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What is the role of Nylon Ball transfer unit, POM Ball,Nylon Ball,Plastic Transfer Ball Unit? As we all know, the bearing is fixed in the mechanical transmission process and reduce the load friction coefficient of the components. So what is a plain bearing? Let Xiaobian let us explain what is a sliding bearing. A sliding bearing is a bearing that works under sliding friction. Sliding bearing work smoothly, reliable, no noise. In the case of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface is separated by the lubricating oil without direct contact, but also can greatly reduce the friction loss and surface wear, oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting frictional resistance is larger. Bearing part of the shaft bearing is called the journal, matching parts with the journal called the bearing pad. The friction-reducing material layer cast on its inner surface in order to improve the frictional properties of the pad surface is called a bearing liner. Bearings and bearing lining material collectively referred to as sliding bearing material. Sliding bearing applications are generally in the low-speed heavy-duty conditions, or maintenance and filling lubricating oil difficult operating parts. China is the world's earlier invention of the rolling bearing one of the countries in Chinese ancient books, axle bearing on the structure has long been documented. From the archaeological heritage and information, China's oldest bearing with a modern prototype of the structure of rolling bearings, appeared in BC 221 ~ 207 (Qin Dynasty) in Yongji County, Shanxi Province Xuejia cliff village. After the founding of new China, especially since the seventies of last century, the reform and opening up a strong impetus, the bearing industry has entered a new period of rapid development of high quality. At the end of the seventeenth Century, the United Kingdom C. Valuo design and manufacture of ball bearings, and installed in the post-trial and the British P. Woosi ball bearing patent. The late 18th century German H.R. Hertz published on the ball Steel+Nylon BTU bearing contact stress of the paper. Based on the achievements of Hertz, R. Streibeck of Germany and A. Pamgren of Sweden carried out a lot of experiments and contributed to the development of the design theory and fatigue life calculation of rolling bearings. Subsequently, N.P. Petrov of Russia used the Newtonian viscosity law to calculate the bearing friction. Reynolds of the United Kingdom on the discovery of Thor mathematical analysis, derivation of the Reynolds equation, since the fluid dynamic lubrication theory laid the foundation. Early linear motion bearing form, is a row in the skidboard placed under a row of wood. This technique may be traced back to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, although there is no clear evidence. Modern linear motion bearings use the same principle of work, but sometimes the ball instead of roller. The earliest sliding and rolling element bearings are made of wood. Ceramics, sapphire or glass are also used, and steel, copper, other metals, plastics (such as nylon, bakelite, teflon and UHMWPE) are commonly used. Its role in terms of support, that is,Cloth-reinforced Phenolic Resin Series literal interpretation of the bearing axis, but this is only part of its role in supporting its essence is able to bear the radial load. It is also understood that it is used to fix the shaft. The axis is fixed so that it can only rotate, and control its axial and radial movement. The consequences of a motor without bearings are simply not working at all. Because the axis may move in any direction, and the motor is required to work only when the shaft for rotation. In theory, it is impossible to achieve the role of transmission, not only that, the bearings will also affect the transmission, in order to reduce the impact of high-speed shaft bearings must achieve good lubrication, and some of the bearing itself has lubrication, called pre-lubricating bearings Most of the bearings must have oil, load at high speed, due to friction will not only increase the energy consumption, more frightening is very easy to damage the bearing. The sliding friction into rolling friction argument is one-sided, because there is something called Metal mesh with PTFE bushing,strip.

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