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Magic Johnson, the strongest point guard in history, will increase the overall strength of the lineup once he joins the lineup of 2K players. He is usually a point guard with a height of 2 meters and 6. What shocked all basketball fans that year was that he won the NBA championship in his rookie season. Every player dreams of spending NBA 2K20 MT to get him.

Although the trio of PD Magic Johnson and Galaxy Opal Ray Allen and PD Gilbert Arenas look powerful, few players can exert the maximum power of their combination. PD Magic Johnson mainly connects the team’s offense and defense and finds the best time for the two super shooters to shoot and score. It doesn’t matter if there is PD Yao Ming in the opponent’s lineup. PD Magic Johnson can use his flexible feet to disrupt the opponent’s defensive formation so that his teammates can score better.

Magic Johnson has also comprehensively improved thanks to the various attributes of the PD card. Although his shooting is slow, players should not forget his terrifying ability to organize the team’s offense and defense and individual defense. If the opponent ignores Magic Johnson’s offense, it would be a gigantic mistake. He still has a certain shooting threat when he is open. If a big player in the opponent’s lineup completes a violent dunk, then he will quickly organize a counterattack before the opponent reacts.

It is the player card that MyTeam players want most. But what deterred the players was that its price on the auction floor was as high as 45,000 2K20 MT, and they sold it for a limited time. Or players can try their luck in the Frostbite package and maybe get him. Players with a slightly under-budgeted budget should Buy Cheap 2K20 MT at 2K agents before buying Magic Johnson. Enjoy now!

Maybe everyone remembers the scene where the Cavaliers won the championship from the 73-win Warriors in 2016. LeBron James is the biggest hero. But 2K players don’t neglect the powerful helpers around him, such as point guard Kyrie Irving and shooting guard J. R. Smith and power forward Kevin Love. Players will spend NBA 2K20 MT in the game to rebuild the 2016 Cavaliers championship lineup.

But since then J. R. Smith’s competitive state has confused. He sometimes misses the chance to score so often that the head coach has to replace him angrily. But players have to admit that he was definitely one of the league’s best shooting guards while playing for the Nuggets. After the 2007-2008 season ended, the NBA officially counted his various data. What shocked everyone at the time was that he shot over 40% of his three-pointers that season. And when the Nuggets are in the playoffs, he can contribute over 18 points per game.

Klay Thompson, who is playing for the Golden State Warriors, holds a record of 14 three-pointers in a single game over his teammate Stephen Curry’s 13 three-pointers. He and Curry formed the NBA’s most powerful shooter duo. If they are in excellent condition, they will often completely defeat their opponents in the third quarter of the game. With a 97-point three-point attribute and a 98-point scoring attribute, he will be the best person for players to reinforce the self-built shooting guard. And the most favorite thing for players is that he does not occupy the player at all. Usually, his scoring method is to shoot directly after receiving a pass from his teammate.

Two such good shooter player cards are what players want to have in their dreams. Players with strong economic strength can go directly to the auction house to get them with 2K20 MT, and players with weak economic strength can also go to reliable agents first to Buy 2K20 MT and then come back to buy them. Players only need to find the right time to pass the ball to them in the game to complete the score.


If there are few players in the self-built lineup of 2K players who have super scoring ability or fierce defense, then they will definitely be difficult to win against other players. The conditions for winning a 2K game are the combination of players’ powerful lineup strength and keen field observation. If you lose the game because you are unwilling to spend NBA 2K20 MT to buy a powerful player card, it will definitely feel uncomfortable.

As the most famous white, slight forward in NBA history, Larry Bird has an unparalleled three-point technique. He once took part in the three-point contest and won the three-point contest that year. Before the start of the game, he mocked his opponent and said that you are all coming for second place. With a three-point attribute score of 97, he can score everywhere on the court, especially the best at long-range shooting. We also know him and Magician Johnson as the black and white twins in the 1980s. In addition, his ambition is indistinguishable even compared to Jordan, the god of basketball.

