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Players warmly touted the Ultimate Team Series 5 of Madden 20 held last month. Many players feel that they are still unfinished and are constantly looking for interesting information about MUT Series 5.

Series 4, which held for eight weeks, ended with the release of many exciting player cards. They also bought many enviable Golden Ticket player cards with the help of many MUT Coins. Players who have taken part in Series 4 all have wonderful game experience. They all look forward to Series 5 can bring them greater surprises.

The cover character of Series 5 is Joey Bosa with a total score of 97. Players may have to spend 1050 S5 trophy to get his NAT version. The price of his actionable version even reached an astonishing 2,000 S5 trophy. Bosa’s performance is better than the paper attribute data with 99 points of ingenious movements and 95 points of power movement and 90 points of acceleration. He has performed very well both in the 4-3 and 3-4 defensive formations as a left back.

Although the official has not clarified that they will add Journey 3 to the MUT Series 5, but people’s expectations of it make the official reconsider whether to add. Novice players can go to the third game to reward players with 94 points. All players have sufficient time to reach the full level. Players will definitely get more Madden Coins by then. Players who are not strong enough and do not want to spend time to complete the challenge can Buy MUT 21 Coins to achieve their goals.

Last Friday, players ushered in Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 22 and most players spent a lot of MUT Coins yesterday to purchase all the powerful player cards that appeared this time. Super Cup champion quarterbacks Joe Montana and Sean Taylor and guard Franco Harris are the three most dazzling player cards. These three cards with a total score of 99 are all improved player cards. Let’s look at their details and how to get them.

The great superstar Joe Montana is the leader in the event. Now his player card total score is a lot higher than in the past to 99 points. Even in a tough game environment, Joe still has a 99-point throw and a 98-point short throw and mid-pass, and a 97-point depth of play and critical moment performance. Sean Taylor now has a total score of 99 points. With the help of brand extra UL items, Taylor already has a 99-point hit ability, 97-point acceleration and speed, and a 94-point ball dealer. Defender Franco Harris, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, had a 99-point load and a 98-point court awareness and a 93-point speed, as well as 89 points of power and blocking ability.

Players can only buy Joe Montana's player cards on Saturday and Sunday. Some smart players will buy him and wait for the time limit for the sale to pass before placing him in the auction house for auction to obtain MUT Coins. Players can also synthesize five cards to obtain Taylor or Harris' Ultimate Legends items. They can get Madden Coins and Taylor and Harris Power Up items as long as they complete the challenges related to Taylor and Harris.

Players can also use the self-built lineup to get a series of tokens by defeating the Ultimate Legends team. The token Quicksell sells for up to 10,000 Madden Coins. For those who are still trying to buy rookie Premiere exchange equipment cards, these extra MUT Coins will help those who are still trying to buy rookie Premiere exchange equipment cards. They need not Buy Madden 21 Coins. We can also regard it can also as an additional benefit provided by the Madden team for players.
EA Sports released the "Madden NFL 21" unveiling trailer this morning, which is not what people expected.

This trailer was fired for several weeks and was even delayed by EA Sports. Therefore, when the trailer finally arrived here, fans were expecting something substantial. On the contrary, our description of what might be new features is very vague. All fans see titles, followed by gameplay, there is no more context about what these things Madden 21 Coins even mean.

We got four main title cards, which means that EA Sports put more emphasis on these important functions. But one of them is "user-controlled celebrations." I like to play Madden, but figuring out the celebration I want to make is a very minor feature, and when you get enough touchdowns, it becomes obsolete. In addition, this function seems to already exist in the game, when you reach the end area of ??"Blast 20", you can choose from four different celebrations.

Since EA Sports did not expand its meaning in the trailer, fans have been wondering whether the developers have made any changes.

Several other people who watched the trailer went to Twitter to provide their response. Most of them provide the same criticism as you do each year. A similar criticism is: "Madden is just a $60 roster update." However, due to the limited functionality shown in the trailer, this year's criticism seems more reasonable.

As for what fans really want to see in the trailer, then what fans have wanted for years: an improved franchise model.

In recent years, EA Sports no longer provides functions for the franchise model, but invests its time in Buy Madden 21 Coins, because it allows them to make more money. The franchise model used to be the reason why fans like to play Madden, but now, it has become like a bone.

Fans hope to see the Madden 21 trailer improve. Obviously, EA Sports still has time to add features to the affiliate model. But the trailer certainly did not convince anyone that the franchise model is being overhauled.

Madden fans finally ushered in Madden 21 scheduled opportunities. They learned from the news released by EA that players can purchase the ultimate team gift pack to experience many new additional features. Madden’s extra fun will be what players who pre-order in advance will soon enjoy. Players should also choose the right time to buy MUT Coins. Players who pre-order Madden 21 now will receive various rewards provided by EA for players. The confusion they are facing now is not knowing which version of Madden 21 is most worth the money to buy and play the game.

