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So far, the path of exile has mainly been to survive on an island full of monsters, demon wizards and forces outside of our natural space. Grinding Gear Games has been experimenting with dungeon crawlers for years, but the idea is usually rooted in the original premise of exploring the continent of Wraeclast and getting rid of its painful power. Things will be different in the next expansion of the game. It's time to organize a group of happy thieves for "Heist".

Grinding Gear used to be good at surprising the player base of "Path of Exile", and I certainly don’t think anyone can get the "Sea’s 11 style heist movie tribute" in the expansion pool, but this is indeed the main premise of the heist. . The Heist Alliance will take players to a new place called "The Thieves Port", where they will encounter 13 new NPCs, the "Thieves". The idea is to infiltrate a protected facility, manipulate it undiscovered, look for valuable artifacts and POE Currency , grab it, and make a complete vacation.

To visit Rogue Harbor, players must obtain a badge that can be found throughout the league. The logo is also used as currency for hooligans who hire the next job. There are 13 thieves in different professions, so you need to check the contract (including Heist's work at Didi) and determine who is the best in the future. You can only recruit one thief to pillage, so choose wisely. Some will provide transportation or intelligence, while others will be used for commercial purposes, such as unlocking or eliminating traps.

When you are ready for the heist, you will hand over the contract to Waynefinder, which is the NPC in the port of Rogue who is responsible for paying the marking fee for the partner Rogues and traveling to and from the facility. After arriving at the facility, the goal is to slide the workpiece without triggering any alarms. It sounds easy, but you will often find that the room is full of treasures. You may risk using these treasures, but as you steal more items and waste more time, the alert level will increase.

When conducting a theft, you can choose to be invisible, otherwise it will be discovered by the guards and it will be difficult to get out. But when you get the artifact, you can lock the mechanism and there will be more chances of escape. If you fail, all your previous loot will disappear.

The use of contracts and robberies is only the beginning, as they will train players to heist. Players can make a plan and Buy POE Currency to plan a robbery with greater rewards. When you are ready for the big heist, give the plan to the barber Huacano, who will map the big heist and use the intelligence gathered to provide more information, such as the enemy's location, escape route, and reward room . And more. Although plan downgrades are not common, one of the main elements of this expansion is the ability to buy and sell contracts and plans. If none of these heist activities are suitable for you, you can share contracts and plans among players to make substantial profits.


The latest update of Path of Exile will be officially released on September 18th, and the update has been named Path of Exile Heist. In the game, players need to hire some thieves in the rogue port to steal items or POE Currency. Why heist? Path of Exile is a huge game, and even developers don’t always know what will happen next. Wilson told me that finding new ideas is very difficult, but inspiration can come from anywhere.

We have exhausted all our ideas, because so far we have completed nearly 40 tasks and have been inspired by "Magic: The Gathering". After 27 years, they continue to come up with new ideas, you know, they have made Hundreds of sets.

"Can we make a game about heist? Well, of course we can! Everyone started to come up with ideas about the meaning of robbery on the path of exile, and it was obvious that it would be a very easy thing."

The only problem was the scope. The team eventually had to postpone the release date from June to the present, which meant they took longer to develop Heist than most extensions, and its growth far exceeded initial expectations.

Wilson (Wilson) must emphasize that the beginning of the new league is an excellent time to enter the path of exile, because you and all the other players start in a more level playing field. Each new expansion starts with a new temporary alliance, transferring the older role to the permanent alliance, so essentially a server reset.

All the items obtained by the player in the robbery are personal. Of course, there are some difficult tasks players can also complete through POE Orbs, which will improve the efficiency of the player in the heist.

You can play Path of Exile Heist on a PC at 2pm PDT (PC) on September 18th, and on the 23rd on a PC. The new Mac version will also be released with Heist. On Mac, it will use exactly the same account and information as on Windows, so you can grasp all the progress and characters you have been working on so far.

Carnival is a very scary phenomenon, left over from centuries ago, this strange juxtaposition has become a phenomenon of self-talk. And it has become a classic revolving around terrifying and creepy monsters. Grinding Gear Games chose the scary carnival theme, and frankly, it looks great, even if it is a bit immersive.

"Path Of Exile" is currently the most popular action role-playing game. You can participate in every season. This is a relatively complicated game. It is difficult if you want to reach a certain level. In most cases, even if you spend a lot of money, you may still get nothing at that time. This time you will realize the importance of POE Currency.

In exchange, the development studio Grinding Gear Games provides microtransactions that allow you to customize the appearance of the hero with various themes. They also provide bank storage, so you don’t need to do it manually to stay organized. Therefore, purchase microtransactions are a standard means for the community to support developers on the path of exile, and new microtransactions are generally more praised than other games that try to exploit their players.

One might say that the acquisition of TenCent may alleviate this relationship between developers and the player base, but development and support continue to proceed as before the merger.