We know newcomer Dwyane Wade as the Flash in the NBA. He is in the league with his explosive physical fitness and horrible athletic ability. The most shocking thing is that he also won the championship in the 2006 finals with the Dallas Mavericks after losing a meniscus. He uses the three-pointer as his singularity and can often give his opponent a fatal blow. Players can also choose him to reinforce the shooting guard position in the self-built lineup.

With the addition of these two player cards, it bound players to be smooth sailing in playing with people. They continue to complete other reward-rich challenges and slowly accumulate 2K20 MT to get them. Another way is to go online to search for the most reliable agents to Buy NBA 2K20 MT to get them. The two methods correspond to two unique types of players. Anyway, the two of them will definitely help the players greatly.

It seems that in the next few days, the large-scale Decades Super Pack will be released for NBA 2K20 MyTeam.

Early Saturday morning, the popular YouTuber 6th Man Sam shared a link that caused him to play an undisclosed NBA 2K20 MT video on the official NBA 2K YouTube channel. The trailer reveals a new specific ten-year pack that will feature "old school" (before 1999) of the following age groups, players from the 2000s and 2010s. These packages can also be obtained by purchasing NBA 2K20 MT on GameMS at a moderate price.

This series seems to include the best Galaxy Opal player of the era. These cards are not new. Instead, they are the previously redistributed versions. For example, the Galaxy Opal LeBron James is from the recent "lost" series. The Michael Jordan card is from the All-Star Flash series, Derrick Rose is from the Leap Year series released in February, and so on.

The purpose of deleting content is to provide users with an opportunity to grab the cards they may have missed in the current issuance cycle. This is also a great way to earn a lot of revenue from micro-transactions for gamers willing to spend real money on virtual currency to buy packages. By playing other modes in the game (such as MyCareer, online games, MyGM and MyLeague), game players can also exchange for gift packs, but it takes a lot of time and energy. More players will choose to NBA 2K21 MT on GameMS in exchange. It is unclear when the Decade Super Pack will be released. It could be Saturday afternoon at the earliest, or sometime next week.

During the global epidemic, NBA 2K20 has been adding new content to the game recently. Last week, the Galaxy Opals player card for the former Lakers power forward Odom was released. This triggered extensive discussion among fans. Another favorite card for Galaxy Opals players is Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, if 2K wants to trigger another wave, it will need to release a more powerful Galaxy Opals player card or make a major adjustment to the price of NBA 2K20 MT in the game. If it weren't for the Galaxy Opals Kobe, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James or other great players, it would be difficult to set off a second wave. We can shift our focus to the three new player cards in May. However, these player cards have not yet been announced. But because we are going through the exclusion process before expecting all the latest content. So focusing all your attention on NBA 2K21, the following trio makes sense.

The first card is the Galaxy Opal Giannis Antetokounmpo with the nickname "Alphabet Brother". Most versions of the letter brother can directly rely on body advantage to occupy the dominant position in the game. With a total score of 98 points, Alphabet Brother has grown into a veritable Galaxy Opal star. However, due to the limited location of 2K released this year, players can only choose a certain location to play. However, the letter brother who can play 5 positions obviously has no such problem. Players were deeply attracted by this. But many other 2K players protested. They think this is a way to disrupt the balance of the game.

The second card is Kawhi Leonard. Strangely, when he won the NBA championship and FMVP finals last year, the official did not release Kawhi's Galaxy Opal version. At present, his most powerful player card version is the "Pink Star All-Star Moment" version with a total score of 98. Although this card is still very strong, fans still have doubts. Why the official has not released a Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard player card after he has obtained FMVP.

There are some other player cards that are temporarily kept secret. Players only need to know that it is difficult to show the true strength of these cards or even custom players without strong strength. Players need Buy NBA 2K20 MT to obtain items that enhance players. If you think the price of 2K20 MT sold in the official mall is too expensive, you can buy many Cheap NBA 2K20 MT from the reliable agency website. Only after their own strength and technology rise, these powerful player cards can shine in the hands of players.