It divides Madden 21 into three versions for players to choose. It sells standard and deluxe editions and MVP editions from high to low, corresponding to players with different needs and different economic levels. Players will find that they are all concentrated on Ultimate Team in the standard version. They can choose one of the three Superstar KO uniforms and an elite player card such as Khalil Mac or von Miller from the pack. Besides these items, players can also include five MUT gold team fantasy packs in their bags.

Players with better economic level can reward more deluxe version to enter the game. This player has been playing Madden 21 since August 25th. The Deluxe Edition has seven more MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs than the Standard Edition. The MVP version is only suitable for players with good economic levels. Players who purchase the MVP version can not only take the lead in advance but also get Lamar Jackson Elite items. The MVP version has twelve more MUT gold team fantasy packs and MCS Ultimate Champion packs than the cheapest standard version.

Players can get three unique versions for $60 and $75 and $85, respectively. They are all looking forward to Madden 21 being the hottest game on EA Play. So most players now Buy Madden 21 Coins to prepare for the upcoming official version of Madden 21. Madden 21 welcomes all players to fight!

In case you missed it, the official "Maden 21" trailer and game cover were unveiled on Tuesday morning, and as expected, there were a lot of MUT Coins throughout the process.

Although the trailer is packed with highlights from players such as Jackson, Christian McCaffrey, Russell Wilson and Sacquian Barkley, there are also some interesting scenes with funny faces in the new places-such as those wearing pirate uniforms Tom Brady, Joe Burrow in a new black coat. And the orange Bengalis are dumb, while Chase Young is dressed in Redskins wine red and gold.

At the beginning of the video, he also sneaked a peek at the Allegient Stadium, the new home of the Las Vegas Wizards. Now, if you want to see the highlights of Julio Jones, Todd Gurley or Dante Fowler, please don't hold your breath-because there is nothing. Thanks, EA Sports. However, the Falcon was not completely abandoned on the trailer, which lasted about one minute and thirty seconds.

At about the 27-second mark, Falcon fans can glimpse the new all-white uniforms-they look cute. In a wonderful moment of three seconds, Saints guard Alvin Kamara grabbed the pass, moved towards the Falcons guard, and was then knocked down by full-back Deion Jones.

EA Sports did wear Todd Gurley in an all-black uniform and face off with his former driver. This is another highlight. It didn't become an official trailer, but it's still fun to watch (below).

During the offseason, along with the Falcons, the Rams, Browns, Butch, and Spurs all changed uniforms, and all five teams participated in the trailer. The Falcons launched their new uniform on April 8, which was the team's first redesign in 17 years.

Although the trailer does not say whether the role of madden 21 coins will change, there is no doubt that players will not change their views on Buy Madden 21 Coins, which will still make a hot link.

Weekend League is an excellent place for players to get a lot of MUT Coins soon. They can complete many tasks through their unremitting efforts to get rewards. Many powerful players will play in the Madden 20 Ultimate Team Weekend League. Players are best not to be afraid of the difficulty of the challenge because it will help players enhance the overall strength of their self-built lineup and get their favorite player cards.

First, players have to solo challenge to qualify for Weekend League. When their MVP points reach 2,000 points, they can enter the Weekend League to play. Players can customize the task with difficulty and continue to complete the challenge task so that their MVP points can continue to grow. Players can also take part in knockout games that are more difficult than solo challenges, but it doesn’t look so easy.

Weekend League literally means that players can only play on Saturday and Sunday. Players can enter the Weekend League on Thursday at 4.30pm. They must know that only relying on fierce defense can win the last victory. Players can use their own team to play 25 games to win as many wins as possible. Before players enter the Weekend League, it is best to optimize their team lineup, which will make it easier for players to succeed.

Even if players do not have a grand victory in Weekend League, they can get a lot of rewards. They should note that before joining the Weekend League for the next time, they should match up a well-configured player lineup to get more Madden Coins. Players with few rewards can Buy MUT 20 Coins to train their players so that their strength can explode to achieve greater success in the Weekend League.

It disappointed Madden players after seeing the trailer from EA Sports today. Many players are looking forward to seeing what they expected to see in the Madden 21 trailer, but unfortunately they did not appear. The video information published by EA Sports is very ambiguous and players can’t judge whether there are any extra features. The focus that all fans see is gameplay and other unimportant parts. All they can do now is accumulate more MUT Coins and Madden 21 Coins.

EA Sports now pay more attention to whether players can get some good player cards. However, players who have already scored enough points do not value Madden’s celebrations, and they said that the function no longer needs to waste time to optimize. Players can choose from four different celebrations when they reach the end area of ​​Madden 20. Players did not see any innovative extensions in the trailer that led them to believe that the developers did not update existing features at all.

Many of the comments posted by players under the trailer were mostly made by Madden, who just updated the roster for $60. It looks like the fans are right. What players really want to see is that the improved franchise model reappears in Madden. In the past few years, EA Sports has shifted its focus from franchising to MUT for more profit. The player’s favorite franchise model is ignored, which is the root cause of players’ unhappiness.

