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The programmers at Ubisoft Montrealthe wing of the French publishing giant accountable for For Honor, were also touched. Edgard, a level designer in the studio, forwarded the article to Eric Pope, the For Honor Steel Credits game's community programmer, who subsequently suggested immortalizing B for a bot, Pope told Kotaku within an email. Back in April, Pope approached Fatmooch with the notion. Fatmooch convened with a number of B's other friends and they determined the name TheeLizardWizard since it was apparently something people called him on line, a reference to the psychedelic band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

In a bizarre coincidence, Pope states the technical designer assigned to detail the bot, Felix, also adored the group, and the project became a sort of private quest to perform B's Raider justice, attempting to give a hint of the psychedelic aesthetic suggested from the title whilst still keeping it in accordance with the For Honor game's overall grimey visual palette. "He spiced up the Raider with a lot of the newer gear in the For Honor game, which none of the additional Raider Bots have, since they were designed pre-launch," Pope said. "We investigated whether we could somehow discover the player's own customization via UPLAY and copy that, but it proved to be too difficult to pull off technically at the moment."

Much of B's life story remains unknown. Fatmooch declined to provide any details Kotaku may use to confirm who B was. Similarly, we were not able to reach B's parents to obtain their ideas on having a tribute to their son hidden in a video For Honor game, even though according to Fatmooch, B's younger brother actually appreciated it. When requested, Ubisoft stated Fatmooch was the only person they had been connected with too.

"I really don't wish to talk about how he passed away, that's not exactly what this is all about," Fatmooch explained when asked if B's departure was linked to the present opioid catastrophe. "It required the entire faculty by surprise, perhaps even the whole community. It was not really a noticeable epidemic in my region, only a terrible thing that happens from time to time. His funeral has been the definition of a party of life, I doubt I'll ever visit such a funeral like that ."

Seeing B get added to the For Honor game has felt both surreal and reassuring,'' he said. "With my first article I felt a bit silly. I felt silly for paying tribute to him in my own manner for motives that just came to me out of the blue," Fatmooch said. "I felt dumb posting about it expected it to be overlooked. Instead all of my feelings were validated from the community Buy FH Steel Credits, they understood and wrote quite sweet DMs and remarks." He also never expected his memory of his friend to wind up living on in the match he spent the previous year using to help cope with his grief.
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