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NBA 2K is an online basketball game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K sports. The game content is updated synchronously with the NBA theme. As a new work released after 2K19, once launched, it caused a huge response in the player community. 2K is a rare rival in the market with its huge player base and high popularity. But 2K has always been on the cusp. Because the development team shifted the focus of the game from pure basketball to slot machines or selling NBA 2K20 MT. So 2K is also called a casino by some people!

The essential purpose of NBA 2K20 is to enable people who love basketball to enjoy the fun of basketball on the Internet. But when players saw the NBA 2K20 trailer, they had the illusion that it was a casino. Therefore, many experts and players have criticized 2K as being too commercial now. Indeed, this negative evaluation is indeed reasonable. Many new and old players are shocked and uneasy about the changes in 2K. And players like Russell Westbrook simply don't care about their performance in the game.

In more detail-they even added the ball drop feature: this is a mini-game in the game, you can observe the ball randomly falling into a series of nails, and hope it hits a color-coded platform during the descent. They even added slot machines like casinos. Here, you can pull out three gems and if they match, you can win. Fans didn't like it at all, they started to bake 2K games by adding text slot machines to make the game into a live casino. However, NBA 2K20 claims that there is no gambling in the game. Despite winning the trust of Belgian and Dutch officials in the past, 2K seems to have become a manufacturer of gambling games. They even launched the jackpot reward system in NBA 2K20. By accumulating bonuses in the "rethought triple threat mode", you can win the jackpot prizes in the game currency and card packs. They make the whole game revolve around these jackpots, and the card packs you will win through the jackpot will eventually be used to attract rare and powerful players. You can even use card packs to evolve players.

However, the gaming team also knows that if real cash gambling is added to the game, it is undoubtedly a dead end. It is nothing new to add gambling elements such as jackpots and slot machines to such large online games, now or before. Many players are very angry about the very excessive approach of 2K. This seriously affects the game experience of players.

There is also a very serious negative evaluation. In NBA 2K20, you must pay VC (Virtual Currency) or 2K20 MT as long as you have a similar consumption behavior. Whether players want to wear new shoes in the game or increase player data must spend money to do so. When you win money through casino games, they will even issue more virtual currency. They issued more Cheap NBA 2K20 MT in the "My Career" mode through salary and sponsorship agreements. In this way, players no longer need to spend real money on Buy NBA 2K20 MT.

In short, the negative evaluation of NBA 2K20 is reasonable. As we all know, loyal fans of the game are sensitive to the game and any changes will be noticed by them. 2K transformed basketball games into casinos and had a profound impact on gamers. After assuring government officials, the publisher still turned the original basketball game into a gambling environment and used clever strategies to combine the gameplay with the game itself. From a business perspective, NBA 2K20 setting up a casino is not their original intention, just to adapt to this era.

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