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It seems difficult to plan a garden in the "Path of Exile: Harvest" alliance, but if you have some graph paper and some careful planning to maximize production, Buy POE Currency can effectively reduce the difficulty. Path of Exile: Harvest was launched on June 19th. Almost all players are thinking about the best way to use the space in the sacred forest.

First, the basics. In Harvest League, players enter the coast or any given area to access its features. Somewhere on the map, there will be a seed cache. After activating the seed cache, some wild seeds will be dropped and become Oshabi’s portal. So far, Path of Exile has undergone many adjustments and rebalancing, and the Sacred Forest will help, because the life force can be used to forge items with specific slot colors, and upgrade ordinary or magic items to rare items. This is much more powerful than the basic game ball, which is still the main method for customizing and upgrading armor and weapons. Players who don't want to repeat many example layouts can unfold the graph paper immediately.

seed. There are three types of seeds in the harvest, and their characteristics are determined according to their varieties and grades. They are collectively referred to as seeds. Whenever the player activates the "seed cache", the seeds will grow, so the best way to make crops grow quickly is to collect the seed cache.

Structure. Three types of structures can be constructed in Harvest League at once. If necessary, you can reposition the building by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking.

Exile's collector's path

Life collector
Cost: 25 lives. Their job: harvest fully grown plants nearby. When there are at least 8 mature plants, activate one through the button on the top to release monsters and absorb their vitality when they are killed. There is a convenient button that can automatically plant seeds of the corresponding color from the stock to the surrounding area. It can accommodate 50 people.
Note for buildings: They have a 5x5 grid. There is less planting space in the corners of the map, so it is not suitable for placing seeds of layer 2 and above.

Cost: 30 vitality. Their role: to transfer the vitality energy to the surrounding plants, making themselves fertilize around a 5x5 grid.
Setup notes: These are required for any seed of level 2 and above. Check the seeds to see what kind of vitality a particular variety requires, as it may change, and surround the diffuser with the collector of these seeds. If the collector is constructed at two spaces far from the diffuser on the same grid line, the overlapping part will be 10 spaces. If they are built side by side, the overlap is 18 spaces.

Oil storage tank.
Cost: 75 vitality. What it does: Each tank can hold up to 300 lives. When located between the collector and the diffuser, this building can be used as a buffer zone.
Building attention: The planting area at the corner is not good, so it is a good place for storage. Players may need other pylons, but this is only a transaction for efficiency.

Cost: 10 lives. Their job: to transport the vitality energy from one building to another until it is four square kilometers away. They are the backbone of the garden facility, acting as power lines, transporting vitality from the collector to storage and then to the diffuser.
Building attention: The pylon can only reach 4 square meters and can be connected to 4 buildings. Click the button at the top to link one rack to another rack, collector, diffuser or storage. The correct placement of the pylon will control the vitality of a specific species  from one area to another.

Final note: "Path of Exile: Delirium " is still valid. Players can also look forward to the final release of "Path of Exile 2". As an important part of the game, POE Currency has played an important role in each version.
When it comes to gardening, I don’t think many people will grow things that could kill them on purpose. This should be an easy hobby. However, Grinding Gear Games likes experimentation and gardening, which is the next thing the company focuses on in Path of Exile: The Harvest. This new extension allows players to plant seeds in the sacred bushes and plant them by creating tools and POE Currency that allow ideal growth. The problem is that there are no plants but monsters.

The goal is to breed all kinds of monsters, from small creatures to legendary beasts, and then kill them to maintain life. This vitality can then be used for handmade. Every enemy killed in the Sacred Grove has contributed to the development of this life force, so the more creatures you grow, the better the rewards you can let go. The developers believe that this production method is powerful and different from any method seen so far in Path of Exile. You will need to be prepared to accept these monsters.

In addition to "harvest", more improvements will be introduced, including passive skill tree improvements to support gameplay mechanisms such as two-handed weapons and rage, and more trapezoidal passive elements including "eternal jewelry". A new Grand Slam skill and support gems have been added, and some moves have been reclassified as Grand Slams. The branding will be redone, Path of Exile will add 12 new items, and the other 50 will be redone. Delirium and Cluster Jewels will also be part of the core experience of Path of Exile.

