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Except that's alternative 3 hates it. He wants an item sink and he doesn't care what anybody thinks, he has made that OSRS gold quite plain to see. That the fee is currently 5%, so no one votes for it. It'll split the vote between 3 and 4 earning 2 win though 2 will be unpopular as fuck. That way they don't have to ignore the vote (even though they stated they want if they had to, aka anything besides 2 winning).With the hatred from OSRS to RS3, you're bound to find some responses from the neighborhood, its as straightforward as that. Well I can see them as individuals who cant manage change and stick with their youth game forever, idiots who care about shitting about the more recent version of RuneScape than the model they prefer, but thats just fucking stupid. The decent people are always overshadowed by the poor locally, although both communities can be fucking exhausting sometimes. Even tough the vast majority of the hate comes in the OSRS side, I don't really care.

I have played since 07 and that I enjoy the modern game. I believe OSRS is most popular for its pking, which I really was a lover of (because I sucked at it). Meanwhile, thanks to eoc, I have defeated all the bosses that kicked my butt all those years back and that I have had my sin. Not only that but I'm endgame workable which I never thought in a million years I would reach especially with how slow development sensed, which I think is still a feature/issue (depending on you) of OSRS. I try not to generalize, so despite all of the"OSRS players hate RS3 and everybody and everything who performs it" talk, I just consider them the hateful, divisive part of the playerbase that permeates every game.

And I like to think that's completely fine and that people just prefer one match over the other. I can completely see why this is an appealing factor to people. Hell, I've had my present'primary account's on OS for a few decades, and while I'm not a super effective player I also dont waste time per se, and only recently am I learning end game pvm such as Raids and soloing GWD efficiently. Personally, the fact that it is taken sooooo long to get my accounts to this stage makes me very proud of myselfand today when I can complete some high-quality pvm, it seems really good. But again, I can see the appeal to hitting endgame.

Well because of the introduction of grade gear, the elderly equipment got a lot cheaper. Bandos used to be greatest in slot, however the price finally went down to the point I could manage it with my little cash stack along with flat 85 weapons that had grade 70 harm but grade 90 accuracy. Death was a whole lot less punishing and you didn't risk losing everything if you couldn't return into your tomb in time, and while shield prayers don't do 100% damage decrease anymore unless devotion is used, abilities only really opened up the game for me since it became less about"how much food could I stuff in my stock while I pray for my firearms to RS3 gold strike and also the boss to dash" and much more real mechanics like utilizing the proper ability/prayer at the ideal time in the ideal place. Though I started out with legacy (old school style battle ), I quickly adjusted to revolution (RuneScape mechanically uses abilities for you) then got used to activating them manually.

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By Megaomgchen
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