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A lot of the congestion problems reported from FUT Coins community were happening with mid-week league rounds happening at precisely the same time as European soccer, which, although unlikely in the real world, is a common occurrence in Career Mode.Added the new format and schedule of the Spanish Supercup.Added service to around the points in leagues which split into play-offs and halve the points like the Austrian Bundesliga.Updated use of this fourth replacement in extra time to all contests that encourage this new law of the game.

We've heard the feedback coming from our players in the past decades and we wanted to ensure that FIFA mobile will mark a significant milestone not just for FIFA in general but especially for Career Mode fans. We endeavor to evolve and make experiences in FIFA that give our customers more diversity and choice every year. The advice below will shed some light on the new experiences we've been growing for some time now and that we're working hard to further refine right at this moment.As we just said our primary drive is incorporating highly relevant features that would represent a significant step ahead for Career Mode and particularly Manager Career. This season, the brand new feature lineup is represented by Press Conferences, Player Conversations and each of the intricate tools and logic sitting behind those attributes.

Our vision was to breathe fresh life into the Manager Career expertise by leveraging the huge amounts of information that playing this mode generates, and build a variation of ever-changing stories which would surface to our gamers via Pre and Post-Match Press Conferences and Player Conversations. These are not just general story lines which we put together to mimic authenticity. These are stories assembled based on player progress which every player will be able to interact with and influence the morale of the team and their reputation as the group's manager.

The tools developed in house by the Career Mode staff empowered our producers and designers to leverage that massive number of data and produce an enormous variations of story-lines that are deeply rooted in the participant's experience and your way of playing to Buy FIFA Coins. This means that the experience of each match is going to be treated differently from the'journalists' and will constantly feel authentic and lively, depending highly on the results, goals scored, opponent, time of period or period of competition, and much more.
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