Players all know that the scoring structure of the game consists of three points, midrange shots, free throws, etc. The accuracy of three-pointers will directly affect the game. If a three-pointer is needed in the final stage of the game to win the game, then this has high requirements for the players' three-point technique. This means that relying solely on NBA 2K20 MT is not enough to deal with such a complex and difficult game situation. It also requires constant practice or repeated practice of shooting techniques in the training ground to achieve real growth. For example, the Warriors two stars Steph Curry and Clay Thompson, the two of them have repeatedly used three-pointers to save the game when the game was in crisis.

Modern basketball is already in the "small ball era." Since Steph Curry made a splash in the NBA, each team has made corresponding changes. But everyone has formed a default consensus that the five players on the court must have good shooting skills. No one is exceptional. Read the following to learn how to build an accurate three-point shooter.

Although we may not necessarily play as a point guard, please choose your position. This is because the position of the point guard gives us the best score and various marks for the Sharpshooter component in NBA 2K20. Next, choose the first physical profile to get us the highest speed. Since we are creating a sniper here, we should be able to move around the site and try to open it. Strength is not important for this structure, because our bread and butter will shoot from a distance.

To improve your attributes, please match the numbers shown above. This will provide us with 30 high-scoring three-point shooting levels. Since we chose the position of the point guard, we also have 11 protection icons and 8 game icons. This is why choosing a point guard is crucial. The distribution of the badge prevented us from taking responsibility for protection. Although our handling of the ball is not particularly high, our 8 game icons allow us to move the ball a little to find our own shot. Try not to spend a lot of attribute points on internal scoring. Remember, our top priority is to kill from a distance.

For your height, please choose 6 feet 6 inches. For the sniper in NBA 2K20, this is correct, because our three-point scoring will not lose too much. The tall size also made us a quarterback for the site. Our handling of the ball has dropped somewhat, but, as already mentioned, our goal is to become a sniper on one end of the field and a valuable defender on the other end. Our goal is to become Clay Thompson or Steph Curry. As for weight, we want to maintain this speed and agility, so we need 188 pounds. well. You can use these parameters here, but as a sniper, I personally moved the ball outside the ball screen to find the shot. The higher the speed, the better the effect. Good speed will also help move the ball to a decent level and allow us to run on the other end to break through quickly.

The maximum arm span is the best choice for our sharpshooter accessories. This is because the player's three-point score only drops to 90. We don't need a big blow to the ball. If players are worried about dribbling, please know that you can unlock professional-level dribbling when you get 96 points. The largest arm span greatly improves our defensive ability. This can improve our blocking and stealing ability. And having a very high wingspan can also improve our shot put competition.

By the way, the good news is that NBA 2K21 is expected to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch in September 2020. In addition to gameplay, loyal players will also pay attention to and use NBA 2K21 MT to further enhance their strength. By then, you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT by logging in to GameMS. But at this stage we still need to focus on the present. Although we cannot directly improve the shooting level with the help of 2K20 MT, we can get items that enhance player attributes through Buy NBA 2K20 MT. This is also a way to improve the strength of players from the other side.

NBA 2k20 will provide each player with a free card pack that can be unlocked with a locker code this week. The deadline for the event is April 12. NBA 2K20 is a series of games. Although people affected by the new crown virus can only stay at home to play 2K20. Fortunately, there are no viruses in the game. This week the official team released new locker codes and a lot of free items for each player. Players can save their NBA 2K20 MT to buy other items. The NBA game has been suspended due to the new crown virus pandemic in the real world. But players can still enjoy the fun of basketball in NBA 2K20.

First, players need to know what the locker code is this time. This time the NBA 2k20 locker password contains free packaging from the Campus Legends. The Campus Legends was released in March. There is a chance to get a Galaxy Opal Magic Johnson. He is not just a legendary star of the Lakers. He is also the strongest PG in NBA history. Among the existing cards in the game, this is the best player card. Although this is the latest card pack, it is not the best of the three cards that players can get.

