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If you can't tell, you might not believe it. There are many activities in the game that attract players to stay in the game and compete for users' time. For example, from the beginning of the daily check-in to send RS Gold on time To the equipment you want.

There will also be time for players to wait in the game. Do tasks to allow players to obtain small equipment or Runescape Gold. At the same time, the game will remind you from time to time, what achievements do you have in the game. These hours in the game may unknowingly pass by several hours, and on it may only take five minutes to get all the achievements. This is currently recognized as the best way to improve game efficiency.

Some players may not know much about RSGOLDB2C, but old players almost know that this is a very reliable website. The customer service is online 24 hours a day. All the game products here are artificially refined and there is no machine behavior. Some people may question why such a large cost is so cheap. In fact, the reason is very simple. We sell RS Gold, and at the same time, we also buy excess game RS Gold or items in the hands of players. These are what players want most when you Buy RS Gold.

We know how important it is to the quality and safety of game products as a game enthusiast, so considering the needs of players, we make the best products and serve our most loyal users.

As HP increases, defense capabilities decline. Besides, the high magic defense of the melee vanguard has been exchanged with the melee defense. Aggro's range and spawning position have also been adjusted, the former decreased. Finally, at least one overload is guaranteed. Due to community polls, Pioneer's statistics have undergone some changes. However, HUD will have more chances, even more.

Players will have a better experience in the mission. But the tedious tasks are still tedious. We can obtain OSRS Gold through some mature malls to make the game easier. The improvement of these problems does help players.

Rebalanced the scavenger loot table to include a more reasonable amount of juice and blackened juice.
Changed the position of the crystal in one of the crab chambers so as not to greatly hinder the efficiency of the raid.
Fixed an issue where players would be hit by Vespula's melee attack if the abyss portal died.

Finally, Bounty Hunter World, especially w535 AUS, has been removed. You can get a full update on these changes and improvements to the old RuneScape here. Nevertheless, you still need a reliable gaming website to Buy Runescape Gold to help you win quickly in the game.


We are happy to announce the final two waves of registration for the closed beta of RuneScape iOS.

RuneScape iOS Closed Beta is the first opportunity for Apple iOS device owners to get in touch with their favorite smartphone version of MMORPG in development. The iOS closed beta will create a new challenge alliance, improve existing content, add new unique OSRS Gold and items, and rebalance gameplay.

RuneScape on Mobile is fully compatible with desktop and Android versions, so you can move on from where you left off on your PC and vice versa.

To access the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta, players must use the free download TestFlight app. After installation, the game can be launched normally from your home screen like any other application.

The fourth batch of registrations for the RuneScape iOS closed beta will be launched at 10:00 (BST) on May 27 (Wednesday).

With a reliable source of RS Gold, you can quickly make tremendous progress in the game to improve the competitiveness and strength of the characters. Shopping here, you'll be treated well, all the staff is professional enough, and you can Buy Runescape Gold with safe delivery to play better.


Old School Runescape was released by Jagex in 2013. The game is a complete restart of the 2007 version of the game, and this version is widely requested by its closely connected community. The current game version Runescape 3 has been losing its player base for many years. Game developers made a series of mistakes that caused hundreds of thousands of players to completely abandon the game. Such as ridiculous micro-transactions, did not bring considerable income, but many players are more willing to obtain OSRS Gold from the market to make themselves stronger!

Affected by the global epidemic, thousands of players have returned to Old School Runescape, of course, this is only one reason. The most important thing is the game itself, this is a game with a higher player base than the new and updated version.

For novices, the F2P robot farm is a headache. Automatic accounts (commonly known as robot programs) take up every method of making money or tricks provided by the free world of Runescape Old World. They did nothing for them. If Jagex cannot quickly repair the F2P robot farm, then these players may never come back. It is very anxious to keep repeating the task before me. You can choose to Buy RS Gold from to make your progress one step ahead.

Half a month ago, Jagex was acquired for $ 530 million. The ancient Runescape community is frightened. The last time Jagex was sold, their favorite games were flooded with unwanted microtransactions. What will happen this time? Will they do the same thing?