It is still some time before Madden 21 is officially released. Fans hope that EA Sports will listen to their suggestions to attract more people to join the game by improving the franchise model. They are now seriously preparing Madden Coins for subsequent games. Even players who are very lacking in Madden 21 Coins are trying their best to Buy MUT Coins. EA Sports is taking the time to make changes!

The stunning rookie player cards that appeared in the NFL all appeared in the Madden 20 Rookie Premiere card package. Players can not only rely on them for an excellent gaming experience but also prepare entertaining player cards for Madden 21. The three rookies introduced this time are quarterback Joe Burrow and defensive player Chase Young and stable receiver Cee Dee Lamb. Players can prepare MUT Coins to buy them.

Madden 20 rookie Premiere card released by EA has 10 players in unique positions. Some of them are rookie cards and some are super player cards with very high overall ratings. Madden players are very much looking forward to having these cards. Players who already own these cards will receive Madden 21’s M21 card directly. If players only want to choose one of their key players, then they need to consider carefully before choosing. Players can also learn how to get multiple player cards by reading the following methods.

Leader quarterback Joe Burrow of the NFL 10 rookies may play for Cincinnati Bengals after exiting from LSU. They definitely hope to make the team better in the new season. MUT posted on Twitter to show the appearance of each rookie Premiere card in the form of GIF animation. Players need to collect 10 Madden 20 Rookie Premiere tokens to redeem any of the players mentioned above. The number of Rookie Premiere tokens received by players in this mode is different.

Players can take advantage of store discounts to get 10 Rookie Premiere tokens at one time or use Madden Coins to purchase rookie packs that include a player with a total score of 93 points or more. They should also review the situation and see the upcoming situation of Madden 21. It is definitely right to Buy Madden 21 Coins a lot. Let us welcome Madden 21 together!


Players can see Reggie White with a total rating of 99 and the superb tackle tackle Jonathan Ogden and the strongest center defender Derrick Brooks in the upcoming Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 21. Players may feel distressed about their wallets. Like the player cards released in the past, they require players to spend a lot of MUT Coins to get them.

Boss player cards are the most powerful card in the game. Players can use the help of Power Up cards to upgrade these cards to a super player card with a total score of 99. Players will enhance the entire defense capabilities of their self-built lineup after owning the new Reggie White Boss Ultimate Legends items. Reggie White, with 99 points of speed and 98 points of power and game recognition and 96 points of tackles, is the best player card he has ever made in Madden 20 and can even compete with the Golden Tickets card.

Jonathan Ogden, a super tackle from the Baltimore Ravens, is also a valuable player card. After the upgrade, he has 99 points of tackle strength and passing efficiency, 98 points of athletic ability and 95 points of tackle accuracy. Players can only find the central defender Derrick Brooks player card from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in select sets on Saturday and Sunday. He has a 98-point tackle and game recognition ability and 91-point acceleration and 90-point speed. The awful thing is that his 77-point power makes him a poor opponent in the same position.

Derrick Brooks players will be auctioned in the auction house for a limited time due to their strength defects. Players can use five low-scoring player cards to form a Boss card. Players can obtain the corresponding Reggie White player card and Jonathan Ogden player card by completing the Legend Challenge. After winning, they can get many free Madden Coins and free Ultimate Legends player cards. Of course, players can also use mutcoins to enhance themselves before completing tasks. For those who desperately want these player cards, Buy MUT Coins is the top priority. The Madden team will continue to introduce more fun player cards!

EA officials announced that they have completed the development of Madden 21. They are preparing Madden 21 to join the gaming market to enhance their market competitiveness. Madden players are also looking forward to what surprises Madden 21 developed by EA will bring them. The unwelcome news is that players affected by COVID-19 may see Madden 21 again later than originally planned. Many players have hoarded a lot of MUT Coins in advance to enter the game.

Sharp-minded players stumbled upon Madden 21’s release date on August 28 in EA’s YouTube video. Now players can count the days waiting for the official release of Madden 21. They also found in the video that there is a three-day demo version before Madden 21 is officially released. Players will start games on Xbox One, PS4 and various PC platforms.

Players now know that EA will officially release the Madden 21 trailer next Tuesday. They must read the video carefully to know more interesting information about Madden 21. They believe that they will definitely get more results in the recent Madden game. Madden 21 has become even more fun since the addition of legendary NFL superstars such as Tom Brady and Ray Lewis. The MVP superstar in Madden 20 is Lamar Jackson (Lamar Jackson) and they also named him was also Madden 21’s cover superstar.

After ten years of development, Madden Ultimate Team has become the best rugby game. The upcoming Madden 21 will be their most outstanding work ever. All kinds of unique challenges and gameplays make players look forward to it. Players are now best to reserve MUT 21 Coins to prepare for Madden 21 a few months later. The current focus is still on Madden 20. For each player, Buy mutcoins a lot is what they have to do. Let us look forward to Madden 21 together!
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