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The upcoming announcement of NBA 2K21 has attracted many people who love basketball but have not yet joined 2K. It can be said that now is the best time to enter MyTeam. In this mode, people can experience a lot of fun things and further enhance their awareness of basketball games. It is very necessary for beginners to spend some NBA 2K20 MT to build an exclusive MyTEAM lineup.

They can do a lot of things in NBA 2K20 MyTEAM mode. The premise of all this is that players need to have a certain 2K20 MT reserve. Beginners can buy currency in stores or third-party agents or complete many challenges to get what they want. The latter may be unrealistic for current novice players because their strength is still insufficient. Only players with many NBA 2K20 MTs or players with strong capabilities can get player cards or upgrade items through their own efforts.

Original game versions correspond to different content players will face. Those who bought the 2K Standard Edition will not receive any rewards. Players who have purchased the Digital Deluxe version and the more advanced Legend Edition version can start their game journey with a lot of NBA 2K20 MT and player card gift packs.

Players who have determined what players they want should not spend extra energy and money on other players. Reinforcing the team’s shortcomings is what they should do the most. If they can equip it with a lineup that has always been cost-effective and the overall strength of the team is relatively strong, it would be great for beginners. Mastering these game modes means that players can get a huge return on investment.

When they build their lineup too strong, they can take part in various challenges. The number of NBA 2K20 MT and other prizes they have won after completing those hard challenges is also very impressive. It means that players can stop Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT for a long time. Although MyTEAM in NBA 2K20 does not have a ranking mode, players can still find fierce competition for top competitions.


It that some players pre-order NBA 2K21 on the PS Store in advance is a wise choice. In the standard version and the brutal Mamba Forever version, getting a copy of the recent version of our best basketball legend will provide an enormous advantage. The release of NBA 2K21 will take place on the current platform on September 4. Because of a new generation of game consoles made from scratch, at the end of this year, NBA 2K21 for PS5 expected to bring basketball to an unprecedented level. With the enormous improvements in graphics and gameplay, this famous and legendary extra work will squeeze PS4 with an unprecedented advantage, providing players with the best basketball simulation in contemporary times. Foresight players have already prepared a large number of NBA 2K20 MT to meet the upcoming content.

2K players will know which version they should choose after reading the following content. They can choose the version that best suits their own situation according to their preferences and economic level. Players on the PS platform can start buying the NBA 2K21 Standard Edition. Players who make reservations on the PS Store now will receive 5000 VC and MT and 10 My TEAM promotional packages that distributed weekly. There are other trivial rewards waiting for players to enjoy.

Loyal fans of the economically powerful Kobe can choose the permanent version of NBA 2K21 Mamba. The game team launched this version to commend the legendary superstar Kobe Bryant who has passed away on the Lakers for a series of substantial achievements in his career. After starring on the covers of NBA 2K10 and NBA 2K17 Legend Edition, the five-time NBA champion will once again be immortal in the two customized covers of NBA 2K21 Mamba Edition. In one of them, we can see that Kobe ranked 8th in his days, scoring 81 points; he ranked 24th, the same number than his jersey number later in his career.

When players buy this version, the first thing they get is the applicable version on PS4. Later, when it is available, it also allows players to download the NBA 2K21 standard version of PS5 and get 100,000 NBA 2K20 MT for free. It means that players who have already pre-ordered need not to Buy NBA 2K20 MT in a brief time. Regarding the upcoming version, the PS Store allows us to pre-order our most desired games, including special editions with exclusive PlayStation content, and pre-order for pre-downloading and playing on the day of release without waiting.

The cover athletes of the NBA 2K21 version have not been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the game will still be released as planned.

However, player ratings are always a matter of debate around NBA fans. Therefore, based on our best performance in the league so far, we will predict the ranking of NBA 2K21's best players in the league. The skills of these best players are what players dream of. As for whether it is possible Obtaining depends on the specific role of NBA 2K21 MT.

A few years ago, most basketball fans didn't even know who Pascal Siakam was. Now, he is the best player among the championship contenders, and all his technical efforts must also be demonstrated in the NBA 2K21 legend. He is worth upgrading. Siakam possesses the skills to dominate both ends of the court and immediately assumes a leading role in the Toronto Raptors. He is still young, even if he is not surrounded by other superstars, he still has all the abilities to win another NBA championship.