Archaeology is described as one of RuneScape's "most powerful" skills. This concept involves players exploring mining sites to discover cultural relics. Similar to other newer skills (such as dungeons and inventions), the upper limit of archaeology is 120, rather than the traditional 99.

By allowing players to discover ancient training methods, the new skills will also be combined with several other skills. You also need to use Runescape Gold in exchange for a more powerful device. For example, Ancient Summoning allows you to tame the long-lost demon killer creature. Similarly, ancient inventions will help discover long-lost technologies and build new complex equipment to help your journey.

The biggest highlight of archaeology is the extremely strong artifacts that can be converted into privileges. These artifacts will serve as permanent rewards, helping to make RuneScape's many tasks more convenient and efficient. Players always like to get more rewards in the game efficiently.

Archaeology is primarily a member-only skill, and free players can train and benefit from it until level 20. This is an improvement because the skills of other members have reached level 5. According to Jagex, this 20-level cap should provide approximately two hours of playing time.

If the player wants to get a higher level in the shortest time, then you can Buy RS Gold from, because this website is very fast and safe. He can help you get a better experience in the game!


RuneScape and Old School RuneScape launched exclusive gifts for four months for officially certified members. In addition to providing free membership of MMORPG, players will also receive a large amount of Runescape Gold, which is really amazing!

The news was released in the Department of Digital, Culture, Media with Sports (DCMS) of the British government, and we work together to hope that players will have better gaming experience.

This time we launched a very secure trading platform. This is the third collaboration between RuneScape and Twitch. This is the official promotion of the official trading website, you can OSRS Gold For Sale at

In its call to ban the sale of loot to children, the report also recommended more research to address addiction barriers, the long-term effects of gaming with the protection of vulnerable players. We call on minors not to recharge any game items.

Old School Runescape players around the world are beginning to return to the carnival for Deadman Mode Tournament. As part of Jagex's contribution to the PlayApartTogether movement, the competition will last for a month, where they will donate to some charities.

The idea of ​​Deadman mode is that the player will start completely from scratch and must advance and upgrade as soon as possible. If you are a fan of Old School Runescape, you will know that this is not easy. Deadman mode runs on the Player vs Player server. If you experience a crash on this server, everything must be restarted, which makes the game more challenging. If you want to pass the game smoothly, it is very important to get enough RS3 Gold.

Every player starts with a three-level battle. The experience gained in "Dead Mode" is five times the normal amount, and you can win various rewards! The progress of any other Runescape games (including "Old School") will not be affected. After killing the player, you will get Blood Money which can be used to purchase Deadman Mode armor.

The top 2,000 players of the Deadman Mode Championship will be in the live finals on May 30. These players will be reduced to about 250 participants, and the game will continue until the last two. From there, the winners of the Deadman Mode will be one-on-one.

As you can imagine, the Old School Runescape community is looking forward to the Deadman model, and its competition is very rapid. As an ordinary game player, if you want to get the same excitement as the contestants, then you can choose to Buy RS Gold on, I highly recommend this site, because not only the low price will make you get a good shopping experience!


RsgoldBuy is a professional game trading website, where you can buy the best OSRS Gold at the cheapest price, it has a mature supply channel, you don't have to worry about shipping issues. Next, talk about today's topic.

RuneScape, which was released as early as 2001, is already one of the largest MMORPGs on the market and even recently released as a mobile game. The game is famous for its in-depth skill system, branching tasks, and huge economic strength. Whether it is nostalgia or gameplay, Josh Strife Hayes will play his audio drama in the world of Old School RuneScape.

As each episode airs for more than 30 minutes, these lengthy narratives can undoubtedly simplify listening during the game. Video games usually naturally cover the visual and auditory expression of the story, but the lack of dubbing and detailed visual effects in Old School RuneScape enriches the imagination. For players who want to pass their character development time, Hayes fills these gaps with audio drama.

Many players in the game are not just for completing tasks in the game, they can also enjoy the graphics, music, and fluency in the game. Of course, senior players prefer to grow at the fastest speed and tune to their favorite part. They usually choose Buy OSRS Gold on, because the delivery speed here is particularly fast, customer service is very good, the most important The price is very cheap, many players trust this site!