As early as November, Grinding Gear Games confirmed that it is studying "Path of Exile 2", which will provide 19 new superior levels, and will support the new gem system and new equipment that directly insert gems into skill gems. Buy POE Currency from Path of Exile will be compatible with the sequel. The beta version of Path of Exile is expected to be released later this year. The mobile spin-off of "Path of Exile" is also in the works, and there will be no money-making elements.
The Bloom graphic effects introduced in PoE can be frustrating: many players are uneasy about them, but you can't turn them off. Many players are completely blinded by the new Bloom effect in Path of Exile. Fortunately, this has no effect on your use of POE Currency, and you can still use it to purchase the most necessary equipment. About a month ago, "Harvest" launched the current league in Path to Exile. However, with a major update, Bloom graphic effects have caused the entire professional to complain.

The stumbling block this time is this new graphic effect: as the developer announced at the PoE trade show Exilecon at the end of 2019, the first element of the successor should enter the game before the release of "Path of Exile 2". This also includes the new glow effect. Flowers in video games can ensure that bright light sources brighten the surrounding area. However, the effect of the developer Grinding Gear Games is a bit too much: the different light sources are so bright that many players are almost invisible. However, the biggest problem with the entire game is that you cannot turn off the graphics effects, you can only switch to a simplified version that is still too prominent for many players.

A few days ago, the PoE community manager explained that before Harvest, poe had been using the outdated Bloom graphics effect system, and each effect needs to be elaborately produced by Blooming examples to show it, and the new system saves this part. This has brought disappointment to the players. With the application of the new system, it is obviously impossible to restore the previous graphics effects.

Fortunately, Bex promises that all experiences that seem particularly bad should be optimized and become more affordable over time. It will also forward the proposal to the developer to be able to more accurately determine the bloom intensity in the options. Now, focusing on POE Xbox Currency is a good way to improve your experience.

After so many years of development, fans of APRG games often compare POE and Diablo together. POE has been attracting people to join continuously thanks to its highly creative mechanism. The game is also becoming more and more popular with more people with the rapid increase in the number of players. Players on Steam say that POE is one of the most competitive games in recent years. And anyone can download POE for free on PS4, Xbox and PC to enter the game. They only need to spend a little money to prepare some POE Currency.

Although the game team will release POE 2 next year, they will not delay the release of alternative expansion plans in POE. This year has come to July. Players have already experienced it in Delirium and Harvest. After experiencing intense battles and leisurely farming, players are even more looking forward to what recent expansion to the game team will bring to them. The content presented to the players by the game team has never disappointed the players. Although this year’s COVID-19 has hindered the development process of most game companies, players have seen the full sincerity of GGG and understood the good intentions of the game team.

At the beginning of the year, the official POE forum has shown players their expansion plan this year. They generally choose to release a new version when the quarter changes. For example, the Harvest New League released on the 19th of last month was shown to players during the handover of spring and summer. In order to prevent various holidays from affecting the development process of the game, GGG will strengthen the supervision and patch repair work of the game in normal times. At the same time, they will also use their spare time to test the new version that is about to be released.

For the new leagues in September and December, the game has spent a lot of thought on these two. They also hope that players can strongly support their development work and always provide them with innovative ideas. Features that are well received by the majority of players are good features. The GGG team is ready for the fierce competition. Everyone should actively Buy Exalted Orb to prepare for the upcoming new content.

A few days ago, POE community manager Bex provided a detailed explanation for this, which you can read on Reddit. In short: until Harvest, the game used outdated Blooming technology variants. For this reason, many effects (such as abilities or glowing armor) must be carefully crafted and manually equipped with POE Currency to obtain the desired effect. Now, the new system makes this operation redundant.

With the removal of fake pollen particles, it becomes impossible to return to the old pollen system. Although developers can choose to shut down the new system, they will not provide it to the player because it will not display the various effects that the artist wants.

