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DFO is a Korean action MMORPG with beat expression elements, and the classes are represented by preset character avatars with limited visual customization options. The game used to be one of Nexon's biggest games and was not abandoned by the publisher until 2013.

In 2015, Neople restored its global servers by itself and made it better than ever. That's right, this game is in great demand, and even death can't stop it. Many players always hope to obtain a large amount of DFO Gold in various ways to help themselves during the game.

Compared with most MMOs, DFO's gameplay is more casual, less strategic, and essentially more like hacking. This is not without challenges, but most challenges are based on reactions and general skills, rather than learning enemy mechanics. This is why I like it so much because I am a more impulsive gamer and love the slash action of hackers!

Unless you pay, the strict restrictions on character customization will always haunt me, but as time goes by, I gradually accept its fair trade, because it will not lock any gameplay behind any paywall. Even though the workload of changing characters by category is very small, there are dozens of sub-category options, and each option has its style.

The class that uses swords is not only ordinary warriors, but also demon killers with weapons. His sub-categories include choosing to sign power with the demon, choosing to use only one hand to become a senior swordsman, releasing the chain on the demon to match it, or going crazy. Yes, the killer killer is a huge overlord, but it takes a lot of effort to make the edge of each taste the only choice!

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Dungeon Fighter Online is an older game. When the Dungeon Fighter Onlines were first published, they were welcomed by many players. Players at that time had already established a family or entered society. Players want to easily play a lot of Dungeon Fighter Online Gold in the game is essential.

I believe that some players should know more or less than the dungeon is about to be updated. In addition to the level limit from 95 to 100, there will be any major changes. That is, Luke Tuan was going to be deleted after the big update. Maybe we will never see Grandpa Luke again, and the things I get from Grandpa Luke may be out of print!

Luke's underground city appeared for the first time in the 90-level main mission, followed by Luke's tough battle, which was Luke's team. It can be said that Luke Dungeon is the second dungeon that needs a team fight after Antoine, and it is also the first dungeon to appear on the tough channel. I don't know why the official wants to delete Luke Dungeon, but the author expressed regret, after all, I hope to brush Luke Dungeon more times.

Although Luke Underground City has a certain gap compared with the current Macros and Prey, the influence is still there. Luke's card value in the tough shop is very high, and Luke's card value is the highest among Luke's dungeons. Even now, it is not inferior to Macross and Pres! But now that Luke Dungeon is about to disappear, these cards will also be out of print. I think that I feel sorry for this. Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold on MMOB2C to enjoy the supreme service.

The Dungeon Fighter Online have been updated to level 100. Whether it is a level upgrade or equipment replacement, there will be no small increase in the character's attributes, especially the epic equipment and mythological equipment for graduation, so since the dungeon and warrior level 100 update Now, it is almost the world of the abyss, almost all players are frantically brushing the abyss, hoping that their characters can graduate early.

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In addition to equipment and levels, the character has an attribute upgrade. There are many ways to improve the character's attributes in the game, such as joining guilds, enchanting orbs. Of course, this adventure group can increase the attributes of all characters, and it is not a small improvement, the current adventure group level is 40, strength, physical strength, intelligence, and spirit are all added 290 points, so a full-level adventure group is also what players want.

For the 40-level full-level adventure group, it is still very difficult. I think there should not be many players who can reach it now. Except for those professional players, normal players should be difficult to achieve.

It's impermanent. All the characters that the player thinks are already at a full level, but he opened the adventure group to see that it is still 39. Although he has more than half of his experience, he is still a bit away from the 40 levels.

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Dungeon Fighter Online is widely circulated around the world. If you want to play PvP well in DFO, you need to master the rhythm of combos and some hidden mechanism. The action-based PC MMORPG, for each combo, the target will be in a dizzy state, during which they can not make any counterattack or dodge action.

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If you do nothing, it will only hit you, but if you attack unsafely, they will be able to fight back. This forces you to use a secure defense against attacks to prevent attackers from rushing towards you, while also avoiding keeping yourself open after the attack. Usually, to overcome this pressure, you can induce attacking players to attack you, and then use super armor or snatch or dodge to resist their attack.

You can get extra income from the best online game currency store. Berserker seeks greater power. Thanks to the skill Frenzy, the entire class can have a second sword, which will make you blood red, increase attack power, and reduce the cooldown time of certain skills. Wearing heavy armor. A big sword or big stick is the weapon of choice.

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Dungeon Fighter Online is essentially a fighting video game. Officials encourage gamers to pay more attention to PvP than Dungeon. All mobs and bosses are in regular combat mode. Once the mechanics are mastered, human players will easily defeat them.


Project BBQ was announced on Christmas Day at the "Dungeon and Fighting Carnival" event in Seoul, South Korea. This is a new online action role-playing game made by Action Studio's Unreal Engine 4 by the People's internal team. It will contain the knowledge of the much-loved Dungeon Fighter Online IP.

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Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the highest-paid games of all time. The game was originally released in South Korea in 2005 and is a 2D multiplayer Beat'em upward game with online elements such as Guilds, Arenas, Party Play and even Mentorship.

Project BBQ will be the first 3D Dungeon Fighter Online game. It focuses on fast-action battles that already look silky smooth.

It is worth noting that Neople is a subsidiary of NEXON. However, if you are already worried about potential profitability issues after NEXON ’s efforts have previously failed, Neople decided to release Dungeon Fighter Online on Steam a few years ago. The server can only be used for three years from 2010 to 2013 In contrast, this version of the game received quite good reviews, and given that the "Barbecue Plan" is suitable for the online version of "Dungeon and Warriors", the same decision can be made.

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The final game plans to provide 7 to 8 character classes. Open world maps and example dungeon content should be mixed. There is no release date yet.

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