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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have the opportunity to get huge profits from carrot sales in a limited time cross-promotion with Ally Financial, a digital financial services company.

From October 23rd (Eastern Standard Time) to October 27th, players can use Dream Code DA-9350-9609-6289 to visit Ally Island. Ally Island will be open until November 6th to host various events and many photography competitions. , Golf games, and special items for sale. There they can sell turnips at a bargain price.

You need to prepare sufficient working capital for this event, so Animal Crossing Bells is essential. Of course, you can also exchange rare Animal Crossing Items for Bells. Ally Island will be publicly released via personalized KangGaming's Twitch stream starting at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time on October 23. AllyIsland's Stalk Exchange will run at the following times, and a single carrot will sell for 1,000 bells:

 Oct. 23: 9:00 pm-11:00 pm ET

 Oct. 24: 12:00 pm-6:00 pm ET

 Oct. 25: 12:00 pm-6:00 pm ET

 Oct. 26: 5:00 pm-11:00 pm ET

 Oct. 27: 5:00 pm-11:00 pm ET

Cross-promotion is a job designed to help Americans understand financial knowledge and services. In addition to the record price of carrots, Bells-related news is expected to be released on October 29. It is said that the island will be closed on November 6 because they will have their special events, encouraging players to empty their pockets before visiting.

If you do not have enough Bells to participate in this event, you can choose to Buy ACNH Bells from the ACBellsBuy site. We will provide plenty of Bells and items for players to choose from. Shopping is simple and delivery is fast. It is the best choice for players to improve the game.

As the U.S. presidential election date approached, Joe Biden's team launched an official Animal Crossing island and proposed a unique and innovative way to connect with supporters. A new virtual office was launched in Animal Crossing New Horizons for players to visit.

Biden's Island House is one of the main attractions, and the island was converted into a campaign site office. Entering the office, you can see a coffee machine and a cup on the table at first glance, as well as a laptop, typewriter and brochures. If you meet some interesting villagers in the game, you can use Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Miles Tickets to redeem.

Another attraction is the area designed to represent the polling center with many polling stations. You will see a huge promotional logo for the IWillVote website and an explanation of the voting plan list. Biden will also walk on the island. Players can use Joe Biden's profile picture to take a virtual selfie with him on the island. If you want to talk to him, he will reply to you "No malarkey".

Greg and Gary showed off the promotion island called Biden HQ by visiting Dream Code. Players can browse Biden's islands on the Switch console. A person needs to fall asleep in their bed, and tap in the dream, Luna will prompt them to provide the dream address code. The code for visiting Biden's headquarters is DA-7286-5710-7478.

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Based on the player's experience, players cannot build multiple islands on the same Nintendo Switch, and you cannot set up a tent on a friend's island. However, using eight playable accounts on the Nintendo Switch system means that you can create up to eight playable accounts on a Nintendo Switch, and they will be able to live on the same island.

Creating multiple islands on the same Nintendo Switch is also a player's desire or idea. Especially in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the most active players in the community are already very familiar with the choice of owning and operating multiple towns, If you want to Buy Animal Crossing Items quickly, ACBellsBuy is your best Choice.

For many players, this may be a rough adjustment, and we certainly hope that Nintendo can reconsider and make changes! Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems to treat all user profiles as one giant saved file with different characters on the same island.

Suppose you want to share an island with someone because Nintendo has designed the game, so it's weird to choose the profile of the island owner instead of logging into your profile. New Horizons can solve this problem by treating each user profile on the system as a separate saved file.

Players can think of creating a second island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, indicating that some players have done a great job on the first island and want to challenge again to make a unique second island. Building an island is like a mayor. Not only must we learn to operate and Nook Miles Tickets to ensure daily expenses and decorations, but we also need to plan our islands and build our own homes.

This is a very time-consuming but very fulfilling game. If you don't have enough time to take care of your island, then you might as well come to the ACBellsBuy site, which will not only let you find inspiration for building your home but also provide very special items for sale, making your home unique.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute little villagers who will live with you in your small town on the island. Unfortunately, you can't always choose who to move in-maybe you need to change your pace. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the villagers in Animal Crossing.

If a friend teaches them a bad mantra or makes them wear ugly clothes, you can think of these choices as a reset. Among so many Animal Crossing Items, rare villagers are always very popular, even if you have more Animal Crossing Bells, you may not be able to buy them

One of the best ways to find out that villagers are no longer popular is to ignore them completely. Think that social alienation is extreme. Don't talk to them, don't complete requirements or tasks for them, don't even ask them what they are building. Pretend that they don't even exist while socializing with your other villagers. This can help establish negligence, which can help trigger the next phase.

