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swiss luxury Jacob & Co. Mechanical Complications Palatial Tourbillon Hours & Minutes 150.520.24.NS.QG.1NS watch for sale

Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Case Material: Titanium
Case Dimension: 43.00mm
Movement Type: Manual-winding mechanical
Dial Colour: Sapphire Green
Strap: Leather
Buckle type: Pin buckle
Boxes: common box package
Gender: male
Model Number: 150.520.24.NS.QG.1NS
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours.Minutes.Jumping hours.Power reserve,Tourbillon

franck muller replica At the heart of the brand’s genius lies the harmonious synergy of traditional craftsmanship and the creation of uniquely spectacular masterpieces. At the intersection of time-honoured elegance and avant-garde inventiveness, Jacob & Co Genève brings a constant expansion of horology’s limitations to the design of high-end timepieces. The meticulous attention to detail with which the brand approaches each timekeeping instrument extends from the heartbeat of every watch to the magnificent stones that adorn each piece. Jacob & Co Genève’s jewellery expertise is demonstrated through the expert selection of exceptional diamonds and gems-with a strict dedication to integrity of source. Employing superb techniques and meticulous craftsmanship, Jacob & Co Genève maximizes the beauty of each jewel and brings them to life through captivating design.

Representing the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship and the horological decorative arts, the Astronomia Tourbillon is an exceptional timepiece that redefines both the tourbillon and the concept of astronomical watches. This poetic astronomic watch combines a three axis tourbillon with an orbital display of the hours and minutes as well as an orbital representation of the Earth and the Moon. For the development of this highly complex mechanical system, Jacob & Co. worked with the horological atelier of Studio 7H38 -its collaborator in the development of last year’s SF24 dual time-zone watch. [url=]replica audemars piguet[/url]

The heart of the Astronomia is a four-armed carrier, which rotates once every twenty minutes. On one arm is the tourbillon, which in addition to rotating once around the dial every twenty minutes, also rotates around the dial every twenty minutes, also rotates around the axis of the arm carrying it once every five minute, and around its axis once every 60 seconds.The company's flagship boutique, on New York's glamorous retail block of 57th Street and Park Avenue coupled with the Geneva Atelier in the heart of Swiss haute horology is a giant leap from Arabo's beginnings as an eager apprentice. Yet, these locations could not be more fitting for a brand as committed to the importance of fashion and luxury as it is to the authenticity of the craft of both jewellery and watchmaking. With every brilliant design and display of daring creativity, Jacob & Co Genève demonstrates its extraordinary pedigree that was built on a constant drive to evolve at every turn and gain inspiration from the seemingly impossible.

With over 200 references in songs from music’s preeminent icons and formal recognition from the horological world through numerous design awards and the title “Master of World Time,” Jacob & Co Genève boasts an unprecedented transcendence between pop culture and the sphere of serious watch collectors. Whether challenging the limits of grand complications or pushing the boundaries of opulent beauty, Jacob Arabo’s daring vision of luxury has developed the brand into a symbolic expression of success and individuality. Even as the movements breathe fresh life into the relationship between the wearer and passing time, each expertly set diamond or gem illuminates the spectacle with stunning colour and clarity. richard mille replica

fake patek philippe This subtly elegant collection asserts its timeless personality and strength of character. Jacob & Co takes on a majestic air with their contemporary 42mm collection in 18K rose gold case and bracelet. Available in Red Gold or Anthracite dial versions, the Palatial Classic Manual Big Date beats to the rhythm of a manual winding mechanical calibre which delivers power reserve up to 50 hours.Introduced in 2013, the EPIC SF24 was a technological breakthrough in travel time display. The SF in the name stands for “Split Flap” - named for the mechanical information boards seen in airports and train stations the world over - (also known as Solari boards, after the Italian firm that produces them).

The EPIC SF24 was the first time that a Split Flap, an extremely complicated display, has beenintegrated into a watch, continuing Jacob & Co.’s penchant for pushing the limit of design and production and doing things no watchmaker has ever attempted. The EPIC SF24 is able to display 24 different time zones, allowing the wearer to see, at a glance, two time zones simultaneously. fake hublot

This year, Jacob & Co. expands the EPIC SF24 collection with the Black PVD/Blue version, which takes the model in a new, sportier direction.If you’re not familiar with the brand Urban Jürgensen yet and if haute horlogerie is one of your main interests, you clearly need to read what we’ll expose to you. While having a huge respect to traditional watchmaking, with a proper elegant design, these watches boast a definitely fascinating mechanical content. With a delicate touch of modernity, Urban Jürgensen renew their concept and introduce to us their latest creation, the Jules collection. But first, an introduction to the brand and its rich past is required.Among the distinctive characteristics of the Jules collection, the dials are particularly striking with their beautiful “grené” finish and elegant hand-engraved lacquered Breguet numerals. ”Grenage” is a traditional, time-consuming finish that aims at obtaining a silvery, frosted surface with magnificent depth, shine and granularity. It is performed by hand from a single piece of solid silver. After engraving the numerals and other elements on the dial, the recesses are filled with lacquer. It is then painstakingly brushed to remove the excess of material and to finish its surface using powders, salts and oil, which makes each dial unique.

The SF24 is being introduced in Black PVD Grade 5 Titanium, giving this stunning timepiece an entirely new look. The Split Frame cities and hours are against a blue backdrop, and the dial is in blue, as are the two crowns. Even the Alligator strap has a sporty blue topstitch. best fake watch site

The case of this Epic X model is crafted in Grade 5 Titanium with multiple finishes, a lightweight metal that combines strength and resistance to corrosion. The characteristic X pattern of the Epic X family reaches out from four points on the bezel to the lugs. Personally, the X looks more like the armoured legs of an insect astride the case, but that might be the spell of the octopus working on me. Whichever way you see it, the look is assertive, modern and masculine.

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