ty at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, until recently a popular tourist destination.That changed after a series from jj009's blog

Lets start the 2016-17 season off with a bang!Tiger Woods did the Hokey Pokey with the Safeway Open. Stan Smith Clearance . We know what effect it caused in the media, but what about the guys inside the ropes?This weeks caddie drops opinions on Tigers withdrawal, the Safeway Open course and the fans.Remember how this works: We get the truth and inside access, the caddies get anonymity. Enjoy!Collins: How different is the vibe since Tiger isnt playing? Caddie: Well, they moved the tee box up on (the 10th hole) I had heard to alleviate some congestion from the fans. Thats not going to be an issue anymore. I think amongst the players, I havent heard a whole lot of chatter about him not being here. I think its definitely made an impact with the fans and the people in the area. A lot of people I talked to were excited to see him play and dont get the opportunity to now.A couple [of] people were like, I dont even care if he showed up and didnt play well. I just wanted to see him play. So its interesting, the dynamic [and] the difference between what Tiger is thinking about relative to his game and what the fans want.Obviously everyone wants to see him play well. But I think the fans just wanted to see him play. Thats been the biggest difference. The fans are disappointed he isnt here. For the players, its business as usual.Collins: Whats your opinion on how Tiger withdrew? Caddie: It was very interesting that he used the word vulnerable to describe his golf game. Ive never heard a golfer use that language. It would be something that, maybe, a golfer would say to his wife if he was in a moment of despair. Its a very telling word that he used and he definitely did it on purpose. I mean, all his words are very calculated.So I dont know if hes kind of letting everybody know, Hey, Im being truthful. This is where Im at. Dont have too many expectations for me right now. Im not ready yet. I think its tough for Tiger post-scandal. ... He sees all the eyeballs now. He used to have that tunnel vision. He used to own the entire golf course and everybody that he played with. He was the man.Without knowing him well and without trying to speak for him too much, he might [still] have some embarrassment from that. Its hard to play golf. You need to have an ego out on the PGA Tour. All of the players do. When that gets compromised, for whatever reason, then it becomes more difficult to perform at a high level.A major-winning player that I spoke with about it thought that Tiger might not be interested in playing golf on the PGA Tour if he knows that he cant compete at the highest level that hes used to. ... I still think he can win! Im a little less confident that he can win a major now, but I still think he can win. ...If I had any advice for him, youd look at some of these players in other sports that have made comebacks in their careers. I would say, Hey man. Youre not going to be the same guy you used to be, but you can definitely reinvent yourself. Youre still a champion. You might just have to figure out a different way to do it.Collins: Is there anything the caddie can do to help his player when they have a case of the, I wont say the word, but it rhymes with hips? Caddie: [Big sigh.] Thats an interesting thing. One of the things youre always trying to do is instill as much confidence as possible in your player. Another thing that you can do is take your players mind off the task at hand, so to speak. Be somewhat of a distraction.Those are two things some of the top caddies on tour do very well. And they dont always do both. You do one or the other. It depends on your player. An example of being a distraction would be, maybe if youre walking up to a shot that you know your player has been struggling with, that might be a time when you get in your players ear and change the subject. You gotta know your player, obviously. ...I think the other [example] would be just to instill as much confidence as possible in practice situations and as the round is unfolding, too, because the player has to do a good job of almost tricking himself in those situations. As much as you [the caddie] can do that without him knowing youre doing it, [that] could be helpful.Collins: How helpless of a feeling is it (caddie starts laughing before I even finish the question) when you know there is nothing you can say or do to prevent disaster for your player? Caddie: Yeah, that is a helpless feeling. Sometimes you get in situations as a caddie where youre off to the side of the green or off to the side of the shot, youve done everything you can do, and you know that your player is about to mess the shot up, because youve seen enough shots and youve seen your player enough out on the golf course that you know, oh no.It happens a lot with short putts. Putting is one where youre not in there talking to your player as much. Like a lot of times on approach shots or drives, you can kind of get that last word in there. Its not really as easy to do when it comes to putting. ... Yeah, it is a helpless feeling because you want to help him out, but you know hes got to figure it out on his own.Sometimes when you jump in there and it still goes wrong, its worse than sitting off to the side and having it go wrong! Versus, you sit off to the side and it goes right. Its kind of a catch-22 there. It is the most helpless feeling when you know your player just doesnt have it in that particular moment.Collins: Lets talk about the golf course. Theres weather, of course, in the forecast. Will that make this particular course easier or harder? Caddie: My first instinct is that its going to get harder. The [golf] ball doesnt go as far up here in this cool air. The rough is just long enough where you can get a club on [the ball], but you cant quite control it. The greens were firm, so theyll get a little bit softer but -- if its going to be gray, windy, rainy and overcast, I just dont think that can be easier in any circumstance. Stan Smith Wholesale China .J. -- Marshawn Lynch said Thursday it will be good to get back to football after the Seattle quiet talking