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Urwerk Watch Replica UR-T8 SKULL

Brand :Urwerk

Range :T8 collection

Model :UR-T8 SKULL

Gender :Men

Case material :Flip-over case in Grade 5 titanium and bronze

Movement :automatic

Case size :48.35mm width x 60.23mm length

Crystal :Sapphire

Dial Color :Black

Thickness :20.02mm

Power reserve :50 hours

Bracelet material :Alligator,Leather

The case shape :Circle

Features :Hours,Minutes

Year :2019


Urwerk UR-210 RG Watch Review

Debuted in IRST in 2012, this will be the 18th now published model of the URWERK UR-210 watch, and the first complete review. On my wrist is Urwerk UR-210 RG, "RG" stands for 18k red gold - the main case material. The latest version of the UR-210 we introduced is a unique (unique) model called Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus with a fully hand-carved case and bracelet.

Most versions of the UR-210 are made of steel, which makes this red gold model a strange character. Although the precious metal Urwerk watch is by no means a novice, the remarkable precious metal casing Urwerk watches rank second in more practical metals such as steel and titanium. Of course, this is not about saving money, because the average number of watches we say may be $100,000. This is really just about the theme and focus of the brand, this is not the luxury of the old world, but the mechanics of the futuristic conference.

Although I don't like Urwerk watches, I often say that the UR-210 is one of my best choices if I choose this brand of watches. This is mainly due to the shape of the case, as well as the complexity and time display. The symmetrical outer casing is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, and the complex functions are largely practical. More about swiss made watches

Visually speaking, the UR-210 has its own characteristics in various models of Urwerk, but it also has some distinctive appearance. I think Urwerk has the correct length to width ratio and the overall design of the case. On the wrist, the case is 43.8 mm wide and 17.8 mm thick. A more important measurement is the length of the casing, which in this case is 53.6 mm. This is the measurement you care most about when determining if this is right for your wrist.

Urwerk provided a shorter strap for my little wrist - I appreciate it. Considering the thickness of the various parts of this very beautiful black alligator strap, I would encourage anyone interested in this watch to check carefully to ensure that the straps attached are suitable for their wrists. If not, the wearing experience may not be as comfortable. I mention comfort very much, because I think it's worth mentioning every time the case shape is not a standard circle with traditional lugs. Here, the lugs are placed towards the bottom of the housing, below the main housing, which helps to view the front of the watch from an ergonomic point of view.


The details of the case are very good, the angles and lines are mixed together and it is interesting from most perspectives. Most of the case is brushed with 18k red gold, while the case back and crown components are matte black titanium. The crown itself is located at the 12 o'clock position of the case.

 Fortunately, the watch is easily entangled when worn. Although as an automatic watch, you don't necessarily need to use it all the time.

The black titanium case actually has more visual detail than the red gold part of the case, including the small sapphire crystal window of the movement and the circular finger switch that adjusts the way the auto-winding

The latter function is not unique to the UR-210, but does not exist in all Urwerk timepieces. It is part of the "turbine control" system of the internally manufactured UR-7.10 movement with three settings. Urwerk calls this system a "winding efficiency selector" whose purpose is to allow the automatic rotor (invisible) to rotate more slowly, thanks to the increased friction that I believe, or to completely prevent the automatic rotor from being completely entangled - thereby eliminating The ability to automatically wind the watch.

Why do you want to change the wind of your watch? In theory, the movement is protected from damage during impact. Recently, the Ball watch has a similarly complex function, they call it "Amortiser", which also uses a switch on the back of the watch to prevent the rotor from rotating. The practicality of this complication is limited, but it can prevent damage to the fragile mechanical movements in the watch, where appropriate.

The biggest problem with being able to manually stop the automatic rotor winding movement is that you need to consider the watch before it can be subject to things like vibration. For example, if you accidentally drop the watch and the rotor is blocked, the watch will not damage the movement... You must lower the watch in advance so that you can set the winding system to the correct mode. Obviously, this complication is not related to accident prevention.

Whether a low-key Urwerk has any meaning, everyone can decide. However, wearing it in many parts of the world, including busy towns and countless ordinary everyday places, I can report that Urwerk has succeeded in producing a watch that won't let you be robbed - even by most Watch enthusiasts... as long as you keep the hood closed. The thoughts of others are just one - quite small - is part of the equation. What really matters is how expensive the UR-105 CT Kryptonite will make you feel... For this, I would say: If you are an experienced watch collector, he is completely tired of sharing madness.

 Watches you like to wear with curious people, or just want a more functional piece, this watch is definitely for you. I have never owned a Urwerk, I think I prefer people who don't have a hood and bear the consequences. Having said that, I really appreciate the trouble that Urwerk designed such a neat cover design for 105. It changed the look of the watch and the tone of the brand, and now both are embarrassing between calm and secret.

Still, Urwerk UR-105 Kryptonite will prove to be a perfect toy without any difficulty, and can be added to the fleet for some selected collectors - the kind of person (or gal), I think he is an aspiring Tony Stark imitator, there is a real Audi R8 V10 in the garage. Moreover, despite its relatively low execution power, this special brand, like the brand itself, can also walk an inch away from Patek Philippe 5396 and smile... How does the R8's loud exhaust gas disturb this? A snobbery in a little old-fashioned Porsche who met briefly in a tunnel somewhere on the Swiss highway.replica watches for sale



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