Leap year exclusive card packs will be sold in February 2020. And players may get some amazing players from it. This is the best of the three decks. All kinds of exquisite card packages can be made with it. In January, the New Year Card Pack decorated with Pink Diamond cards was released. Therefore, the locker code will provide players with one of these cards for free. For NBA fans, this is the best news since ESPN announced the 2K20 tournament.

This is the locker code for the free software package: CAMPUS-LEAP-RESOLUTIONS. If players do not know how to use the code, they can go to MyTeam from the menu. Then click Advanced. In the advanced part of the page, there should be a label called the locker code. Then there should be a section to insert the above code. This should not be capitalized. But players must use dashes.

But players still need to know that it is unrealistic to rely on the locker code to get a free card package of uncertain probability. The most reliable is to go to the store or agent to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. After having enough 2K20 MT, players can buy enough player cards. The player strength obtained from the card pack you bought will be stronger than that obtained from the free card pack. In this way, players can always be in a dominant position in the game. Players' love for the game will also be greatly improved.

NBA 2K is an online basketball game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K sports. The game content is updated synchronously with the NBA theme. As a new work released after 2K19, once launched, it caused a huge response in the player community. 2K is a rare rival in the market with its huge player base and high popularity. But 2K has always been on the cusp. Because the development team shifted the focus of the game from pure basketball to slot machines or selling NBA 2K20 MT. So 2K is also called a casino by some people!

The essential purpose of NBA 2K20 is to enable people who love basketball to enjoy the fun of basketball on the Internet. But when players saw the NBA 2K20 trailer, they had the illusion that it was a casino. Therefore, many experts and players have criticized 2K as being too commercial now. Indeed, this negative evaluation is indeed reasonable. Many new and old players are shocked and uneasy about the changes in 2K. And players like Russell Westbrook simply don't care about their performance in the game.

In more detail-they even added the ball drop feature: this is a mini-game in the game, you can observe the ball randomly falling into a series of nails, and hope it hits a color-coded platform during the descent. They even added slot machines like casinos. Here, you can pull out three gems and if they match, you can win. Fans didn't like it at all, they started to bake 2K games by adding text slot machines to make the game into a live casino. However, NBA 2K20 claims that there is no gambling in the game. Despite winning the trust of Belgian and Dutch officials in the past, 2K seems to have become a manufacturer of gambling games. They even launched the jackpot reward system in NBA 2K20. By accumulating bonuses in the "rethought triple threat mode", you can win the jackpot prizes in the game currency and card packs. They make the whole game revolve around these jackpots, and the card packs you will win through the jackpot will eventually be used to attract rare and powerful players. You can even use card packs to evolve players.

However, the gaming team also knows that if real cash gambling is added to the game, it is undoubtedly a dead end. It is nothing new to add gambling elements such as jackpots and slot machines to such large online games, now or before. Many players are very angry about the very excessive approach of 2K. This seriously affects the game experience of players.

There is also a very serious negative evaluation. In NBA 2K20, you must pay VC (Virtual Currency) or 2K20 MT as long as you have a similar consumption behavior. Whether players want to wear new shoes in the game or increase player data must spend money to do so. When you win money through casino games, they will even issue more virtual currency. They issued more Cheap NBA 2K20 MT in the "My Career" mode through salary and sponsorship agreements. In this way, players no longer need to spend real money on Buy NBA 2K20 MT.

In short, the negative evaluation of NBA 2K20 is reasonable. As we all know, loyal fans of the game are sensitive to the game and any changes will be noticed by them. 2K transformed basketball games into casinos and had a profound impact on gamers. After assuring government officials, the publisher still turned the original basketball game into a gambling environment and used clever strategies to combine the gameplay with the game itself. From a business perspective, NBA 2K20 setting up a casino is not their original intention, just to adapt to this era.
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