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I am waiting to write this review for several reasons. First, NBA 2K21 has not yet reached the praise used by the series. I want to give the developer some time to fix the problem before finishing my impression.

Second, like many of you, my game does not work properly. When it was first released, I could not take part in multilayer matches. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved and it can be used normally for me now. After an entire week has passed, NBA 2K21 MT has been very useful for me.

This review focuses on the “My Career” model. This story will be slightly disruptive, but I will let you know which passages to skip to avoid them.

Back to those startup problems. To be clear: I played a copy of the comment. 2K sent me the game, so I did not invest in bonuses or bonuses. Usually, I don’t think about this content, but focus on the core gameplay and features. However, the price of the Mamba version is much higher than the standard version. Players who invest in this version often do so to compete with the world’s best e-sports competitors.

NBA 2K has many professional gamers and amateurs who hope to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. This is not the competitive game niche market we are talking about, 2K is one of the big games like Madden or Overwatch.

This means that many people suffer from malfunctions that prevent their bonuses from displaying (including the coveted virtual currency (VC) 100K, which is the only way to upgrade the player’s core data). The role is commensurate, enough to get an extra boost after launch.

That’s a shame. People usually take time off, plan the weekend in advance, and really treat themselves when their favorite games are released. As far as I know, despite the company’s announcement last week that it has resolved this issue, for some people, the issue still exists. I still have a public ticket for over 2 weeks, although I finally solved my problem with Buy NBA 2K21 MT.

For me, it resolved this problem after I unplugged the console for five minutes and then restarted it.

NBA 2K21 saw the return of MyCareer mode, and in the early stages of the game, major decisions had to be made to influence it.

NBA 2K21 is a title full of interesting modes and interrelated features. In particular, a model has become one cornerstone of the series-MyCareer. In NBA 2K21, MyCareer allows players to create MyPlayer basketball stars, starting from high school, developing into NBA All-Stars, and ruling the community as a gang champion. But MyCareer has a considerable problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible, which will affect some progress of the process.

Once players enter the NBA 2K21 high school and college including the two teams, they will be ready to join the NBA draft. We can get these players through NBA 2K21 MT in NBA 2K21 games. However, once they are about to start the pre-draft process, they will provide players with an interesting opportunity: choose an agent who will move forward on their behalf.

As part of the MyCareer story in NBA 2K21, Archie Baldwin (Archie Baldwin) will help earn MyPlayer’s ranking and overall reputation, which will lead to a college scholarship from the high school prom. Even in college, I will support Archie as a friend of his family. However, now that MyPlayer has become a big-name prospect in the NBA, a larger organization of agents has arrived, with Harper Dell leading, and it must decide.

When choosing Archie, he received lower commissions from endorsements, which means players can make more money. However, because Archie is not attractive in the business world, the number of approvals rarely occurs. Archie will also bring a larger fan base in the new community of NBA 2K21, and MyPlayer can dominate the Pro-Am and pickup actions. In addition, because of their loyalty to family and friends, players who choose Archie have a better team spirit. Archie also has relationships with companies such as Adidas, Puma and Gatorade.

Compared to Archie, Harper Dell provides recognition more frequently, but she earns more revenue (which means fewer players take home). As the growth of fans speeds up, Harper will also attract more fans in the NBA. Especially after using face scanning in NBA 2K21, it is interesting to see that MyPlayer has received a lot of recognition. Initially, the teamwork spirit with Harper will not be so strong. However, using Harper can reduce negative team reactions (because of loss or poor performance).

Especially in the early days, when the young NBA MyPlayer was eager to earn VC/upgrade points, it seemed a wise choice to gain more recognition with the help of Harper. Fans will explode and opportunities will continue to emerge. However, in the long run, NBA 2K21 Archie is an excellent choice. Those fans who can’t take part in the NBA on the court can get these star roles through Buy 2K21 MT and feel the fun of NBA.

NBA 2K21 is now available on PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch and Xbox One, and PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are under development.

In terms of Madden 21 passing skills, simply throwing the ball to any catch seems to work, but using a different pass will help. Particularly worth mentioning are low pass and high pass. These usually help you have a better chance of sending it to the receiver in different situations. The following is how to perform low pass or high pass in Madden 21 as needed.

Madden 21's pass basically involves calling you a game and then observing which receiver turns on or becomes open. From there, press the corresponding button of the receiver on the controller and QB passes. Of course, if your star quarterback is hit, it may lose something. These problems can currently be solved with Madden 21 Coins.

The key is to find open or capable recipients of the pass. Low pass or high pass can help them better avoid defense. For example, a high pass will sail over the defender's head and hopefully fall into the hands of a sports catcher or near-end hand.

To Qualcomm in Madden 21, press and hold L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox One) while pressing the button you want to pass to the receiver. Check out the clip below for an example of Qualcomm.

To pass Madden 21, you must be able to use a low pass to pass the ball to the center of the court or the first receiver outside the line. Most likely, you don’t have to worry too much about the yard after touching the ball. In some cases, you must complete three conversions or succeed in one pass.

