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Madden team relaunched the Rookie Premiere program after improving the Ultimate Team. Originally Rookie Premiere’s development was restricted and players did not like it. Madden 20 makes changes based on the comments and suggestions made by players and once again makes it return to the game to rejuvenate. The current RP makes players more willing to play and the demand for MUT Coins has further increased.

Madden 20 just released Rookie Premiere at 10:30 this morning. Players who have only seen the news now are better to update the game as soon as possible to experience the new Rookie Premiere faster. Players can follow MaddenNFLDirect to get information about whether the game has delayed updates.

For those who like to complete the challenge alone, Rookie Premiere is a nightmare for this player. The number of rookies in Madden 20 has reached 99. Players also get Madden 21’s Rookie Premiere card, but only need to spend some Madden 21 Coins. Madden’s promotion will close on the 13th of next month. They can also put the got Rookie Premiere token into the set to get the Madden 21 Rookie Premiere card. These cards will join their team in the next game!

Players need 10 Rookie Premiere tokens to get players with a total score of 99 and Madden 21 Coins. They only need to spend 25,000 Madden Coins to get a Rookie Premiere player card with a total score of 93, an elite player card with a total score of 82, and other lower-rated cards. Those who lack MUT Coins have to speed up the journey to Buy MUT Coins. Madden continues to launch more exciting content!

The day before yesterday EA put a fresh batch of Madden 20 Power Up cards into the MUT. Players can upgrade the specific player rating of the system to 99 with the help of these player cards and MUT Coins and player fragments. John Elway, who is the strongest quarterback in NFL history, appeared and Charles Tillman in the Power Up Cards package.

Two-time Super Bowl champion FMVP John Elway, with 98 points of power and 97 points of speed and action with a total score of 99, is the leader of the six player cards released by EA. Chicago Bears fans are happy that Charles Tillman can use the new Power Up item to increase his rating to 99 points. Players can see all new Madden 20 Power Up cards with a total score of 99 on MUT’s official Twitter.

Players will have a significant chance to get the new Madden 20 Power Up card after completing New Power Up Challenges. Each challenge corresponds to the team to which a specific player belongs. Players can choose the corresponding task without difficulty according to their own strength level. The rewards for players to complete the challenges from low to high difficulty are 250 Madden Coins and 300 mutcoins and 350 MUT Coins. Players can also get a Power Up card after every challenge mission completed.

The popularity of player cards determines the price of Power Ups. Players can buy low and sell high in Madden 21 to get more MUT 21 Coins. Buy Madden Coins is a top priority for those with average economic strength. Madden team wishes players the most sincere blessings!


EA released a new Madden spree containing all super players last Saturday. The most dazzling player cards are Ray Guy and Marvin Harrison. Players can also use MUT Coins to extract a time-limited player card from the package and meet four additional challenges. The Madden team will release new content every weekend during the NFL offseason. Marvin Harrison is the strongest player card.

Madden 20 added a legendary player card with a total score of 99 to the NFL Hall of Fame player list. MUT players think it will seriously affect their game victory for them. Harrison who has a score of 98 catches and 98 points of acceleration and 97 points of speed and awareness makes players feel a serious challenge. Ray Guy who has 99 points of strength 96 precision and 81 acceleration also puts a lot of pressure on players.

Players can find the player cards released for this event in the auction house. Guy and Harrison each have 5 lower-rated version cards. Players can exchange five low-scoring player cards for a strongest player card with a total score of 99. Larry Allen is a player card sold at the PS4 or Xbox One ceiling. He and Harrison sold for 1 million Madden Coins and 300,000 MUT 20 Coins, respectively. If players want Guy Card, they will find that the price of the card is close to 850,000 MUT Coins on any platform.

Players will greet a new challenge after obtaining them. Ordinary players can spend 10,000 Madden Coins to get a low-scoring UL card. Players already know their selling prices. Many players can’t wait to buy them by Buy Madden Coins. The Madden team is also preparing Madden 21 carefully. It's time for players to reserve MUT 21 Coins. We all believe that EA will provide the most gorgeous games for players.


EA released the new Madden 20 Journey 4 Greatest Rivals program in the MUT last Friday. Players can find that this event contains many of the best players in NFL history. They can play in any mode to collect MUT Coins and stars. The most attractive player is the fierce David Johnson Master Golden Ticket Player card. Players are looking forward to a way to get player cards without spending money.

This event organized by EA is the last event of the Journey series. There are two different missions waiting for players to challenge. Each mission corresponds to different challenges that players need to complete. Players have to achieve special goals and additional goals when performing missions. Players can earn special rewards by accumulating stars. Players need to reach 125 stars to get a total score of 97 David Johnson who has a jumping ability with a score of 98, an acceleration ability of 96 points, a speed of 95 points and an uncertainty of 91.

So how do players get the Golden Ticket Player card they want without spending Madden Coins? Those players who have previously obtained the Golden Ticket Player card also received items that can upgrade the team. Now players can finally get rich rewards for this event. The premise is that players complete all goals and achieve 200 stars. Players can get the Golden Ticket Player gift pack.