After ignoring the villager for several days, you still need to observe the resident. If you see them hovering in a thought bubble above their heads, or when they come to you calling your name, you actually want to participate here because it means they have a dilemma.

This can easily happen to villagers you like, so make sure you don't like the people you talk to, and encourage them to leave or persuade them to stay. If you want to remove villagers from the island, please check every day until they decide to quit.

If you think our guide is helpful to you, please remember to bookmark it. If you have a different method, you are welcome to leave a comment on our website. If you want rare villagers but don't have enough Bells, you can Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets from ACBellsBuy, or you can directly find the villagers you need from our Animal Crossing Items page. We have sufficient inventory, fast delivery, and support 24/7 contact.

In the Animal Crossing New Horizons Animal Encyclopedia, there are two entries about Soft-Shelled turtles and snappers. To complete the fish exhibition in the museum, you must catch one of each type of turtle and donate it to Blathers.

In Critterpedia, catching a snapping turtle or turtle will also fill in its entry, bringing you two steps closer to unlocking the goldfish pole DIY recipe. The waiting process is very boring, but when you get Animal Crossing Items and other additional rewards after completing the task, you feel that everything is worth it.

In ACNH, you can find two swimming turtles-turtle and snapper in the rivers on the island. Although only available from August to September, turtles are usually easier to catch when they appear from 4 pm to 9 am, while Snapping Turtle can only be found from 9 pm to 4 am.

Both turtles have medium-sized shadows in the water, so it is best to ignore or scare away the small fish you encounter. River fish are more easily scared away than marine fish, so you can easily patrol any river on the island.

If you like a river fishing spot, you can make a batch of bait and try to bring the turtle to you. If you don’t have a good river fishing spot, you can transform the island. We recommend creating a curved river section, which will allow you to access at least two different angles.

You can easily throw the bait into the water and pay attention to natural fish. Just remember to connect the new river section to the estuary, otherwise, you are in danger of turning it into a pond, which will change the fish available to you and remove two turtles.

From April to October, from 9 pm to 4 am, snappers will appear in the river, and turtles will also appear in the river. They will appear from 4 pm to 9 am. ACBellsBuy will provide you with the best capture time

If you find this guide useful, try the above methods. Please remember to bookmark the ACBellsBuy site, it will help you solve many game problems. You can ACNH Buy Bells at ACBellsBuy, saving a lot of time and energy.

If you are a deep-sea adventurer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will be pleasantly surprised by the arrival of September. The new marine life gives you a reason to wear a wetsuit when the temperature starts to drop.

In September in the northern hemisphere, anyone can catch five new marine creatures, one of which is worth 6000 bells. Acquiring ACNH Bells is sometimes very simple, the rest are ordinary catches and not worth the effort unless you are trying to complete your Critterpedia.

Oysters and turban shells are common things that are easy to find, and their shadows are very small, and they are priced at 1,100 bells and 1,000 bells respectively. Chambered Nautilus only appears between 4 pm and 9 am. It is a very unusual animal. Its shadow is slightly larger. You must move quickly to catch it, and then sell it for 1800 bells.

The Octopus Umbrella is the most valuable of the new marine species in September. It sells for 6000. You have to put in some effort to find it. Although you can see it all day, not only does it move very fast, but the shadow is also very small, so it is a bit difficult to catch it.

Sweet shrimp is a common type of shrimp in the ocean. It appears between 4 pm and 9 am. It has a very small shade and sells for 1,400 bells. If you have trouble catching some faster and more valuable creatures, please go to our official website ACBellsBuy station and Buy ACNH Bells on to catch fast marine creatures.


September in the northern hemisphere is about to usher in autumn. As the season changes, Animal Crossing New Horizons will also usher in major updates, mainly around the changing of the seasons.

It is still summer in early September, but as the leaves darken, weeds and trees will transition to a warm autumn palette. Timmy and Tommy will also transition Nook's Crany to the new theme in a mood that suits them, and Tea Olives will begin to bloom. Later, Maple Leaf and Mushroom will also begin to appear.

But at the beginning of autumn, we will use acorns and pine cones. They will have their own accompanying DIY recipes, which are added to Nook Shopping’s grape harvest backpack to create an atmosphere. Players can earn more Nook Miles Tickets based on the fruits they harvest.

As always, new creatures will appear in the ocean, and rare river fish like golden trout will return. We will catch new species, which will bring us new surprises. You can also use it to pay back the money or give it to the museum.

Nintendo will release bigger updates every month. ACBellsBuy will update the content promptly to keep it consistent with Nintendo to ensure that players can Buy Nook Miles Tickets as soon as possible.

