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Hello and welcome to a social and information network for marriage minded individuals. Our goal is to create a community of individuals looking to meet and socialize with others whose long-term goal is to get married. Additionally, we aspire to provide timely and topical information that will help prepare you for your journey.

Let’s be honest, meeting and marrying someone overseas is difficult. How do I know? I married my wife who is from the Philippines. Suffice it to say, this process is not for the faint of heart and it is complicated by the fact that the information you will need is hard to come by. By developing a forum where others can share their experiences and information, we hope to make this journey a bit easier.

In addition to providing helpful information, we look to build a community of people looking to meet others who would like to get married. Although we are not a traditional dating site, we will provide a format where our members can meet and get to know each other. Who knows what will happen when you create community of marriage minded people. We think good things are bound to happen.

Welcome to the community!!!

Rilie Jun 24 '18 · Tags: #mypalangga4love
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