Jayson Tatum should surpass 90 points sometime next season. He has always been one of the most promising two-way players in the league and has now become the ultimate leader of the reorganized and updated Boston Celtics. Tatum can perform all operations on both ends of the floor. In real life and video games, he is an ideal candidate to establish a franchise. The only reason he is not a 92-93 player is because of his youth, but we expect a breakthrough season in 2021.

Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) has been doing video games since he joined the league. However, he has only participated in 5 games this season, even if he is talented, it may damage the NBA 2K21 ranking. According to reports, Curry will also be restricted to playing time next season, so it is more difficult to maintain his current ranking or promote him. Hope the Warriors will return to the championship battle, and Curry's score will only be higher.

LeBron James always feels that his ratings are too low. It seems that we are taking him for granted at this point in his career, but he continues to prove that you can never exclude him. He watched his father's time and beat him. James ranks first in the league in assists per game this season and is a legitimate MVP candidate.

These celebrities may all appear in NBA 2K21 later, and players can acquire these celebrity skills through Buy 2K21 MT.

The new NBA 2K20 update is already on PS4 and Xbox One, and fans hope that the patch notes can be shared later today. Today's NBA 2K20 update 1.14 has been released on PS4 and Xbox One and seems to contain many changes. NBA 2K21 MT is still the fastest and best way to acquire star skills.

These patches will be shared within the first 24 hours after the new patch is released, and can usually be shared on 2K social media platforms. This may include Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, although there have been periods of unpublished notes in the past. The bug fix has been flagged by the NBA 2K community, but until we get the official confirmation, it is difficult to say exactly what has changed.

One user believes that although 2K has not officially confirmed the incident, these errors may have been deleted. The new update of NBA 2K20 has been released, and as the development work progresses, it will be carried out in the next annual release. NBA 2K21 will be released for PS4, Switch and Xbox One on September 4, and will be released later for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. 2K Games recently announced who will appear on the cover of the next generation of NBA 2K21.

Zion Williamson (Zion Williamson) will be the star of the PS5 and Xbox series of NBA 2K21. Williamson, who is only 19 years old, is the 2019 championship. It is already an NBA phenomenon and will become the future superstar of the game. Speaking of being selected as the next-generation screen star for NBA 2K21, Williamson said: “It has always been a dream to be a screener for NBA 2K since I was a child, and it's really special to be the first NBA 2K21 screener in the next-generation game. Players can now get star roles through 2K21 MT.

"Since I joined the 2K team, I wanted to have an impact on basketball culture both on and off the court, and being a cover player for the next generation of 2K21 next-generation consoles allowed me to do it. "I can't wait to join this global phenomenon and contribute to the NBA. All the shooters on 2K21 worked hard. "




In recent days, the 2K team released NBA 2K21 to the world. Since the outbreak of the unknown crown virus at the beginning of this year has spread to the world, they have stranded many things originally planned to start, and 2K is no exception. The NBA had to suspend the 2020 season to ensure the health of all players. The unpleasant news is that many NBA players have been infected with the unknown crown virus. After it releases the new PS5 and Xbox Series X, players on these two platforms can use their NBA 2K20 MT to buy what they want.

Note that there are original NBA stars in each version. For example, the cover star in the version released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo is Damian Lillard, the current star of the Portland Trail Blazers. The cover star of the legendary version is the deceased Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Zion Williamson, the top pick of NBA 2019, is the cover star of the next-generation PS5 and Xbox X series standard edition. What they want to know now is what kind of huge rewards can players who booked NBA 2K21 get?

Players who book the 2K21 Standard Edition can get 5,000 VC, 5,000 MT and 10 My Team envelopes for free. I will send the above rewards to players’ game accounts within ten weeks after the official release of the recent version of 2K. It is worth mentioning that players can also play the Superstar Challenge corresponding to the current version in unique versions. It bases this on three articles by Lillard or Williamson, which include Free Agent cards, personalized shirts for My Player, and a clock for this game mode.