First of all, Gore Fireworks sounds like that. The fireworks turned into blood stains, polluting the surrounding areas of the players. This is a bit stupid, because most people at most levels will see you pollute hundreds of enemies, and 15 points will give you ten fireworks.

Next is the entire set of RingMaster and Harlequin sets. You can buy Path of Exile Currency alone in the store, from portal special effects to top hats; the carnival mystery gift box that started in September has not shown itself.

However, you can complete the creepy appearance from when the Carnival Mystery Box appeared by separately purchasing items ranging from 35 to 200 points, where 100 points are equivalent to $10.
"Grinding Gear Games" announced this weekend that "Path of Exile" will also be released on the Epic Games store when the next version of the game is released. The next expansion/league of the game was officially announced on September 1. Grinding Gear Games emphasized that games released on EGS will not affect the current Steam version. The next expansion of Path of Exile will be announced soon, now Buy POE Currency, so you can get the top experience of the game in the early game.

The developer said: "With our 3.12 expansion in September, Path of Exile will be released on the Epic Games Store! We look forward to more action RPG fans who can use Path of Exile to play with the existing PC community . If you have friends who want to get acquainted with Path of Exile and want to play games on the Epic Games Store, we encourage you to invite them to join our future expansion plan, as they navigate the hostile world of Wraeclast together."

The developer also clarified that the launch of "Path of Exile" on the Epic Games Store will not "cause any changes to the operation of the personal version and the Steam version", but just "look for another platform for the game and launch the client."

"Path of Exile" is available for free through Steam or through the official website, and is one of the most used action role-playing games on the market. The game takes the player into a character who is only exiled in the sinister continent of Wraeclast. In the game, players must survive alone or in groups in this doomsday fantasy world inhabited by undead and dark creatures. POE Currency finally defeated the dark creatures due to the construction of various powerful weapons.
There are currently a huge number of computer games. Although not every game is of high quality, there are also many high-quality games. Path of Exile is one of these games. The game has been on the market for a long time. It is free. POE Items revolves around different spheres and scrolls to form various permutations and combinations to form powerful weapons. Path of Exile is a game that has and will continue to have many players.

"Path of Exile" is a free high-quality game. The people who started this game are very important to the system requirements. So what are the system requirements for playing Path of Exile?

Path of Exile Requirements
Computer games have special requirements. Before downloading the game, you must understand these requirements. Because the system requirements will show which computer the game is suitable for. If the game is loaded without checking, various problems will occur. To prevent these problems, it is necessary to check in advance. If the path required by the exile system matches the hardware specifications of the computer where the game is to be installed, the game should be downloaded.

Path of exile PC hardware function
Path of Exile is a game played on a computer. One of the most researched topics about the popular "Path of Exile" game is the functionality of the PC that will be played on it. In order to play Path of Exile, it is very important that the PC hardware specifications match the system requirements of the game. The hardware functions of Exile PC include:
    Operating system: 64 bit Win 7, 8, 10
    Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or ATI Radeon
    RAM: 8 GB
    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730
    Graphics card RAM: 4 GB
    Hard Disk: 20 GB

The game’s system requirements are compatible with almost any computer. In fact, only meeting the minimum requirements is sufficient. Although there are certain hardware requirements for joining Path of Exile, there are still many players joining. If you also want to join, POE Currency Buy can help you quickly enter the climax of the game.

Path of Exile is about to launch a new expansion, we will introduce this in detail next Tuesday. Prior to this, Grinding Gear Games has been producing some smaller news, although this is welcome news, it will surely satisfy all fans of Path of Exile.

The private league has been greatly expanded. The number of players has increased from 2,000 to 3,000. This is yesterday's statistics. GGG intends to increase the count by 1,000 every day until it reaches 10,000. As usual, the owner of the private league can change the rules in the way they like to make things more challenging. After all, this is the path of exile, a highly challenging game. If some players find the game too difficult, you can use POE Currency to reach a better level.

If you want to test your skills for real money, from September 5 (Saturday), you can participate in a special community management event every week, hosted by three community groups, and players will be represented in a four-person team A charity that participates in a relay race and "catch up" when one of its members defeats Dominus. The first prize, the second prize and the third prize are respectively 800 US dollars, 600 US dollars and 400 US dollars, and there will be other gifts to the actors.

The next expansion of "Path of Exile" is currently scheduled to be released on September 18, although it can be changed. The support package will go on sale on Tuesday, and the support package for the previous Harvest League will still be available during the next extended period.

The purpose of continuous expansion and update of Path of Exile is to provide players with the best gaming experience. Currently, many players are looking forward to the release of Path of Exile 2, but this wish should not be realized this year. According to sources, it will not be until next year that the exile will be released. Way 2. In each new expansion, players have mixed opinions on the new content, because everyone’s preferences are different, but fortunately, everyone's views on POE Currency Buy are highly consistent, because this is The best way to perform better in the game, everyone likes it.