There were three such events before this event. If players take part in every activity, they should have a lot of MUT Coins. Players need to know which player card they enrich the MUT self-built lineup. If they still don’t have a lot of MUT 20 Coins, then they need to go to Buy Madden Coins to improve their lineup strength. More and more news about Madden 21 has also led some eager players to go to Buy MUT 21 Coins now.

As players are expecting Madden 21, the popularity of Madden 20 is now gradually declining. Many players have posted on MUT's official forum to ask when Madden 20 will end. The game team said that although Madden 21 will soon meet the players, there are actually a few months of buffer time. The number of daily active players in Madden 20 is still very high, but the players' competition has declined. What is certain now is that players have ignored other games because they are looking forward to Madden 21.

Players’ focus is now on Madden 20’s last event. The official held three events to give back to fans. Players can get some gold ticket player cards from these activities without spending MUT Coins. They are very grateful for these official activities. One thing that is bad is that players cannot use player cards with a total score of 99 yet. Players are now keen for the next promotion.

COVID-19 severely hindered the work progress of the Madden game team. The rewards release date of each stage is delayed and players are often restricted by the game mode. Although the MUT has no longer introduced a strong player in the position, they may launch the MUT loyalty program.

It's only 12 weeks before Madden 21 is officially released. It reserves enough time for Madden’s year-end promotional activities this year. Now all players are looking at EA Play and Madden 21. What may happen now is that the Madden game team may postpone the release date of Madden 21. It is very uncomfortable for Madden players to wait for Madden 21 to come. What players can do is still need to use Madden Coins to hone their skills and improve their strength. If the props are not enough, then go to Buy MUT 20 Coins to reserve training funds for yourself. After the actual strength rises, Buy Madden 21 Coins will help players to enjoy Madden 21's game fun.
EA Sports accidentally stated the release date of "Madden 21" in a video,
This is another unfortunate leak of EA Sports during the offseason, because Lamar Jackson accidentally revealed that he will be the cover character of this year's game. Although this error is Jackson's fault, the latest news is that EA Sports left too much information in the YouTube trailer. In a video, "Madden 21" officially revealed that the description stated that this game is scheduled to be released in August and MUT Coins will still be in madden 21.

The instructions reveal technically that you can play the game three days before you get the MVP version, but use contextual clues to determine the global release date.

Since then, the specific time has been postponed by EA Sports. The company will provide more details about "Madden 21", which is what fans want to see. However, in a statement issued by the company on May 31, we can find that the video will be delayed due to the protests of George Floyd after his death in Minneapolis.

The statement reads: "Tomorrow, we promise to celebrate Madden NFL 21 with you, but we do not intend to do so now."

The statement did not say when to expect more details, but added: "We will have time to talk about football with you again."

This is a similar formula that EA Sports pulled out for "Breaking Power 20" last year. You can purchase other versions of the game with other features and play them a few days in advance. Moreover, if you have EA Access, Origin Access, or Origin Access Premier, then you are likely to be able to play "Madden 21" on August 20, but only for a maximum of 10 hours.

As we mentioned earlier, the official disclosure has been postponed, but in the trailer’s YouTube description, some details were released about what we might expect. "Skill Stick rack system" sounds like an important new feature, and once EA Sports plans the next exposure, it will be interesting to see its full meaning. In Madden 21, players can still Buy Madden Coins to improve their special skills and enjoy the fun of the game.

Madden players finally waited for the benefits that EA Sports gave them. Madden Ultimate Team has added a lot of interesting and fun content to increase the enthusiasm of the players. The third week of giving back to fans is here. At that time, players will buy MUT Coins or spree at a low price.

MUT players are waiting for their favorite player price promotions and benefits like MUT Loyalty. Now the pleasant news is that players can get the Golden Ticket player card that everyone wants without spending a penny. The official fan feedback event for MUT fans has already started on the 15th of last month. Both the single-player challenge in the game and the Golden Ticket player card gift pack can be obtained by entering the game to complete the game now.

Although the content of the competition is as usual as usual, the number of rewards received this time is unprecedented. Players have the opportunity to obtain a Super Golden Ticket player card with a total score of 99 points by completing the single player challenge. After completing the 120-star challenge mission, players can also randomly select Golden Ticket players from the fantasy packs they receive. Players can choose Brian Dawkins or Keith Bulluck to enhance their team's overall defensive capabilities or Lamar Jackson or Julio Jones cards to enhance their team's overall offensive capabilities.

Players only need to pay 50,000 Madden Coins to get the fan exclusive package and pay 70,000 Madden Coins to get the fan appreciation II package. Besides the free Golden Ticket players, you can also earn a lot of MUT 20 Coins and some additional players. Players can also get more fun players through Buy MUT Coins or Buy Madden 21 Coins. The perfect Madden game is waiting for you to fight!

Since we are trapped at home, many people across the country are still waiting for a decision on whether the 2020-21 NFL season will proceed as scheduled, and whether the role of MUT Coins in Madden 21 is the same. There were many changes to the virtual draft and the decision of the free agency during the discussion of live football events.

Roger Goodell announced that the NFL will virtually host the 2020 NFL Draft. However, staff writer Andrew Oliveros thought it should be postponed.

