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WOW classic:Bard suit

Weapons and armor are good at: Bard is good at using all simple weapons, plus long swords, fine swords, sap, short swords, short bows, long whip. Bard is good at wearing light armor and shields (except for tower shields). Bard is not affected by the probability of normal arcane failure when wearing a light armor to cast a poet spell. Of course, like other arcane spellcasters, casting a spell with a pose when wearing a heavy armor or holding a shield (most spells) will still be affected by the probability of arcane failure, and the part-time Bard is showing Arcane gains from other occupations are still affected by the probability of arcane failure.

Bard casts the Arcane in the Bard Arcane list. He can cast any spells he knows without preparation. All Bard spells have a verbal component (singing, memorizing, or music). To learn or cast spells, Bard's charm must reach 10+ spell levels. The level of exemption against Bard spells is 10 + spell level + Bard Charisma modifier.
Like other casters, Bard can only cast a limited number of spells per spell level per day. His basic daily spell distribution scheme is listed in the table: Bard. In addition, if he has a higher glamour value, he can also get daily reward spells. If the table: Bard points out that Bard gets 0 spells at a spell level, he can only get the number of bonus spells on the spell level for the charm.

Bard's choice of spells is very limited. At the beginning, Bard can learn 4 level 0 spells based on your choice. When you get a new Bard level, he will get one or several new spells according to the spell known by Bard. (Unlike daily spells, Bard knows that spells have nothing to do with charm. Table: The numbers in Bard know spells are fixed)
After every 5 Bard levels (8, 11, etc.) after Level 5, Bard can learn a new spell to replace previously known spells. In fact, Bard "discards" a known spell to exchange a new spell. New spells must have the same level of spells as he exchanges, and must be at least two levels lower than Bard's ability to cast the highest level spells. Bard can only swap one spell per spell level, and must decide whether to exchange spells while gaining new spells at that level.
As mentioned earlier, Bard does not need to prepare spells in advance. As long as he has not used up his daily spells at this level, he can cast any known spells at any time. When Bard uses spells, Buy WOW Classic Gold can effectively help him enhance his spell power. Players using both spells and WOW Classic Gold can not only enhance the damage, but also enhance the spell gain.

When Bard judges whether he knows some local celebrities, legendary items, notable places, etc., he can make a special anecdote knowledge check, which adds his Bard level + his intelligence correction. . (If the Bard's knowledge (history) level reaches level 5 or higher, then he gains a +2 bonus on this check.)
Successful anecdotal knowledge checks cannot reveal the power of magic items, but may give some hints about the role of the item. Bard can't take 10 or take 20 to do this check, the result of knowledge is random.

Bard is a symbol of harmony. They travel around, describe the beauty they see with music, and express their feelings with music. The harp in Bard's hand becomes a weapon during the battle. The notes played by it can greatly enhance the strength of themselves and their teammates. They can also cause great damage to the enemy. Click on to purchase the relevant World of Warcraft gold coins. Buy gold coins now and enjoy a low price to help you quickly upgrade in the game.
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The popularity of wow classics has caused more people to pay attention to this game, which has been around for 15 years. Nostalgia is a way that many people like, but he may be better.

In the task upgrade, wow classic's upgrade system is too monotonous, you need to gain experience through continuous boring monotonous killing method to gain experience, of course, you can also gain experience through tasks, but the experience of killing monsters is still Very bad, we may need some novel changes to be able to experience this virtual world better. There is no real functional category in wow classic. You can also purchase Classic WoW Gold at GameMS for assistance, which will be very helpful for your game progress. In wow classic, a lot of high-quality elements are concentrated together. This is a great attempt. Blizzard has rich experience and brilliant past. Perfect, unfortunately, because the difficulty of the boss is simple, so there is a lack of cooperation and play of many professional features, you only need to reach the boss position, and kill him, this makes you carefully prepared strategy Can't work.