Grinding Gear, the developer of Path of Exile, will hold an important press conference for ARPG's next league, and there will be some new information soon. As the holidays approach, gamers look forward to making many game announcements next week or so. Nintendo may release some major news in September, and Path of Exile has just announced some exciting news for next week. If your current league gains have not yet been achieved, POE Currency will try to help you complete the game as much as possible.

Developer Grinding Gear Games has carried out several updates this year, including the Harvest Garden update and the massive rebalancing of 50 items in Path of Exile. And, fortunately for fans, the next league is coming soon, and this announcement is earlier than some people may realize.

Grinding Gear Games has announced the third expansion for 2020. On September 1, players in Path of Exile will learn about the content of the next season for the first time and learn more about the expanded league mechanics. The release date of this unnamed extension is estimated to be September 18, but it will only be officially released at 2 pm on PT September 1. There is no mention of the release of "Path Of Exile 2", but fans of the series still hope to get more information about this large-scale update.

Grinding Gear Games also plans to release a new support package along with the new 3.12 update, but also decided to keep the support package for the Harvest update, so players can choose which package to buy according to their needs. If players want to grow stronger and defeat The Heart of the Grove, they need to implement it early before the new expansion plan fails. Buy POE Currency can give you powerful weapons.

Path of Exile is available for Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
The path of exile includes hundreds of monsters to kill. But who is the hardest boss to beat in the game? Like any good dungeon crawler, the path of exile includes hundreds of monsters to kill. Throughout the campaign and the cartography endgame, players will encounter various monsters and bosses, who will drop unique POE Currency for more crazy constructions.

However, the path of exile is difficult. If the player wants to achieve the goal, it takes time to build the theory and master the boss mechanism. Long before the first bill, bosses will bombard players, and bosses are more reminiscent of bullet-like boss fights than aRPG bosses. From the boss in the ancient game to Sirius himself, here are the ten most tough bosses in “Path of Exile”.

If this list is only relevant for running bosses, then Doedre the Vile can easily become the most tough boss on the list. The feasibility check of the soft core construction will be carried out here to ensure the feasibility of the soft core construction, and hardcore players must overcome this enormous obstacle, otherwise they may lose several hours of progress.

The physical damage released by Doedre is powerful, but thankfully, the player can control it. The stage is small, no creep can prevent the vase from regenerating, and one blow can weaken the damage of the vase. Before judging this terrible boss, please get rid of terrible fantasies.

To this day, Atziri, Queen of Var, has almost no buildings. The boss would create a copy of himself to reflect the user’s injury, causing most meta-builds to cannot kill her safely.

They can spawn her from the “Crest of Sacrifice” map, the temple of Asoat’l as a three-level royal meeting room, or the seductive abyss. Those who enter the “Seductive Abyss Map” must fight Uber Atziri, Uber Atziri is her version, with more health and damage output. Trapped by her Flameblast attack. You can kiss your character goodbye.

The summoner can create a map of the master hall at a clear speed according to the health of the building. This map is very difficult, since most players buy from other players to complete the atlas.

Although this is not a single boss, the Master Hall matches players with characters who have purchased the Master Support Pack. In fact, this is the boss’s glove. PvP zoom has also been enabled, causing any summoner build to die immediately. Most characters will avoid or occlude, making most match-based constructions obsolete. If you think the rogue is difficult, you can do it through POE Orbs.
Path of Exile was released on PC in 2013 and released on PS4 and Xbox One a few years later. Soon, Mac players will be able to start using fantasy action games. The Path of Exile is still used by millions of people. The game is played in a dark fantasy world where you must fight and do magic to save your body. The POE Currency or currency system revolves around various different spheres and scrolls. Exalted Orb system goes hand in hand to ensure the long-term success of the game.

As a player, you wake up in Wraeclast. It used to be the center of a powerful empire, but today it is a dark and cursed land. Only criminals, crooks and other exiles who are no longer welcome by Orias live there. Players cooperate with bushes and moss to survive in the wilderness. You can choose from different roles, or create your own.

Over the years, the game has successfully established an important player base. The creator Grinding Gear Games has provided a lot of support and provided some updates for the game. In 2017, the game appeared on Xbox One, and a PS4 version was released in 2019. Soon, Mac owners will finally be able to explore the dark world of Path of Exile, and this version should be released next month (September).

In Path of Exile, enhanced characters are also the core of the game. Each POE project has specific functions in creating and improving character equipment. POE Currency Buy, you can trade various items from the Path of Exile game.

In a blog entry MMOBC, designer Grinding Gear Games declared that it's giving everybody a free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box which contains a collection of corrective things. You should simply open Path of Exile's in-game shop and the Box will be amazingly added to your record. 

Crushing Gear indicated that you should visit the in-game store to guarantee this complimentary gift; visiting the POE Currency shop site isn't sufficient. Additionally, you probably made record as of now to get the complimentary gift, and the offer is restricted to one Box for every record. 

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