For fans, anxiety about live football will not be resolved for at least some time. Therefore, this means that by far the closest thing is to simulate the video game Madden 20.

The New England Patriots without Tom Brady hardly won the division title with an 8-8 record. The Miami Dolphins suffered heavy losses in 2019, and ended up with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, but won two more victories and ended the game 7-9. Surprisingly, Miami ranks second when compared to the last place in the previous season.

The New York Jets have yet to figure out the situation of quarterback Sam Darnold and defeated Le'Veon Bell 6-10. Buffalo Bills' season was disappointing, a team of 10-6 entered the playoffs, and a team of 6-10 entered the playoffs.

The Cleveland Browns, led by AFC offensive player of the year and quarterback Baker Mayfield, won the division 12-4. Mayfield (Mayfield) dropped 46 touchdowns, ranking eighth in a season's passing touchdowns. The Pittsburgh Steelers rose from 8-8 last season to 12-4 this year. An important force for their success is central defender Devin Bush. In week 17, he had 15 tackles, a sack and a thing that was forced to fall.

The Baltimore Crows became cold. They stood out from the 12-4 team in the year before 10-6 in the 2020 season. Rookie center defender Patrick Queen has performed 110 tackles, four sacks and two interception royal performances this season. The Cincinnati Bengals ranked last in the department with a score of 7-9, but this is a huge improvement over the 2-14 team last season. Cincinnati's first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft is former LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow, which is a key factor in their progress. If you want to progress at the fastest speed in madden 20, the best option is buy mut coins, which allows you to improve your skills in an instant and get the same superstar skills. Link:

EA’s Madden 21 release date is getting closer and closer. Players are guessing which players will become the strongest batch of players. Although EA did not announce the release time of Madden 21, players have already found some clues in the trailer or official Twitter. Even if these player cards require players to take a lot of MUT Coins to get them, they will do so. The additional features included in Madden 21 make every player very excited and looking forward to it. Let’s look at who became the superstar in Madden 21.

Madden 20 ended with the release of 14 players with a total score of 97 or more. Madden 21 will also release more super powerful players to increase game playability, which means that players can choose a more comprehensive direction.

The first player to reveal information is Patrick Mahoms with a total score of 99 who is the best player in Madden 21. As a super player on the cover of Madden 20, he sent the Chiefs to Lombardi Trophy as a starter the following year. In addition, he can use all the options under the franchise model. The second player to play was Aaron Donald with a total score of 99. Players believe that he can regain his own glory in 2021. In the previous three years, he used his strong defensive ability to make outstanding contributions to the Bulls. Although any score of Christian McCaffrey with a total score of 99 is not the first, but his performance this year will definitely be the best.

Seahawks central defender Bobby Wagner was the strongest player in Madden 20. Fan friends who support him think he should be the strongest this year. His golfer allows him to understand the offense well, which makes all players defending him feel that this is a tough opponent.

In summary, the players are very much looking forward to these superstars who will appear in Madden 21. Even if their mutcoins or MUT 21 Coins are not enough to buy these player cards, they also need to Buy MUT 20 Coins or Buy Madden 21 Coins to pay for their dreams. The most loyal Madden players deserve the strongest players!

When COVID-19 led to a shutdown, March Madness, along with the NBA, NHL and MLB, thrived on the multibillion-dollar sports betting industry from these leagues. During this period, despite the lack of on-site sports activities, bookmakers are still scrambling to maintain the interest of sports bettors. It forces the sports betting industry to be creative.

Sports betting provided video games such as “Call of Duty”, sports games such as NBA 2K20, and even a product line of virtual NASCAR competitions. In addition, e-sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to know the news. Electronic Arts recently agreed to renew the “multi-year” of its multi-year license agreement with the NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to continue production of the Madden NFL series. MUT Coins is also a powerful thrust in Madden 20.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said: “The expansion of this partnership is not only related to the continued success of the Madden NFL franchise but also creates fresh ways for our fans to connect with their favorite sports.”


NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said: “It is our common vision to expand the foundation of football fans through interaction. We are very happy to continue to establish a strong partnership with EA SPORTS and put it into practice?unprecedentedly.” According to reports, EA The total value of the five-year extension from 2021 to 2026 is $1.5 billion,?I give of which $500 million?to players."

EA announced that unique players grew by 30% year-on-year, and the average monthly player reached a record high. Since Madden 2020 came out, it has played over 330 million hours of games. Many of these figures were obviously helped by the coronavirus pandemic, live sports activities were shelved, and they isolated many parts of the world at home.

Esports betting has become a reliable product for many sports betting. They have determined that the bet on video games will continue even if the live sports game is back. Odds producers believe that bettors can apply almost the same obstacle strategy to virtual games as they do to real sports events.

According to reports, the industry has grown to a point, and by 2020, e-sports gambling revenue is expected to double from last year, from $7 billion in 2019 to $14 billion this year. There is a very important reason for the continued climb of Madden 20 is MUT Coins. Players who are isolated at home will spend more time on the game, and Madden 21 Coins is their first choice, allowing them to show their skills in the game.

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