running back wrapped up his final mandatory media session of Super Bowl week. Cheap Stan Smith Online . -- Timbers coach Caleb Porter didnt stray from his business-like approach to the season even after Portland downed the two-time defending league champion Los Angeles Galaxy to gain crucial playoff position. http://www.wholesalestansmith.com/ . Carey Price didnt, but he still came out on top against one of his rivals for the No. 1 job at the Sochi Games. The Anahim Lake, B.C., native was stellar in making 39 saves in his home province and Lars Eller got credit for a bizarre short-handed winner as the Canadiens defeated the Canucks 4-1. ISTANBUL -- Turkey declared a national day of mourning and paid tribute to the dead Sunday after two bombings in Istanbul killed 38 people and wounded 155 others near a soccer stadium. The carnage was claimed by a Turkey-based Kurdish militant group.The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, or TAK, said two of its members had sacrificed their lives in the Saturday night attack that targeted security forces outside the Besiktas stadium shortly after the conclusion of a match.Two of our comrades were heroically martyred in the attack, according to a statement posted on TAKs website.It described the blasts as reprisal for state violence in the southeast and the ongoing imprisonment of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. TAK is considered by authorities as a PKK offshoot.The twin car-and-suicide bombings near the stadium enraged top officials, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who vowed to hunt down the perpetrators. The attack was the latest large-scale assault to traumatize a nation confronting an array of security threats.Turkey is a NATO member and a partner in the U.S.-led war against the Islamic State group.The attack targeted police officers, killing 30 of them along with seven civilians and an unidentified person, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters. He said 13 people had been arrested in connection with the terrorist act.In an address at a funeral for the slain police officers before TAKs statement was released, a furious Soylu condemned Kurdish rebels and their allies in the West, referring to the PKK as animals.Have you accomplished anything beyond being the servants, pawns and hit men of certain dark forces, of your dark Western partners? he asked.Turkish officials didnt make any further comments after the TAK claim of responsibility was posted.The battle between the PKK and the Turkish state has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of citizens. Turkish officials frequently accuse the West of supporting the Kurdish insurgency and of interfering in Ankaras fight against the militants.Erdogan vowed his country would fight the curse of terrorism till the end after paying a visit to some of the wounded at Haseki Hospital in Istanbul.Hundreds of flag-carrying demonstrators marched along Istanbuls coastline toward the stadium at the heart of the blast area. Flags flew at half-staff across the country and at Turkeys foreign missions. Passers-by placed flowers on barriers surrounding the soccer stadium.The first and larger explosion took place about 10:30 p.m. Saturday after Besiktas beat Bursaspor 2-1 in the Turkish Super League. Erdogan said the attacks timing aimed to maximize the loss of life, but most fans had left before the detonation.Soylu said the first blast was caused by a passing vehicle thaat detonated in an area where police special forces were located at the stadium exit. Discount Stan Smith. A riot police bus appears to have been the target. Moments later, a person who had been stopped in nearby Macka Park committed suicide by triggering explosives, according to the minister.He said 136 people remained hospitalized Sunday after the attack, including 14 in intensive care.TAK claimed the Turkish people werent their target but warned no one should expect a comfortable life as long as the ruling party continues to torture the mothers of Kurdistan every day.Armed conflict between the Turkish state and Kurdish militants resumed in July 2015 after peace talks unraveled. While much of the violence has concentrated in the impoverished and pre-dominantly Kurdish southeast, it has also spread to other cities, including the capital, Ankara, where TAK has claimed February and March suicide bombings.Experts have determined that up to 400 kilograms (880 pounds) of explosives were used in the car bomb, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus told CNN Turk.To the mournful sound of trumpets, funeral services were held at Istanbuls police headquarters for some of the slain officers. Their comrades solemnly carried the coffins, which were draped in the Turkish flag, as a sea of mourners wept around them.Erdogan presided over a security meeting after the funeral ceremony and hospital visit.Soccer fans proved their resilience by showing up to watch a game pitting Istanbuls Galatasaray and Gaziantepspor at a different stadium.What happened last night was extremely saddening but they need to know that Turkish people will not yield to such things, Galatasaray supporter Erkan Duman told The Associated Press. Its not like we will give up things, especially things we love, just because they want us to.Turkey has witnessed a spate of IS and Kurdish-linked attacks this year. Saturdays bombings were one of the bloodiest to hit Istanbul, a city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, until recently a popular tourist destination.That changed after a series of IS-linked suicide bombings targeting tourists, including a sophisticated attack on the citys Ataturk Airport in June that killed 44 people and wounded scores of others. PKK-linked militants have claimed other deadly attacks in Ankara, Istanbul and areas in southeast Turkey.A state of emergency is in force following a failed July 15 coup attempt and the resulting government crackdown on alleged coup sympathizers has landed thousands in jail and forced tens of thousands of people from their jobs. Critics call the move a witch hunt.---Cinar Kiper, Ayse Wieting and Bulut Emiroglu contributed to this report. ' ' ' 

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