All the items except for OSRS gold a few untradeables and 3 most valuable are dropped into the floor. Initially they remained on the floor only visible to you for just a few minutes until others may loot them but because of people ddossing the servers to get folks to die with pricey things they altered it so you have 1 hour to pick them up and after that they just disappear. 

So he simply needed to get back in under an hour and he'll get them back. I haven't played in a while but I think the passing mechanisms are currently altering. Don't understand how it's likely to be.Imagining about playing OSRS is Obviously more fun than playing it

Get home after work excited to perform something and turn it off after a few minutes. Unless I'm playing with a friend nothing is really fun. Idk what occurred. Honestly I think that is it for me personally. I put aside some game time, but there's so much to figure out in a good match, that I end up procrastinating till I do not have time to play 40, by playing with mobile games.

Literally was attempting to play with witcher 3 previously and I'm new to RuneScape so obviously I was like"wtf is moving theres a thousand items and a thousand things to do and I cant figure out the best method to map my keybpard/mouse" so that I turn to Cheap Runescape gold appearing online fantastic keyboard bindings, then I learn there's special armour sets it is possible to update later"so dont sell them!" And I say it, and I am trying to keep tabs on this, and play clash royale for 30min instead. I am working on my amusement.

bestrsgoldfast May 18 · Tags: osrs gold
Except that's alternative 3 hates it. He wants an item sink and he doesn't care what anybody thinks, he has made that OSRS gold quite plain to see. That the fee is currently 5%, so no one votes for it. It'll split the vote between 3 and 4 earning 2 win though 2 will be unpopular as fuck. That way they don't have to ignore the vote (even though they stated they want if they had to, aka anything besides 2 winning).With the hatred from OSRS to RS3, you're bound to find some responses from the neighborhood, its as straightforward as that. Well I can see them as individuals who cant manage change and stick with their youth game forever, idiots who care about shitting about the more recent version of RuneScape than the model they prefer, but thats just fucking stupid. The decent people are always overshadowed by the poor locally, although both communities can be fucking exhausting sometimes. Even tough the vast majority of the hate comes in the OSRS side, I don't really care.

I have played since 07 and that I enjoy the modern game. I believe OSRS is most popular for its pking, which I really was a lover of (because I sucked at it). Meanwhile, thanks to eoc, I have defeated all the bosses that kicked my butt all those years back and that I have had my sin. Not only that but I'm endgame workable which I never thought in a million years I would reach especially with how slow development sensed, which I think is still a feature/issue (depending on you) of OSRS. I try not to generalize, so despite all of the"OSRS players hate RS3 and everybody and everything who performs it" talk, I just consider them the hateful, divisive part of the playerbase that permeates every game.

And I like to think that's completely fine and that people just prefer one match over the other. I can completely see why this is an appealing factor to people. Hell, I've had my present'primary account's on OS for a few decades, and while I'm not a super effective player I also dont waste time per se, and only recently am I learning end game pvm such as Raids and soloing GWD efficiently. Personally, the fact that it is taken sooooo long to get my accounts to this stage makes me very proud of myselfand today when I can complete some high-quality pvm, it seems really good. But again, I can see the appeal to hitting endgame.

Well because of the introduction of grade gear, the elderly equipment got a lot cheaper. Bandos used to be greatest in slot, however the price finally went down to the point I could manage it with my little cash stack along with flat 85 weapons that had grade 70 harm but grade 90 accuracy. Death was a whole lot less punishing and you didn't risk losing everything if you couldn't return into your tomb in time, and while shield prayers don't do 100% damage decrease anymore unless devotion is used, abilities only really opened up the game for me since it became less about"how much food could I stuff in my stock while I pray for my firearms to RS3 gold strike and also the boss to dash" and much more real mechanics like utilizing the proper ability/prayer at the ideal time in the ideal place. Though I started out with legacy (old school style battle ), I quickly adjusted to revolution (RuneScape mechanically uses abilities for you) then got used to activating them manually.
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