 The final statement particularly troubled many players: Although the popular community manager usually makes the players gentle again through her extensive contributions, in this case, she only adds fuel to the fire:

Therutz13: For me, the intention of the artist is not important. People have problems playing games. Find a way to close the trash. "

Lumarin: If he distracts my playing experience, I won't give the artist something he imagined. If this is his plan to make the game more painful, then the artist may mess up. When I discovered the reduced option, I immediately activated it, but it still sucks.

Decidium-Zero: I don't mind that some people don't like this game anymore because of the new mechanism. I have never played a perfect game. It is difficult to achieve a game completely.

Players still have hope: Bex promises that all assets that look particularly bad and dizzying assets should be optimized and become more affordable over time. The developer will also advise players to POE Currency Buy to be able to more accurately determine the intensity of flowering in the options.

Prior to this, POE players can use additional software such as ReShade to fine-tune the appearance of their gaming experience-as the developers have confirmed, this has also been officially approved.
Grinding Gear Games also provides some other details about the blooming in the latest version of Path of Exile, "Harvest".

As the team switched to more PBR (physical based rendering), the graphical changes were clearly in preparation for Path of Exile 2 (please read the hands-on operation here). If you are not familiar with POE Currency, it basically simulates the light diffracted through a virtual camera.

However, if used improperly, this effect can be annoying. For this reason, Grinding Gear Games has improved the blooming effect of Harvest,

"With the release of the Harvest version, we upgraded to the new Bloom system, which looks much better and the basic performance cost is the same as the old system. Since this system can handle Bloom correctly, "Fake Bloom Particles" are no longer needed. , And have removed as many "Fake Bloom Particles" as possible throughout the game. This is a long process, but it improves performance because the effect now does not require too many particles (because the Bloom shader is lower The cost of performance is part of Bloom)."

However, players do not like this new trick, so the team provides some open options. First, they can solve current problems. They can also allow players to completely disable the effect by restoring previous false bloom particles. However, there is no simple solution,

"We understand that for players who make Bloom feel uncomfortable, this can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no simpler solution than this. It takes time to solve all problems. We expect to be at Harvest Resolve most of the bad cases before release, but the impact of lock-in makes this much more difficult than expected."

This update has made some changes. Fortunately, players love these changes. Although there are better updates in skills, for novices or players who want to reach new heights, POE Currency Buy It is undoubtedly the best way. Players experience more fun, which is also the meaning of the path of exile.

Notwithstanding the new mechanics presented in Harvest, the new association additionally will add 12 one of a kind things to the game , various which can be awards from the alliance itself. Crushing Gear Games has flaunted two of those to spark your interest. 

The main new one of a kind thing is named Doryani's Prototype Unique Armor and is implied considering lightning constructs. To start with, it just permits you to bargain lightning harm – critically, it won't convert your harm to lightning, it just methods all non-lightning harm in your construct is no more.

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With the release of some excellent-looking cosmetics, artworks, and the latest PoE patches, Grinding Gear Games has been in progress.Grinding Gear Games recently released some beautiful cosmetics, artworks, and the latest patches for Path of Exile, and it became a hit. For starters, patch 3.11.1 was deployed on PCs earlier this week and will now be available for consoles any day.

The new patch brings major changes to Harvest. Monsters and bosses at levels 2 to 4 and Grove’s Heart will now drop plantable "seeds" for use in St. Grove. Due to the rarity and higher level of the opponents, they have a greater possibility of falling, so please be sure to increase your level as much as possible. POE Currency is the best way for you to increase the level of the game to maximize Reduce the drop chance. Teamwork is also very beneficial to achieving the goals of the game. Every time the seed falls, the team members have the opportunity to obtain or distribute the seed they don’t need.

Community Director Bex_GGG recently shared some exquisite concept art related to Harvest. These artworks look great and provide insight into the creation process of some of the best looking cosmetics in the game. This includes the Dreadspire Amor set, including Dreadspire cloak, weapons and portal skins. Dark Magic Armor set, including magic wings and weapon skins.