Animal Crossing Game: Wild World introduces the concept of framed villager portraits. After players successfully ally with friends, they can obtain framed portraits of all residents and villagers.

Players can get a framed portrait of any villager in AC: New Horizons. These portraits all have the same photos as the posters provided by Nook Shopping, but they are framed and provide interesting/quote when interacting with them.

By inviting villagers to Harv's Island, the posters of the islanders can be easily unlocked in the Nook Shopping catalog, while framed photos require more effort. Buy Animal Crossing Bells are essential here, and you should store as much as possible.

To obtain framed photos of islanders, players must first maximize friendship with a particular inhabitant. Given AC: New Horizons does not provide a direct guide to measure the level of friendship with the villagers, so it involves a certain degree of guesswork and luck, but it is still a fairly simple process.

Players need to spend time establishing friendships with the islanders until the specific islander allows the player to change the greeting. This shows that your relationship is closer and the player has the opportunity to get his photo as a gift.

Once players have reached the appropriate level of friendship with their favorite islanders, they should only focus on giving them gifts as generous as possible. The photos of the villagers will be given to the players as gifts by the islanders themselves. Although there is no way to force islanders to give gifts to their photos, there are ways to eliminate unwanted gifts from the reward pool.

The fruit is considered a valuable gift, enough to trigger rewards from the islanders, but since the player's inventory is still full after the gift is sent, the islanders are forced to mail the gift. In other words, this eliminates the chance of completely receiving bells as gifts, thereby indirectly increasing the chance of players receiving framed photos.

If you do not have enough patience to wait for the arrival of the villagers you want, then I suggest you buy from a reliable supplier, which is cheap and easy. ACBellsBuy is a professional AC: New Horizons trading website. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells, Animal Crossing Items and even Nook Miles Tickets as you need. As long as there are needs on the island, you can almost buy them here. , And get it at a very low price.


September will be the first instance of seasonal changes. From September, the weather in the northern and southern hemispheres will change. Summer will end in the northern hemisphere, the flowers will not bloom, and there will be a noticeable lack of familiar animals until the season changes next year. Winter will end in the southern hemisphere until spring.

A series of new seasonal handicraft materials will appear in the northern hemisphere in September, which will be sold throughout the island. If the player shakes the trees on the island longer than usual, they will come into contact with acorns and pine cones. Buy Bells Animal Crossing will always make you different from many players. These can be used to make different seasonal items through seasonal DIY recipes including acorn Pochette bags, balance toys, pine bonsai trees and yellow leaf piles.

The red and yellow hibiscus bushes will stop blooming, which will be a good time to plant new varieties that are easily accessible, such as yellow and orange tea olives. Players are excited about the grape harvest basket, which is a cute and charming wearable backpack that will be sold at Nook Stop. The backpacks mark the celebration of the grape harvest, and the tote bags pay homage to the products they use. The harvest baskets will be sold globally, despite the traditional European concept.

As the season changes, a new batch of creatures will enter the player's island. There is no doubt that fishing will become more exciting. Pike fish, cherry salmon and golden trout will be supplied in large quantities. Players will have more opportunities to earn Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells which is desirable!

Whenever the season changes, the Nooks Cranny store will be renovated, with new patterns and exquisite details both inside and outside the store. Nintendo may announce more updates and provide more complex details.

As the days get closer, Nintendo may announce more updates and provide more complex details. Timmy and Tommy will be responsible for changing the decoration theme, which will represent autumn and Halloween. There will be pumpkin display stands and mushroom silhouettes on the door. Before that, make sure to catch all the remaining bugs and fish of the season. They will not be available until next year.




The second ACNH Bug Off Championship is here! Just this Saturday, there is still an event leading very happy players. Many players will use a lot of Cheap Animal Crossing Bells in the game. If you don't have time to get them, you can buy them directly from

If you have checked the message board next to "Resident Services" in the game in the past few days, you will see a message about the Bug Off event held on July 25. The role of the event is similar to the C.J fishing tournament earlier this year. However, the Bug Off event will return every fourth Saturday for the next few months, instead of returning every quarter like a fish.

The film is the responsibility of the event, and you will be responsible for collecting many errors in its collection. The first attempt is free, but each subsequent attempt will cost you 500 bales, so maybe you can consider selling some of the carrots you bought.

About ACNH Bug Off activities run from 9 am to 6 pm. I believe that many partners have already participated. However, if you want to capture and sell more items, it may take more time until 8 pm. Of course, many small partners do not need to be so tired, because they choose to ACNH Buy Bells directly on, which is very convenient and safe.
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