In the wow classic, the character's equipment is always moving toward a higher ability, and the player loses the opportunity to express his or her own characteristics through the character. The characters in the virtual world cannot express their own characteristics, which is really disappointing. The last point is that players may not have the time to play wow classic. Too much real game environment leads players to spend a lot of time exploring, matching, upgrading, of course, if you like. GameMS's WOW Classic Power Leveling can help you save a lot of time and recommend it to you. In the current fast-paced social environment, such a game mode is too drag-and-drop, and my free time is not allowed.

Whenever I log in to World of Warcraft Classic, a notification pops up with more messages from the game mail that have entered my inbox. When I go to Stormwind City to retrieve posts from the nearest collection point (because of video games), the package I receive usually contains a wording from the player I spontaneously combined the day before, usually tied to some valuable items as their gratitude Feelings. Maybe a few lines (because they remember me a professional tailor) or new armor they designed for me, Do not with Classic WoW Gold.

This is not just a short but fast-paced goodwill story in my time in Azeroth. Guild members often offer free production and delivery of new storage extensions to my mailbox. Asking a question in a local chat, it is likely that three people will respond to the question in a matter of seconds. A friendly dwarf even suggested all the ways to escort me from Elwynn Forest to Loch Modan, warning that a separate adventure is often dangerous (and boring).

And I'm sure, so far, you've seen hundreds of players form an orderly queue of photos on the day of the classic release, line by line, giving everyone a chance to kill a boss who is always born again, perfect. The image of the collective action spirit of the Warcraft community on the notorious release day of Blizzard. No players left. At least for now, the players in "World of Warcraft Classics" are the acquaintances of the best and most helpful games I have been comfortable with, and certainly more enthusiastic than your advanced adventurers. I will find it in the modern version of the Blizzard Titan MMO.

It's all good, but it looks a bit surreal, not to mention confusing. Why is everyone so friendly on Azeroth's old-school continent? And, more importantly, how long can this good sportsmanship atmosphere last? There is no doubt that wow classic is one of the best communities in the world, the people here are warm enough and friendly, and hope that this community environment will continue. Of course, if you want to make your fun better, you may need some help. Buying some Cheap WoW Classic Gold at is a good choice.
Blizzard Entertainment's massively multiplayer online game TWITCH is regarded as a new height by the "World of Warcraft Classic". From the first full week after the release of 8.26, the "World of Warcraft Classic" view reached an astonishing 47.1 million hours, this data exceeded Any previous game.

"World of Warcraft Classic" has been released for a while, but his popularity has not decreased. The release of World of Warcraft has made many people find the feelings of the past. Perhaps this is why they are so crazy, as people have guessed, the classic peak viewing date of "World of Warcraft Classic" is just the day of the release, and many people celebrate it in the live broadcast of TWITCH.

"World of Warcraft" is a fifteen-year-old game with many fans. Countless people are waiting for its classic return, but Blizzard's horrible server makes the queue become the normal state, and even some players need to wait for hours. Therefore, Also visit our WOW Classic store at GameMS,Cheap Classic WoW Gold for you. TWITCH viewing also becomes a good choice for them, which is also a very interesting opportunity, many people are willing to do so.

Another important reason is who can be the first to become the 60-level player. This speculation makes the game full of competition and more inspirational. The end result is that Jokerd has won, and people are more interested in achieving further development after 60-level. For a quick upgrade, you need WOW Classic Power Leveling and is responsible for providing you. This curiosity is enough to keep people interested and continue. Exploring, Keeping the player interested is an achievement.

The return of World of Warcraft Classic. has allowed Blizzard to regain its glory, but Blizzard's terrible server seems to challenge the patience of the players, hoping it will not line up today.
The return of World of Warcraft classics last week caused a huge sensation, just as it was when it was just released in 2004. Thousands of players lined up waiting to enter the game, which made other games appear a little embarrassing.

World of Warcraft classics still bring the original feeling to the players. Many players find that it is like queuing to help the player to evoke the same queuing experience. Although they still have to line up, the current game technology can guarantee the players a better game experience. Although it looks the same as the 2004 game, it is still a new game in 2019. As a WOW classic big fan, we will always support WOW classic! Also, if you need WoW Classic Gold, I recommend GameMS to you. I think it is perfect!