Path of Exile: Some things you need to know about the upcoming Harvest Alliance:
The new patch has improved the harvest brought by Harvest. Improved the visual clarity of the Harvest Crafting description, you can automatically plant it when Harvest Crafting is still available, clarified the description of how to plant (and regenerate) the Heart of Grove, etc., and fixed some errors.
Regarding the inconsistency of some modules. Grinding Gear Games is aware of the problem and is working hard to solve it. Finally, the developers released new skill effects for Sunder and Earthquake, and the appearance of weapons and the effects of using POE Chaos Orb to improve skills are very good.
Path of exile's latest league is characterized by growing monsters in the garden, and then collecting their lives to get a sweet reward.
The ARPG path of exile was first released in 2013. It is a dark and scary virtual world full of monsters and wildlife. Along with the road of exile, there is also the Buy POE Currency, which is used to obtain your winning weapons and various Other items. As with other ARPGs, it is not easy to explore randomly generated maps, kill enemies, and collect armor, weapons, and various other items from the entire army.

Path of exile new league features
In its entire life cycle, path of exile has undergone many updates. There are leagues every few months, and every league has new game mechanics. In stark contrast to the previous Delirium league, which featured black, the current league Harvest has a bright and colorful garden. Harvest introduces the sacred woods, a new area under the care of the mysterious Oshabi. In it, players can choose to plant seeds so that germination can harvest monsters for life.

Cache seeds in path of exile
In Harvest, you will be able to find the seed cache in each area. When you are within a certain range, the root will appear under your feet and point you to help you find it easily. Open the cache, and Oshabi appears next to the portal of the Holy Forest to collect seeds, then enter Oshabi's portal and plant it with the collector in the garden. If the player has planted seeds before, the growth cycle is doubled.

Harvest seeds on the path of exile
Players need to have a collector to harvest seeds, and prepare at least eight seeds in the collection area to be harvested. After clicking on the collector, the player needs to prepare a monster with a germinating seed. By defeating them, the collector can reap their lives. Monsters will also drop items and sometimes higher-level seeds. It is important to note that regular lifeguards can only be used to make or create new items, while concentrated lifeguards are used to plant higher-level seeds and can be stored in storage tanks.

Different types of seeds in path of exile
First of all, each seed has a monster corresponding to it. Some simple seeds only need time to grow, but the rare 2nd and 3rd level seeds require more energy. Players use the vitality of the enemy to grow plants instead of water. In the middle of each pack of seeds, players need to build a collector. If you don’t have a collector yet, come to POE Items Buy, which will be provided to you immediately. When players go to harvest plants and fight monsters in them, the collector will use the vitality of the seeds to accumulate and eventually form a powerful leader.
The time has come again: at 10 pm on June 19, 2020, patch 3.11 starts the new season "harvest" on the path of exile-just like every season begins, the players ask this big question again, which one are they participating in? The class should. We can help you and provide six powerful entry versions from the POE community.

With our five characteristic constructions, you can enter the final game more easily, so that you can plant powerful items and POE Currency on the card. These in turn will fund your device to attract the twink character, which is even easier to reach min-max.

The build path is a program that you can use to plan the POE build process and minimize it. In our case, the most important feature is that you can import builds from linked guides, which are usually shared via Pastebin links.

To do this, download "Building Path", click "Import/Export Building" in the upper left corner, and then click the button in the following screen under "Import from Pastebin"-then just copy the link, confirm, and finish!

Of course, Harvest should not lack totem construction. Although we have suggested using the Frost Bolt Totem many times in the past, we still recommend the use of "Frozen Pulse" in the new season-in the current update, the damage efficiency of skill gems has been increased from 150% to 200%.

Due to its simple gameplay, it is particularly suitable for players who have tried POE for the first time or have not yet experienced a similar action RPG. In addition, it is also very cheap, and even rare (yellow) items work well.

However, the construction also relies on one of the most compelling game variants that Chaos Orb must provide: you set a totem, shoot at all nearby opponents, and only need to collect loot.
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