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Metal sliding bearing is currently the most used three-layer composite bearings, such bearings are generally based on carbon steel plate for the substrate, sintering technology in the first sintered steel plate on a layer of spherical copper powder, and then sintered in the copper layer on the layer 0.03mm of PTFE lubricant; the middle layer of spherical copper powder is the main role is to enhance the bonding strength between steel and PTFE, of course, at work also play a certain bearing and lubrication; global professional manufacturer of the United States GGB company, Japan's OILES company and China's CSB company; in recent years also in the world of sliding bearing manufacturing base also emerged a number of outstanding small and medium enterprises, large enterprises comprehensive strength, small and medium enterprises are to subdivision direction, such as Three and oil-lubricated bearings specializing in the development of the valve type stainless steel plain bearings, Kaisheng sliding bearing specializes in the development of mold industry accessories, excellent Ken bearing the development of injection molding machines and other accessories, with the sliding bearing industry, industry segmentation more and more obvious, Enterprises have gradually shortened the gap with large enterprises. Through the above description is not difficult to see, Steel+Nylon BTU bushing and metal sliding bearing the following differences: 1,plastic bearings are the overall lubrication material, long service life;Filled and Modified Fluoroplastic Series and metal sliding bearing lubrication layer is only 0.003mm of the surface of the PTFE, when this thin layer of friction also declared the end of life; 2, plastic bearings 3, the plastic bearing quality than metal light, which is more suitable for modern lightweight design trends; 4, plastic bearings (1), the use of plastic bearings, the use of plastic bearings can not be used in the chemical liquid; 5, plastic bearings in the operation without any noise, has a certain vibration absorption function; as a result of plastic bearings than the metal type of sliding bearing the existence of more than one-way bearing, plastic bearings, plastic bearings, plastic bearings, Many advantages, the production of plastic bearings are growing, the use of plastic bearings are also constantly extending the occasion, from fitness equipment to the office equipment and the automotive industry, and so are using plastic bearings on the road driving the car without plastic Bearing.CY-8H model ball transfer unit,3kg load capacity ,8mm carbon steel ball market prospects unlimited broad!

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