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Among the excellent new features in the FIFA Mobile Coins gameplay is the ability to get complete control of your own goalkeeper. Many gamers call this addition a"game changer" as it allows for new strategic play and better complete charge of your team when confronted by an attacking group, or opponent with kicks. The last thing you want to see is opponents' FIFA 19 goal celebrations happening in your watch!

In the FIFA 18 game, players can move their goalkeeper by simply holding the ideal rod down on the control. In FIFA 19, it is possible to even hold the right stick down at a moment if you want to take charge of your goalkeeper. That means you have taken more control of the keeper. Now you can move them.

With the ideal rod still held down, you can move the stick in FUT Coins different directions to control your keeper. By way of example, if the opposing group looks like they've a participant shooting towards the ideal side of the goal, move the rod UP to direct your goalkeeper there (while keeping the stick pressed).

If the opposing team seems to be close to scoring on the opposite side, then you'd press the rod DOWN (while keeping the rod pressed).

It is the stuff of dreams, however even in FIFA Coins the event that you don't possess the tekkers to turn out to get a gym in real life, you might represent an EPL team at the ePremier League, a fresh esports contest that'll be part of this FIFA 19 Global Series at 2019. Premier League clubs such as West Ham and Manchester City have signed FIFA players to get their squad earlier, but all 20 Premier League clubs will be taking part in the ePremier League, meaning you could represent anyone from Bournemouth to Burnley, and Southampton to Spurs.

The ePremier League will kick off in January 2019, so you've got three weeks to practise and get to the peak of your game. The competition will last for three weeks, starting with internet qualification. Get through that and you're able to take part in live club playoffs -- each team will have will have a dwell playoff round, allowing two gamers (one for Xbox One and yet another for PS4) to progress to the final in London on March 28-29, 2019.

If you work well from the ePL, you'll earn valuable season-long FIFA 19 Global Series Points, which proceed towards qualification for the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs. You may register to get involved in this ePremier League in December, but if you want to qualify for the points, then you'll need to register on by October 31 and also be FUT Champions Verified.

Richard Masters, Premier League Managing Director explained how this new contest can help clubs participate with their fans. "We know that millions of fans play FIFA and this new esports contest provides our clubs having an exciting opportunity to Buy Fut Coins interact together," he said. "We can not wait to begin using the introduction online rounds in January 2019."
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