They can get rich 2K20 MT by completing many superstar challenges in different versions. At the same time, when 2K21 is released, they’d better Buy NBA 2K20 MT a lot to be fully prepared. No one does not expect the arrival of the new NBA 2K. Let us be fully prepared for its arrival.

The much-expected NBA 2K21 is coming. It replaces NBA 2K20 as a new generation of basketball game in front of players. According to reliable sources, the 2K team will release in early September. Players can download it on a variety of platforms to enter the game and start the game. With the change of 2K, the main currency in the game has also changed from NBA 2K20 MT to NBA 2K21 MT.

Some time ago, both Microsoft and Sony released their own new generation products. Interviews for new products mean that the price must not be cheap. The ensuing problem is that manufacturers have to increase the price of NBA 2K21 sold on the platform to make more profits. For players, it is very disgusting news. Players on Steam now need $59.9 to buy NBA 2K21, while players on PS4Xbox One S and PS5XSX need to spend more to enter the game.

NBA 2K21, as one of the best 3A games, has now broken through the $60 warning red line. However, 2K executives claimed that their pricing of NBA 2K21 was entirely reasonable. The various additional features and new visual effects in the upcoming NBA 2K21 are beautiful. The unremitting efforts of the development team make NBA 2K21 more valuable. But what makes players feel uncomfortable is that no game manufacturer has ever used this as an excuse to increase prices.

As the entire game market becomes more and more down, the number of players is also declining. Game manufacturers have to increase the price of their products to maintain their original profits. But NBA 2K fans should still buy it and prepare for the upcoming unknown players to Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT a lot. They hope that the 2K team can publish content that they really love.
As a fan of NBA 2K, I am excited every year to see who will use the cover as the star of the next game. This year's NBA 2K21 cover will include Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans, and two tribute covers of the former Los Angeles Lakers, The Late Greatness Kobe Bryant, with NBA 2K21 MT can get these role skills.

The cover was released last week, and as 2K fans get ready for the next chapter of the game, social media is very excited. The game will be released via XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and other game consoles.

Portland Trail Blazers pioneer Damian Lillard (Damian Lillard) will join the standard version of the game, which will only increase the legacy he created in Portland. Many people believe that his performance and amazing data in the 2019-20 NBA season made him a cover character. This will be Lillard's first appearance as a screen player for NBA 2K. He will join the exclusive company with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Paul George, Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan.

Lillard will join the rookie wave at Duke University and move forward with the standard version of the New Orleans Pelicans (Zion Williamson). Zion only played 19 games with the Pelicans, but won the All-Star Game in that game. Zion (Zion) is the first rookie to be the cover character of NBA 2k and will be the youngest player to be the cover character of NBA 2K8 since Chris Paul participated in NBA 2K8. However, there are good reasons for fans to talk about the exclusive cover of the game.

The Deluxe Edition or "Mamba Forever Edition" pays tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. This year, he died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles with his daughter Gianna Bryant and seven others. These two covers feature the No. 8 jersey, the defender's African-style forward Kobe Bryant, the No. 24 jersey and stand in the air, waving to the fans in the last game with the Lakers. Farewell, this is Kobe as we know it today. In NBA 2K, 2K21 MT can be used to unlock the role of Kobe.

At the beginning of this year, basketball fans all over the world received a piece of news that made them sad. NBA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was killed along with his daughter in a helicopter accident. NBA 2K20 took this theme to launch many activities to fans to commemorate the passing of Kobe. Players can now complete a lot of challenges to get Kobe Card or buy it directly with NBA 2K20 MT. It is Kobe’s alternative rebirth in NBA 2K20.

So what should players do to get this player card? They only need to enter the code in the NBA 2K20 options menu to get it. We expect it that the attributes of the pink diamond version of Kobe are not as high as those of the Galaxy Opal card. Players can also understand the reason for this. At the end of Kobe’s career, Kobe, who was suffering from injuries, did not perform so well on the court. Although the Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant did not have a coherent message to release. But players believe that the player-based 2K team will definitely release this version. The pink diamond version of Kobe’s attributes are not very good, but there are still many diehard fans who will use it purely for feelings.

The hard requirement to get Galaxy Opal Bryant is that players must complete these eight Spotlight challenges. Netizens speculated that the Galaxy Opal Kobe may also have a certain relationship with the strengthening challenge based on the official information. The Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant case is still a mystery to this day, but this outstanding card should expire at some point.

