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It is not a bad game by any means, I think the community only complains so much because of mt for sale 2k21 the simple fact that it feels just like 2k isn't even trying anymore and is only doing it for the money. We need a sport where 2k concentrate less and will put additional effort and passion into. I need. My difficulty is that NBA 2K20 always crashes and has the worst netcode that I've ever noticed.

Mostly played madden before switching over to 2k. This game is light years ahead of that pile of garbage so I have complaints. This season, people don't even need to pass on the ball. I was on the show that is mlb and changed back over 3 weeks. MLB the series is collecting dust. I use to play a good deal of Madden until I realized just how shitty it was. NBA2k20 is fine, but it is far better than madden. NBA2k has things that madden players are perishing for.For real. My team makes what we've in franchise mode look so much worse then it already is.

If you take a close look at it at an 17, well, it's Not a Bad match. But compared to past games it only one Iterations we'd. Yes, they add more and more every game but on another Hand they destroy more and more. We can't select Uniforms in League Play that is internet. Equilibrium is the worst we had since nba 2k12. We've got cool Attributes like Quick play missions and habit Series that are unaccesable from the myleague Main Menu and consequently will need to be Set each and every game. Trainers and Controller configurations revert back to default values when starting a game.

Going to offline leagues, it is not possible to enjoy this for over season without controlling All 30 Teams. The AI is simply to stupid to manage a Team correctly. Neither are they able to construct a Team where they dont even have multiple superstars at one Position while they've Borderline gleague players as starters at another Position. They are unable to sign 14 players. Occasionally they go into the season with just 6 players under contracts. Most transaction provides by the CPU make no feeling for both sides. There are so many things that make it tough to enjoy NBA 2K20.

This franchise is just a cash grab and they will do anything to keep it like that. For example the streaming codes have been badly performed. They picked that one YTber to give out a code and he messed it up and the rest of the guys that got a code to give out milked out the hell of cheap mt nba 2k21 , had issues, or were not actually sure what the code was for.

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By MMOruki
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