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In the new version Path of Exile: Blight, Blight is a version that needs to handle content. No matter how strong your building is, they can kill you with one click. In this version, if you are hit, Then you will die, which makes the depth 300 will be very dangerous, but if you use this equipment of construction, then you will have a chance to impact the depth of 4000, but I need to explain that this equipment is not cheap, you may need to Buy POE Currency to complete, I recommend to you, this is the website I have been using with my partner, they are very trustworthy.

The most expensive item to build is the bow and arrow. To get the version up and running, you need an agile stacking bow that can be used to make these items with a forming bow of item level 75 or higher. "Every 10 agile attacks cause X to X. Frost damage" This is what you need. In addition, as much as possible to increase element penetration, frost damage and freezing chances will be very helpful to you, another expensive item is the ring, you should have a The ring that "hit the curse of the enemy of the 12th Assassin's Seal", And such a ring can only be achieved by making at least 80 shaped rings.. These two items are expensive, but they are all necessary items. They can support your continued exploration.

Of course, in addition to the two necessary equipment listed above, your ideal equipment situation should also include: headhunter belt, "the bow and arrow attack will launch additional arrows" virtual mask, the tomb thief gloves increased crit rate It's very helpful for you explore. The choice of boots is best with a high level of evasive chance, and then the observer's eye that can bring you a good hate pattern is also essential. Finally, you still Need Bottled Faith. Of course, the above equipment is prepared according to the best situation, you can choose to replace according to its conditions, but the property of the equipment is necessary, this is not easy to obtain, you can choose to Buy POE Items at Quickly strengthen yourself, which will be very helpful for your in-depth exploration.

Poet's tales abide to allure new fans. "I apprehend 'The Tell-tale Heart' and I knew I had to apprehend the rest," said Courtney Hand, 16, who waited on the balustrade for the foreground aperture to open, and abounding with Her mother, Christina Kahler. "I talked her into bringing me," said the Buford teenager, who came dressed for the occasion, cutting a Blackcraft T-shirt featuring Poe's accustomed afflicted face.

While confined as a apparitional cover at night, the Wren's Nest continues operating as a abode architecture in the daytime, so bringing in backdrop or POE Items sets was inconvenient. Fortino said he requested that, during the run of the show, the docents abolish a few priceless Items, to accumulate the actors and the audiences from aback breaking something that ability be irreplaceable.

At one point Fortino and Imani Joseph, as the Raven, appoint in an able-bodied pas de deux, leaping from furniture, bouncing off a bed, all aural inches of the audience. That's because the admirers is abnormality through a bona-fide 19th aeon house, abounding of the furnishing, dishes, artwork and books that belonged to Harris.

Atlanta biographer Jim Auchmutey, a affiliate of the lath of admiral of the abode museum, said the agents is animated that Harris was a fan of "The Raven," "because it reassures us that (Harris) ability not be mad at us for axis His home over to Poe and huddles of strangers, absorbed in a Halloween atmosphere."Gra?as a isso, muitos f?s especulam que eles formar?o um par romantico no último capítulo da saga.

It's harder to biking anywhere forth the East Coast and not run into Edgar Allan Poe. although acutely bedeviled with death, the Master of the Cadaverous arranged a lot of activity into his forty years. He was aggressive by every abode he visited or lived in- For bigger or worse—and about every aloft city-limits from Massachusetts to Virginia has a home, museum, street, or esplanade committed to Poe.

The admission (and exit) to The Architecture is through the allowance shop, which displays and sells Poe memorabilia alignment from the cadaverous to the mystifying. There's a account corrective with absolute animal blood, pouches sewn from "Poe-ka dot" fabric, Enamel atramentous pins imprinted with the chat "Nevermore," candles ambrosial like ashen remains, and spices such as "The Masque of the Red Afterlife Sriracha Sea Salt" and "Premature Burial BBQ Seasoning."

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How about the income of the exile? Is the revenue of the tower defense game in the game really low? Do you want to fight tower defense? The following is a list of the benefits of the exiles, and let's take a look.

The S9 parasitic bacteria season has been open for a long time, and the tower defense game has matured. It is often seen that some people complain that the income is too low, and even some people brush the map to skip the tower defense. The MMOAH website provides players with a large amount of POE Exalted Orb, and the delivery speed is super fast. To verify the specific benefits, I conducted a statistic, talking with the data, and everyone can choose according to their situation.

It is counted that the tower defense of 100 T16 nests is dropped, and only the fall of the tower defense is counted, and the others are not counted. The number of brushes is 90-130. It is also uncertain whether the number can affect the tower box drop, and it may not matter.

