

HyperIntelligence for Web

It introduces augmented cards with more innovative templates. It now supports dynamic links to URLs. You can see contextual information on the web application as well as the can drive workflows by directly linking other applications. 

Powerful Enhancements for Federal Analytics

The tool promoted federal analytics that adds more power to the MicroStrategy for Power BI, MicroStrategy for Qlik connectors and MicroStrategy for Tableau. All these connectors are designed to enhance user productivity on famous BI tools. Users can also connect to the MicroStrategy Enterprise Semantic Graph and access almost 4 million rows with 10 columns of trusted data.   


Advanced Management and Administrative Automation Features 


This feature is available for AWS and Microsoft Azure with the MicroStrategy Cloud Platform. The current update increases the equivalence between the cloud platform providers and ease-up the launch of fully optimized projects on both Azure and AWS in a flash.

The MicroStrategy has stood on their groundbreaking technology because you are offered an easy way to achieve unprecedented analytics adoption. They provide a unique analytics experience that fuels a higher level of productivity and interconnectivity for your business.


The HyperIntelligence is useable on each level of an organization. Your business is not just manageable but also advanced with it. So are you ready to become a master of all these features of HyperIntelligence Suite through your MicroStrategy training? Contact the ExistBI team from US, UK and Europe.

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