To make a low pass in Madden 21, press and hold L2 (PS4) or LT (Xbox One) while pressing the button you want to pass to the receiver. The video clip below shows a successful low pass.

You may finally see that when Madden 21 bypasses the challenge, low pass and high pass have challenges. We saw them in Madden 20 Ultimate Team, as well as other tasks, which included the use of side passes and various steals.

If players find it difficult to do some skills in the game, they can Buy Madden 21 Coins to complete these tasks, which is much easier than completing the tasks alone.


NBA 2K21 was released globally on September 4, but it can only be released via PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you do not plan to buy the next-generation version of the game the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, you need to wait until November. When next-generation versions decline, they will be more than just visual upgrades. They will have additional features, including those that will appeal to WNBA fans and those that like to waste time in MyPlayer Builder. But the most popular one is still NBA 2K21 MT.

On the surface, this is the first demonstration of the series of games, and it will introduce female players who can play games created by users, and these players can be achieved through MyPlayer Builder. It now appears that we limit this feature to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game. 2K has not confirmed this, so now put the second part and a grain of salt together.

For many people, this will be an insignificant feature, but for some players (including many female players in the game), it will be a major feature, frankly, early that should be done.

Player customization has become an important part of the NBA 2K series, so it is great to see 2K expand customization in this way. Again, it may happen faster than in the past, but it is better to be late than nothing. In addition, this will be a standard feature.

NBA 2K21 is being developed for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and will make its global debut on September 4.

NBA 2K21 is the latest game in the world-renowned best-selling NBA 2K series, providing an industry-leading sports video game experience. World-class graphics and gameplay, comprehensive improvements to competitiveness and community online features, and rich game modest NBA 2K21, you can immerse yourself in the NBA, if you buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT, you will unlock more star characters It enables you to immerse yourself in all aspects of basketball and culture, all of which are games.


NBA 2K20 has many classic NBA teams to choose from, and NBA 2K21 will add at least two more. On Sunday, 2K posted this image on Twitter, revealing the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors and the 2018-19 Toronto Raptors as the new classic lineup. They can get these classic lineup players with NBA 2K21 MT.

You can see the new team on the field, everyone is thrilled, but the two newly added teams during this period did not surprise everyone, maybe because the team does not have some key players in the game Players. Therefore, revelation is not so special. There are still many classic teams that will be an important addition to the game.

The two best performers were the 1992-93 Phoenix Suns and the 2004-05 Indiana Pacers. From the perspective of basketball legends, both teams include the two biggest turnovers in the NBA 2K universe. That’s Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller. If 2K can achieve this goal, they will eliminate major gaps in nostalgic products for virtual basketball fans.

The Utah Jazz in 2008-09 was a very interesting team, and it didn’t get enough mention. With the great Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur, Paul Millsap and Andrei Kirilenko, there are some interesting additions.

Another popular team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Everyone should know that there is one of everyone’s favorite character, Kobe Bryant. Kobe is a significant player with his team, he will be very good. So far, Kobe’s career has not been reflected in the game. This game may be Andrew Bynum (Andrew Bynum). If 2K can agree with him, then this lineup can be added as early as this year.

These star teams can bring players a better gaming experience, especially when players encounter insurmountable difficulties in the game, the skills of star characters play a significant role. Buy MT is undoubtedly The best choice for players, you can fully experience the fun of 2K21 without spending a lot of time and energy.


They released the latest NBA 2K21 demo version on Monday, and soon the first major point of contention emerged, which was shot out.

For those who don’t know, 2K adds a layer to shooting with a stick. Players can use NBA 2K21 MT for jump shots. This has been in 2K for many years, but in NBA 2K21, shot put users have other issues to consider.

The button shooter is just trying to grasp the right timing, while the shot putter must grasp the target. When you shoot with the stick, you use the right stick to control the shooting instrument. The timing is always perfect, but it is not until the end of the specific shot animation that we can align the instrument with the sweet part of the instrument.

Deleting the timing component can eliminate or reduce the loss of many online game players because of delay. This could have a significant impact on online leagues, which results from the NBA 2K league because of the pandemic.

Well, if I know what sports game player labels are, they say they want to innovate, but when they get innovation, if the innovation is far from their past habits, they will fail.

Even if you don’t enjoy shooting sticks, 2K does not deprive you of the ability to shoot with buttons. This is a good thing. I like the challenge created by using shot putters, and I also like to go one step further with 2K21 MT For Sale, which will be more helpful for those who have no meters on the screen.. I believe people will adapt.


The official NBA 2K21 MyTeam blog will be released soon. The blog will discuss the latest features in NBA 2K21 MT mode. Initially, this article contains information about the current version of MyTeam, but this information will be published in the future.

There is undeniable buzz on various social media channels, because fans of the mode are looking forward to the release of information about the mode, which will continue to extract content throughout the life cycle of NBA 2K20.