Although you may restart occasionally due to the crowd, before you reach level 15 will not be greatly smoothed, when you be 15-level the game will become very smooth. This is great news for the players. If you want a more efficient gaming experience, then buying some WoW Classic Gold would be a good choice. Recommend your store, GameMS, very good. This enthusiasm for nostalgia will always disappear, and when the enthusiasm cools, how to keep these players to stay will be the most important task of Blizzard.

These players are former World of Warcraft players. When they were children, they all experienced World of Warcraft at the time, and now they have entered World of Warcraft classics with good memories. How to retain and capture the hearts of these adult people. There are also new players, they are young seeds, which requires Blizzard's intention to operate.

The game is still a game, but the players are different, and these players have grown up.

Players who reach the 60-level limit of the World of Warcraft classics will receive a free copy of the battle provided by Blizzard, while Brazil's "World of Warcraft" Facebook will flow out the news, the players in the World of Warcraft classic new server, those who reach level 60 will unlock A free upgrade that allows their character to reach level 110. Buy wow classic gold at GameMS to make your game more interesting.

The WoW Classic was launched in August. It caused an unimaginable popularity and was loved by many players. This is the "re-creation" of the original MMO. The WOW classic is not as difficult as we think. The last game in the "World of Warcraft Classic" is in progress. The first player to cross the finish line has been named. After an incredible 79-hour game, the Gnome Master player named Jokerd on the Mograine EU server reached the MMO's 60-level limit. The players are so enthusiastic that the wow classic has been queued, and Blizzard is constantly adding servers, hoping that the queue can be alleviated.WOW has brought us good memories, WOW classic once again presented to us, it is so fascinating, which is why so many people line up here.

In 2019, Classic may be a more attractive World of Warcraft for me. The strange thing is that the best enjoyment is like No Man's Sky: a huge, sparse open world dotted with danger, treasure, and adventure. A little too tight date jank enjoy, and will not pop up your favorite album. It resists power games, encourages short-lived relationships with strangers, and hopes you spend time immersing yourself in the mood. Now I am very happy to recommend GameMS to everyone, their World Of Warcraft Classic Gold is awesome.

The World of Warcraft classics have actually been released and players will begin their adventures. The original World of Warcraft social experience continues to be discussed a lot, but the login site Classic is indeed the way to own it. In Barrens's chat, the players politely line up and you can even find someone who will tell you where to find Mankrik's wife.

It's still going on, but I'm happy to report that Classic really feels who has regained the 2004 atmosphere. The GameMS website offers a lot of WoW Classic Gold, and my friends and I get a lot of help in the game.

When I started the battle of Azeroth, when I recently expanded World of Warcraft, I did my own personal business. I upgraded the decoration, checked some tasks, and then logged out again. I did see a lot of players in raids, wars and island adventures, but I wouldn't date them. I am a paladin performing a mission; I am not making friends.

It is these claimed current designs that include excitement about Classic. The fifteen-year-old game competitors are designed to force players to work together, and the prizes we expect for a relaxed quality lifestyle have disappeared. If you are a fan of Warcraft classic games and want to Buy WoW Classic Gold, welcome to GameMS No more flights, no more experienced heirloo equipment. Many monsters need a team to take them away; no one, you will spend a lot of time running back to your body.

I spent some time in Azeroth as a teenager and I experienced classic community awareness. I know many big names in the league and trade chat, I will wave to your Ironforge friends. I have a complete guild, and now I can meet in the real world. I still remember the fierce competition when using the Horde, and then when I saw their name in the Alterac Valley, I would go crazy. I will use my body to see the ocean and go to your toes together. They may recognize my return.

This version is really a honeymoon period. Before you planted natural resistance for Ahn'Qiraj, you still have no real classics, you happen to be cowards.


World of Warcraft players likely to enter the WoW Classic are now able to reserve slots around the server before an official release later this month, plus a server is very popular, and Blizzard expects to undertake a login queue of greater than 10,000 players.

The developer urges anyone who keeps a slot from Classic WoW Gold the PvP Herod space to exchange to the newly opened Stalag, because on the current rate, Herod is going to be "large-scale overpopulation" with the time of release.

