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I stopped and then played an adventurer all the way up to level 98 Priest. This took a great deal of time and just getting to 30 from degree 1 took days, not hours. It took me a very long time for to 98 and, shortly after Aran came out, stopped playing almost entirely due to all my friends leaving the match.

I came back, ironically Cheap MS2 Mesos, through the 10th anniversary of maplestory2 [didn't know til I launched it] and have played the last week getting my Priest to level 103 Bishop as well as making a pirate to 30 and canning him before obtaining an Avenger and Xenon into 30. After I stopped being overwhelmed I now want to plan some things out but the main maplestory problem is that most guides for old content, for instance Bishops, don't exist and therefore I need to forge forward with math and intuition.

-Just how many points as a Bishop do I buy for 4th Job. -Are there conditions for AP or SP past level 200. -do Hyper maplestory Skills do the job? -Is there an AP cap at 999? -Do Mages have some benefit from LUK [vs INT] outside of dumping at the cap [999]? [My Bishop has lots of LUK from before the changes due to armor requirements and I am thinking of that an scroll ]. -Should you job respec is AP/SP Reset if? -How do maplestory Novels work? -If maxing all 4th job skills is possible and there's additional SP, can I put them into 2nd or 3rd Jobs?

My buddy Answer are follows.You have enough skill points to maximum ALL your abilities in 4th project so 255. I am not very sure what you mean by special conditions but besides the fact that you stop getting SP while you continue to gain 5 AP every degree, then no, there is not. Hyper maplestory Skills are unlocked in lvl 140 and they supply passive stat boosts, passive maplestory ability boosts (which improve various things in three of your preexisting skills such as adding cutting or damage down cooldowns along with other objects ), and lastly, you get busy strikes and buffs. You gain points in each category every 10 degrees.

No, there is absolutely no AP limit at 999 anymore.Yes, mages do still have slight attack boost from LUK but not quite as far as INT so it's better for you to obtain an AP reset scroll today that the cap is no longer there.Job reset enables you to choose jobs only within your course MapleStory 2 Mesos. For instance, if an Arch Fire/Poison wanted to job reset, they could only choose to become an Arch I/L or even a Bishop. They can't job reset such as a Night Lord to something.

Now you can buy Mastery Books out of Illiad or from the pots shops for an extremely cheap 5 and 3 mil. The SP you gain no longer"pools".
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