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Appeared with the upgrade 1.22 for your first (yes, it goes back), the Obvijevans are the initial makeup of Dofus game! With many appearances for every bit of Dofus Kamas echo this set (Amulet, Ring, Boots, Capes, Headdresses), these living things can also speak, for your main dismay. Fortunately, since recently, it is possible to disable this conversation, but a bit of the attractiveness breaks? These parasites appear on other items on gear of their kind and feed. Levels are gained by them since inanimate items are consumed by them, allow to select looks.

All these additions are huge options for customizing the personalities who, at the time, had only the fundamental objects of Dofus game to provide themselves a style! By dint of suggesting beautiful objects, Ankama had a rather simple but well-thought thought: To be able to apply the appearance of a single thing to another, without altering the features. In spite of many constraints (An object of degree superior to another object being unable to share its appearance together with him), the principle is a success, multiplying the chances and particularly making them accessible, at the purchase price of 2400 Ogrines or some countless Dofus kamas.

But a contest was set up progressively, restricting the Mimibiotes to objects with features of Dofus match: the Objects of Apparatus. Until then, using a Mimibiote destroyed the thing giving its overall look. Replacements were a revolution, allowing you to modify your appearance without losing items or money.

So much so that an important decision was made: Convert all the cosmetics of this shop and events right into Apparel Items. This is a huge job that has cleaned up the list of objects at reduced levels, but minimizing the effectiveness of Mimibiotes (for the delight of skin lovers).

At precisely the exact same time, the Veteran Rewards have come into play. Taking into account your subscription period at stake, the system allows you to be given a set of Cheap Dofus Kamas free cosmetic items freely equipable like the Apparel Items. If you've got a youthful account, you'll have to wait... for quite a while! The last rewards are obtained after 14 years of seniority!
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