"If all of the existing players about this server stay there, the login queue more than 10,000 players is affirmative and might be much above this," it said. “There are a variety of players on Herod at this time, therefore we want to load Stalagg before opening any new PvP areas. This allows players to distribute as evenly as you can before launch to offer the best gaming experience.”

The WoW server might be several times greater than the "number of players" in 2006, nevertheless, it still makes Herod have to lots of people. Blizzard stated it could further Buy WoW Classic Gold boost the server ceiling, but this can only cause problems within the future.

“Improving top of the limit from the field will undoubtedly prevent problems, to ensure that more participants may have an unsustainable situation whenever they release,” it said. Problems arise gets hotter turns off tiering, that is a new technology that enables domains to generate their multiple instances to handle large populations. It said in a very blog post that it's going to close the tier ahead of the second on the six phases in the WoW Classic project.

I played World of Warcraft before, but never achieved it. It took me 60 minutes and thirty minutes to enter the server. During that time, certainly, one of my friends sent me a screenshot and waited in line to have to wait. This is the respected and healthiest thing I have ever found in a game.

After a lengthy wait, I launched a personality's paladin. When I entered, the planet was stuffed with players' edges, though the lack of music managed to Vanilla WOW Gold get quiet and some extent peaceful. When roaming inside North County (the starting division of ??mankind), there seemed to be a trace of nostalgia from the air. Although waiting, the server (Westfall) doesn't have a delay.

We traveled to the first mission. I was caught off guard by the fact that the work tracker has not been found within the current game - I made it happen in 2004. Our mission should be to hunt down Kobold Vermin. We pulled up some random caves.

Wow. Do people want to play the bingo? Once we went after our real goal, we saw that we didn’t share the spoils. We have to take turns to plunder the monsters to acquire what we need.

For your entire thirty minutes I spent in North County, I realized the length of time you need to complete these tasks in your lifetime and upgrade for a reasonable rate. It's not how slow that old system is, but more to do with the influx of players who will be preventing you against progressing.

After the announcement, the peripheral brand HyperX announced its plan on Thursday, "HyperX Kickoff to WoW", which included a four-hour video stream shot at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, playing the official Twitch channel for HyperX and WoW. The broadcast will be broadcast on Monday, 11:00 am to 3:30 pm PST until Classic is released.

The characters involved in the broadcast will include the most-watched WoW streamer in Twitch "Asmongold" and Buy WoW Classic Gold some overlap with the characters involved in Method's activities (including Esfand).

The event will be broadcast live from Las Vegas and will be produced in collaboration with Esters Studios' world showdown e-sports.
Many Warcraft influencers and top professional players including Scott "Sco" McMillan and "Esfand" will participate.

E-sports Method again tried to use the World of Warcraft content version to create ratings on Twitch, this time for the World of Warcraft classic.
In cooperation with Esters Studios' multi-game series World Showdown E-sports (WSOE), the method will broadcast the main method and 24-hour coverage of the WSOE channel.

Live reports from Las Vegas will include some influencers and World of Warcraft professionals who are trying to be "world-first", upgrading their roles to the highest level of the game (60) and the first to kill The ultimate raid of the dead game boss, Ragnaros and Onyxia.

“The ability to bring classic games to the top of the world and participate in the Las Vegas WSOE event schedule is very exciting for all of us. After three Race To World First events in Europe, the event will be taken The land in the United States feels great. The enthusiasm of the Classic WoW fan base is unparalleled. We believe that Esters Studios will help us not only meet the fans' expectations, but also surpass them. ”

This event is different from the previous method broadcast and the world's first "match", mainly because all players will start with a new character, which is different from the popular raid competition on Twitch in the past year. Also, everything in the game is a direct copy of WoW when it was first released in 2004.

Notable players in the streaming media audience include the popular World of Warcraft "Esfand" and Scott "Sco" McMillan, as well as some players,  are known for their top raider skills and some players known for their followers on Twitch.

This event marks the expansion of the traditional raids that have caught the attention of the past year. If successful, it will mark the way the method and other top-level World of Warcraft can do to increase the audience and audience's attention to World of Warcraft. Grassroots or third-party level.
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