I have personally campaigned for salary caps and salary models, while others asked to use the Evolution card, make changes to MyTeam Unlimited, and seek better options for certain features of the Triple Threat game.

After the official MyTeam blog is published, we are likely to find answers to all the questions that began to surface in the middle of the NBA 2K20 cycle.

The information on the way may only cover the current version of the console (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC), so it is still possible to fully launch the next-generation console features (PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X) closer to these The release date of the system.

When available, a complete breakdown of information will be added here. The role of Buy NBA 2K21 MT will not change much, and it has become one of the most important points for NBA 2K21.


For many years, it has been known that 2K will release information about the upcoming NBA 2K version in August. Whether the role of NBA 2K21 MT is still the same as before, we have no way of knowing. It felt like it was at the last minute. From a sales perspective, it is difficult to argue with their results, as the game has sold 10 million units per year in the past few years.

This year has been a strange year in almost every aspect, so the delay is understandable. The coronavirus has caused severe damage worldwide. For a while, 2K developers were greatly affected and they had to work from home.

According to the recent "Ask Me Anything" with game producer Mike Wang, 2K developers have used all the necessary tools during all the weeks preparing for NBA 2K21.

However, there seems to be some reasons for the delay. If all the features of COVID-19 are behind, it would not be a bad idea to disclose this information, and it is unlikely to give the impression of a vulnerability. It's not difficult to see that fans are late for games that 2K hopes they will pay in advance (if not already paid) in the next few weeks.

In 2019, we saw the screenshot on July 15. With the exception of Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, which was released earlier this week, we have not seen real screenshots of the current version.

The NBA 2K21 soundtrack conference was held on July 27th. Last year, the soundtrack information for NBA 2K20 was also released on July 20. MyGM/MyLeague blog is usually the main content in the early stage of 2K information decline. In 2019, it was released on July 29. For NBA 2K21, we haven't seen it yet, but fans can still Buy MT to get favorite star roles.

The new batch of gameplay details of NBA 2K21 have surfaced online, detailing some differences between the current version and the next-generation version. So far, whether NBA 2K21 MT will differ from NBA 2K20 MT. No way to know. We will also look at the recent WNBA MyCareer rumors.

With the release of NBA 2K21 on the platform of today’s era approaching, more and more details about the upcoming basketball simulation have surfaced. One source of the latest information is a recent interview with NBA 2K game director Mike Wang and “NBA 2K” content creator Agent 00.

From the above interview, we found that the current version and next-generation version of the game were developed by two different studios. Because of the entire Covid-19 situation, the entire development work is done at home, but the developers are still shooting on all cylinders.

The developer explained that there will be some differences in athletes in different versions. It is also worth noting that the focus of this year’s game is to find the perfect balance between realism and fun-all of these are to make the game more interesting.

Another topic mentioned in the interview was WNBA. I say wNBA fans to be very excited about what 2K will bring to the next generation. This has a good connection with the recent leaks, which show that WNBA will join MyCareer this year, which may imply that NBA 2K21 will also adopt the style of female ballet dancers. However, since this is still only a leak, it is recommended that you take it with a grain of salt temporarily.

When Mike Wang confirmed the question about whether closing the batting table would increase the chances of serving, Mike said “yes”.

Therefore, those who are not interested in the new batting table in the current version of NBA 2K21 trailer can just turn it off. Although NBA 2K21 has not yet officially appeared in the public eye, Buy NBA 2K21 MT will still be the hottest among them. Let us look forward to it together.

In an interview with, Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about the price of NBA 2K21 on the next-generation console at $70. After many fans expressed concern about what this price tag means for the future NBA 2K21 MT and even the next generation of video games, Zelnick was given the opportunity to better explain this potentially influential decision and help millions of gamers at that price Feel relieved.

When talking about the price increase of NBA 2K21, Geneke said: "Although the production cost of first-line products is high, in the long run, the price has not risen." "With the value we provide to can only To enjoy these next-generation game consoles, we want the price to be reasonable. But when you provide excellent quality, our company is proud of it."

Thanks to Take-Two employee Strauss Zelnick and the NBA 2K21 team, we are not sure whether this statement can justify the price of the next generation of NBA 2K21. In fact, some things about Zelnick's word choice are downright.

This is not a debate over whether it will eventually be a $ 70 game. Although I tend to be with Shawn Layden, he said the best way to deal with rising gaming costs might be to focus more on smaller games, but the truth is that bigger games will eventually become more expensive.

This is not an indictment of NBA 2K21 against PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X either. Although NBA 2K20 is a bit disparate in the hearts of many fans, Cheap NBA 2K21 MT is likely to help reverse the situation.

The real problem is that Visual Concepts, the developer of Take-Two and NBA 2K21, seems to have come up with some knowledge about the next generation of games in some way, which is beyond the reach of other video game studios. This is what Zelnick said, “When you provide extraordinary quality, it’s easy to tell”, which seems to imply this, and it is undoubtedly his hint when Ubisoft decides not to increase the price of AAA games. The beginning of the next generation of video games.

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