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Item Type Replica Recital Collection Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Sapphire,Round
Bracelet Alligator strap
Dial Color White dial
Diameter 48.00 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE pin Buckle
Thickness 15.50 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Moon Phase,Power Reserve,Tourbillon
Year 2019
Boxes common box
Model Number R260001


I was amazed at the polished titanium and blue ceramic Orlinski works, but found this all-black iterative product a bit inadequate. Some, I have no doubt that "some" will be more than 200 buyers, but will like this All Black version is a bit more relaxed. The ceramic is amazing because it has an incredible hardness, an erasable trace (I still can't overcome that magic) a comfortable touch and feel - because of its blocked cleaning characteristics.

No one likes the scratching of their watches. Maybe they accept it, maybe they like one of the 50 scratches actually have a meaningful memory attached to it, but the other 49 is just chaos, which is a regrettable departure from the watch's expected look and exquisite aesthetics. This is a scratch, not something that is even out of reach or worth pursuing.Hublot CLASSIC FUSION AEROFUSION CHRONOGRAPH ORLINSKI replica watches

With all this, my "collision test" is unshakable, and the general evidence proves the excellent durability of ceramics? Maybe it is, maybe not - but it definitely belongs to the unexpected experiment of the "Don't try at home" category. This is a big bang (ha!), I can feel and hear so clearly I have it WIS-PTSD However, the watch there is intact and there are no scratches. I certainly don't want to start putting my watch on concrete or ceramic tiles, or use it to strike things, but if you asked me before this comment, will ceramic watches have such an effect, I will bet "No!"

I am willing to stand up and say that it is very likely that the impact force required to break the ceramic casing needs to be high, and such an effect will cause serious damage to the metal casing watch. . Maybe the metal won't break (you may lose an ear), but it will have such a deep ding that you may want to change a new situation sooner or later. There may be exceptions, and any material may be a bit nervous, but I am completing this review and are more relaxed and believe in ceramics than ever before.

This has been a long time, so we are here to discuss the basics. The Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski All Black features a 45 mm wide, 13.40 mm thick black ceramic case with a titanium back cover and polished titanium "H-screw". It's the size of any 45mm Hublot, and I think the facet of this case will look great in 42mm size, I hope that one day we can see the exercise. This is a "all black" model, quite self-explanatory, although I will add that Hublot's lineup has more "black" watches than "black". Surprisingly, the open dial and black gold-plated, highly polished hands and other dial elements make the dial brighter than the matte black version we saw earlier in non-Orlinski Classic Fusions.PATEK PHILIPPE 175th Commemorative replica watches price

The immediate result is that legibility is between OK and not completely normal. In some lights, the dial looks radiant when it is shot, and the long, polished hands and multifaceted index bathe in the light. There is a sapphire ring around the dial, reflected in blue - not sure whether it is intentional or not, but in addition to purple jewellery, this blue ring is the only color on this watch. Its blue tint can be viewed with the naked eye, and in many lighting conditions it is more than just a camera to shoot it. There are a lot of things on the dial, because the Dubois Depraz module on the HUB1155 movement dial is the best - adding visual complexity.

Speaking of the movement inside the Orlinski Classic Fusion, the base is the ETA 2892A2 with the Dubois Depraz module on top. There is really nothing to say about this - it is very similar to the Bang & Olufsen hi-fi inside Philips, or Aston Martin with Volvo keys and navigation system. All the nerds know and therefore look down on it - but the people who actually buy them obviously don't. There is no impartial knowledge in the world, is it? However, Hublot and Dubois Depraz try to make this combination as complex as possible - showing some wheels and technical looks, not to mention the massive date loop, fully

The wear resistance of my 6.75-inch (17.5 cm) small wrist is not very good. I have worn 45mm Hublots and it feels good, but this is not. I am not very happy to see the gaps where the straps should meet the notches on either side of the lug - if the strap does not have to be so steeply turned down (ie if it is worn on a larger wrist), the gap will not become obvious. The strangest thing is how can I put the watch too loose so that I can slide my finger into the gap between the strap and the edge of the wrist, but the buckle will still leave marks under my arm. So, although it's not tight on every edge, it's still a bit nervous under my wrist - I've never experienced it before. This is a shame, because obviously a lot of attention is focused on the buckle design, a combination of black ceramic and black stainless steel.

best cheap watch for sale.I am not a fan of the black strap. It doesn't have that amazing, soft feeling, I would rather feel it at this price point, and because of its thick, viscous texture, it picks up a cotton wool smashed like a cotton tissue (total brain freeze and The lack of a better analogy must be maintained here.) There are countless pieces of white dust and lint on the strap, and although you can clean it, the ceramic case and strap are difficult to clean properly. Simply rinsing and wiping the outer casing will leave a black water mark on it, just as water sticks to the ceramic in some way.

If I have the time and ability, I would like to put this watch on a yellow or red strap to make it more interesting and make the case more prominent, but this is not because I have to send it back for two weeks. Dating. Still, this was proved after two weeks of adventure, as I gained more first-hand experience with ceramics than I knew. After all, this is the whole content of the comment.




Reference: 525.CF.0130.RX.ORL19
Case: Red Ceramic
Strap: Red Smooth Rubber Straps
Diameter: 45 mm
DIAL: Sapphire Crystal
Mechanism: Self-winding
CLASP: Deployant Buckle Clasp
Year: 2019
Size: Unisex


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