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It is always a daunting task when it comes to choosing from several models, but it can be managed if you look at some specific requirements. The following points can help you figure it all out better before you go to buy a washing machine.


The capacity will be depending on some factors. First, you have to see is how many members are there in your family that will be using it. The capacity will differ based on how many will use the washing machine. The second depends on how many times a day, you need to wash your clothes. Few people do it every day, few skip days and wash clothes. Nowadays washing machines come with quick wash mode which lets you use them daily without any difficulty.

3D Scrub Technology

It is an important feature to be considered, especially if your clothes often become dirty. 3D scrub technology ensures that the toughest stains and dirt is removed from your clothes, making your clothes dirt-free. They use 3D scrub pads in the drum that helps in removing the dirt while the drum is rotating.

Hard Water Processing

It is an important feature for those who are leaving in India. Many people face with hard water problem as the detergent doesn’t dissolve completely and the fine layer will be left on the drum or in a pipe. To eliminate this problem many manufacturers come with unique and innovative methods by treating the heard water. The hard water treatment technology allows smooth washing.

Hot Wash

This feature really helps when you are looking forward to washing the clothes with hot water. Few washing machines have in-built heaters that sense the load and heats the water by killing germs and bacteria.

3D Lint Filter

Triple layer filtration technology that allows perfect and effective lint collection by ensuring your clothes to be fresh and dirt-free.

Digital Display

A digital display helps you to check the leftover cycle time, washing modes and also it has a help button.

Wash settings

Many washing machines have different wash settings for clothes like a gentle wash for delicate clothes and different water level options. It is customizable according to specific clothes requirements. The controls can be set specifically for every type, and this helps in washing clothes in a better way.

The Material of the Tub

It also is important to know what material is the tub made of, is it made of plastic, porcelain-enamel or steel. The first two types that are mentioned are cost-effective. Enamel tubs are not as durable as the plastic ones. The stainless steel tubs are the best ones as they can handle high-spin speeds and are the most durable of all.

Temperature Control

Many washing machines have a built-in feature which helps in adjusting the temperature of the water. This can be very useful while washing clothes as clothes get cleaned in hot water more properly, the steam setting allows getting rid of dirt and dust better.

Top Loading or Front Loading

There are advantages to both the types of loading machines. It depends on what you choose and which is best suited for you.

Top-loading machines are generally easy to use as you don’t have to bend down to put in the clothes and there is no possible issue of the lid coming in contact with the water. Also, it allows you to put in any cloth if you by any chance forgot to add.

Front-loading machines are very much new in India right now, which is why it cost a bit high. Both types of loading are very much similar apart from the above advantages of top-loading machines.

Automatic or Semi-Automatic

Automatic washing machines just require you to connect the machine to a constant water source, to add the detergent and then put the clothes in and push the button for the machine to start. It automatically takes water as required and washes the clothes as per requirements.

But in case of semi-automatic washing machines, you have to add the water separately, and then manually remove the clothes to put it in the dryer.

The main difference between the two types is the requirement of water supply. If you have a shortage of water supply, then you should go for semi-automatic as a fully automatic washing machine would require a constant water supply.

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With the development of society, Washer Motor continue to develop in high power density, energy saving, environmental protection (low noise), which also determines that variable speed motors will become mainstream motors. In particular, variable frequency motors and brushless motors are favored by more and more users due to their advantages of reliable structure, convenient control, high efficiency and low noise.

With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level and quality of life, the demand for environmentally-friendly and intelligent washing machines is also increasing. As the main driving force of washing machines, the performance of washer motors must be continuously improved. At present, there are two main types of washing machines popular in the domestic market: pulsator and drum type washing machines.

The motor used in the pulsator washing machine is mainly a single-phase induction motor, a few inverter motors and brushless motors are used, and the drum washing machine is mainly a series motor, in addition to a variable frequency motor, a brushless motor, a switched reluctance motor, etc. In general, it can be divided into two categories: fixed speed motor and variable speed motor. Here is a brief introduction to the above motor.

First, fixed speed motor

Fixed-speed motors are basically single-phase asynchronous motors with capacitive operation. They are induction motors and can be divided into single-speed motors and two-speed motors.

Single-speed motor: There are two phase windings perpendicular to each other in the stator. One phase is connected to the power supply through a phase shifting capacitor. The rotor consists of a core and a squirrel cage. There is no direct connection between the stator and the rotor. The stator winding After being energized, a rotating magnetic field is generated, and the rotating magnetic field induces an induced current in the rotor cage, and the two interact to generate an electromagnetic force. It has the advantages of simple structure and low cost of the induction motor, and the running performance is also good, but the starting performance is slightly poor and the speed cannot be adjusted. Single speed motors are mainly used on pulsator washing machines.

Two-speed motor: The principle is the same as that of single-speed motor. The difference is that there are two sets of different windings on the stator of this type of motor to generate different speeds.

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