Players’ current priority is to hone their skills in controlling players, especially under the control of shooting guard players. I destine the appearance of Kobeka to dilute some sadness for those loyal Kobe fans. They can Buy Cheap 2K20 MT in advance to accumulate certain wealth and wait for Galaxy Opal Bryant. Let us look forward to what Kobeka will perform in 2K by then.

In recent days, many powerful player cards appeared in the NBA 2K Flash 9 package and aroused a warm response from players. Every player is eager to get them to enhance the overall strength of the self-built lineup to defeat stronger opponents in the game and complete more challenging tasks to get more NBA 2K20 MT and props. There are a few particularly attractive player cards that enthusiastically sought after by players.

The brand new and powerful Shaquille O’Neal player card reappears in the game and makes every player crazy. If one player has him in the game, then the game is almost a win. Some players have asked if O’Neill’s appearance will break the balance of the game because he is so powerful that players can’t think of any way to fight him. Besides him, center Kristaps Porzingis playing for the Dallas Mavericks, and Blake Griffin playing for the Detroit Pistons, also appeared in the sight of players.

The best versions of the above three players' careers all appeared in this Flash Pack 9. GOAT Galaxy Opal O’Neill’s rating is the highest. With a 98-point rebounding ability, 97-point insider scoring ability, and 95-point athletic ability, he can score without hesitation inside. Fans who know him know that he is unstoppable. The other two players mentioned above are also superstars at the Galaxy Opal level. Surprisingly, players can now use Blake Griffin as a point guard and Porzingis as a shooting guard.

The promotion of these player cards started on Friday of last week for a week. Players need to spend 7500 VC or 10500 2K20 MT to get an NBA 2K20 Flash 9 pack. They draw the above three powerful player cards from these packages. However, players should prepare for Shaq’s GOAT card and the price of Kristaps Porzingis and Griffin. Faced with such a top price, they chose a cheap and safe agent to Buy 2K20 MT is a better choice.


The new features of NBA 2K21 have not been announced. Even if the latest generation release date is September 4, for 2K games, the lack of specific information is a matter of course. From their track record, it can be considered that the current version of NBA 2K21 is the same as the previous version, there will also be NBA 2K21 MT after NBA 2K20 MT, and more information about the next generation version will be released in the future. The release date of the next version has not been announced.

The most obvious improvement in NBA 2K21 is graphics. 2k Games used a short trailer to give players the first understanding of the next generation of graphics. They made their debut at the Sony "Game of the Future" event in June. This trailer shows 2K21's new graphics, and one of the clips was practiced by Zion Williamson in an empty stadium. We saw an incredibly realistic player model, improved lighting, and of course more sweat. The current generation of players should expect NBA 2K21 to look like NBA 2K20.

Although not an in-game feature, 2K Games announced that the purchase of NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition will enable players to use the current and next-generation versions of the game. This is different from the approach taken by NBA 2K14, because the only option for players is to purchase the PS3/360 and PS4/Xbox One versions separately.

Considering that NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition comes with 100,000 virtual currencies (the main means to improve MyPlayer), I hope MyPlayers can transition from the current version to the next generation. Virtual currencies are expensive and difficult to obtain, so if players throw them all into the current generation of MyPlayer and then have to restart their next generation version, it will be a shame.

Although 2K Games has paid less attention to single-player content in recent years, 2K has never been more honored than now to use NBA 2K11 to make a new version of the "Jordan Challenge Mode" late Lakers legend and NBA 2K21 Mamba permanent cover athlete Kobe · Bryant.

The reason NBA 2K11 is often hailed as the best entry in the series is the "Jordan Challenge Mode." This mode allows players to relive Michael Jordan’s greatest moments in his career through a series of ten challenges. Players can easily get the star mode, as long as you Buy NBA 2K21 MT everything will become easy. Who doesn't want to play Kobe in the three consecutive championship game between Kobe and Shaq. He won back-to-back titles in the 2009 and 10 seasons, and ended the game with a 60-point farewell performance at the Staples Center in the 16th season? Mamba out.

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