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Players all know that the scoring structure of the game consists of three points, midrange shots, free throws, etc. The accuracy of three-pointers will directly affect the game. If a three-pointer is needed in the final stage of the game to win the game, then this has high requirements for the players' three-point technique. This means that relying solely on NBA 2K20 MT is not enough to deal with such a complex and difficult game situation. It also requires constant practice or repeated practice of shooting techniques in the training ground to achieve real growth. For example, the Warriors two stars Steph Curry and Clay Thompson, the two of them have repeatedly used three-pointers to save the game when the game was in crisis.

Modern basketball is already in the "small ball era." Since Steph Curry made a splash in the NBA, each team has made corresponding changes. But everyone has formed a default consensus that the five players on the court must have good shooting skills. No one is exceptional. Read the following to learn how to build an accurate three-point shooter.

Although we may not necessarily play as a point guard, please choose your position. This is because the position of the point guard gives us the best score and various marks for the Sharpshooter component in NBA 2K20. Next, choose the first physical profile to get us the highest speed. Since we are creating a sniper here, we should be able to move around the site and try to open it. Strength is not important for this structure, because our bread and butter will shoot from a distance.

To improve your attributes, please match the numbers shown above. This will provide us with 30 high-scoring three-point shooting levels. Since we chose the position of the point guard, we also have 11 protection icons and 8 game icons. This is why choosing a point guard is crucial. The distribution of the badge prevented us from taking responsibility for protection. Although our handling of the ball is not particularly high, our 8 game icons allow us to move the ball a little to find our own shot. Try not to spend a lot of attribute points on internal scoring. Remember, our top priority is to kill from a distance.

For your height, please choose 6 feet 6 inches. For the sniper in NBA 2K20, this is correct, because our three-point scoring will not lose too much. The tall size also made us a quarterback for the site. Our handling of the ball has dropped somewhat, but, as already mentioned, our goal is to become a sniper on one end of the field and a valuable defender on the other end. Our goal is to become Clay Thompson or Steph Curry. As for weight, we want to maintain this speed and agility, so we need 188 pounds. well. You can use these parameters here, but as a sniper, I personally moved the ball outside the ball screen to find the shot. The higher the speed, the better the effect. Good speed will also help move the ball to a decent level and allow us to run on the other end to break through quickly.

The maximum arm span is the best choice for our sharpshooter accessories. This is because the player's three-point score only drops to 90. We don't need a big blow to the ball. If players are worried about dribbling, please know that you can unlock professional-level dribbling when you get 96 points. The largest arm span greatly improves our defensive ability. This can improve our blocking and stealing ability. And having a very high wingspan can also improve our shot put competition.

By the way, the good news is that NBA 2K21 is expected to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch in September 2020. In addition to gameplay, loyal players will also pay attention to and use NBA 2K21 MT to further enhance their strength. By then, you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT by logging in to GameMS. But at this stage we still need to focus on the present. Although we cannot directly improve the shooting level with the help of 2K20 MT, we can get items that enhance player attributes through Buy NBA 2K20 MT. This is also a way to improve the strength of players from the other side.

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