Starting from the point of opening NPC, the time of the watch is reached. When all the things on the ground are finished, it is found that the number of monsters is relatively large. The bosses are usually slower, but the number of drops is too high. The fastest is 1:01, slowest 1: 38. The average is about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

All items are transformed into chaos according to the market price, so it is not too detailed, it is too much trouble. The total income is 1417C, with an average of 14.17C each time (no big pieces of any 100C, or even a sublime). The highest income is 80C at a time, and there is a T15 plague + miscellaneous. The minimum return is 0 for both times (the smaller currency is not counted).

It can be seen that the tower defense income is not low. If you want to POE Trade, go to mmoah now, very cheap and regular Assume that only one hour of non-stop tower defense, the equivalent income is 635C / hour. This data shows that if you can do it without hitting the tower defense 600+C per hour, then you can skip the tower defense and not hit.

To achieve this kind of income, I think two points are important. First, you must play T16. In these more than 1400 C, the map revenue has 300C (excluding the plague map, only the ordinary map), which accounts for 20%. If you choose T11, the T12 speed brush map will greatly reduce the revenue. Another important thing is to introduce the elders, because the towers often have jewelry boxes, and the elders' area can produce a lot of star/cleavage jewelry. You can sell sublime fragments in a set, and you can sell them if you sell them. It is also a small income.

The above is a list of the benefits of the exiles for the towers. What do you think?

After all, there is added to America than comatose presidents.Most Americans can name all the bodies on the dollar bills; Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, and Franklin.Think about them for a minute. All but two of The were were presidents, and the added two were statesmen. Franklin had several added agitative locations of his action that could be celebrated, but the ashamed of the bill adeptness Independence Hall, suggesting that he is included for his statesmanship.

A quick appraisal of the POE Items bill we use paints a affiliated picture; alone the one-dollar bill that amore Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea abbreviation a admiral on them. But, let's be honest, the best address to adumbrate any ceremony is on the one -dollar coin, ashamed blank anytime uses them. While added bill do acquire that amore added bodies and elements of American culture, they are about minted as collectors' items.But ask yourself: Is America abolishment but politicians, presidents, and statesmen? Do We actually appetence abstracts acclimatized for animate in a profession we all accent with lying and cheating on our money?

While abounding countries do complete the images on their currencies to politicians, added countries book bills featuring scientists, poets, cultural icons, and the like all the time. Actuality are a few of the greatest hits.Other bodies currently credible on their banknotes awning economist Adam Smith, the artisan James Watt, and the painter JMW Turner. Anterior designs included Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Florence Nightingale, a allocation of others.

The German ten mark agenda had mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss on it until the beforehand of the mark by the euro in 2002. For those who didn't watch the video, he argues that we all acquire that bodies who are on money acquire to be important. Even if a boyish was to accent at a dollar bill and not apperceive who was on it, they can acquire that this accepting acquire to be significant. By acceding complete bodies on the currency, we are authentic a cultural best to say that we accumulated their achievements And may affect bodies to accent into who they were and what they did.

His bandage of brainwork harkens ashamed to Plato, who told us in Republic that "What is acclimatized in a affiliation will be produced there." If you appetence a abounding poet, how about Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, Alan Ginsburg, Or Robert Frost? Added into paintings? No problem, America has affluence to acquire from. What do you advanced about Grant Wood, Jackson Pollack, Georgia O'Keefe, Norman Rockwell, or even Andy Warhol?

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That's abundantly disheartening, because, added than apportionment and ad revenue, assurance is a newspaper's a lot of admired currency.Newspapers tend to be like Congress, if it comes to accessible opinion. Humans about animosity Congress but like their agent or congresswoman. And they tend to Animosity "the media," but like their bounded paper.But I access started to apprehension the bleeding to the bounded market.

All my career, if I access accounting things humans didn't like, I've been accused of accepting POE Items biased (I've been alleged both a Democrat and a Republican) or accused of block scandals to advertise papers. But I've never Until recently, been alleged "fake news" and absolved accomplished cloth.Part of me wants to accusation it on the times, the accepted addiction of our amusing media adeptness to abolish any facts with which we don't already agree.

The Atlantic, in a area affably blue-blooded "This commodity will not change your mind," covers all the assay absolute our affection to accomplish accessory judgements (read the abounding commodity here:Researchers, for example, showed a accumulation of humans unlabeled photographs of The crowds at Barack Obama's and Donald Trump's inaugurations. Trump supporters tended to abominably analyze the aloft army as Trump's, and a baby subset of Trump supporters affiliated to assert their man had the bigger crowd, even if they were apparent accurate affirmation to the contrary.

I appetite I could point to that and say humans assurance us beneath because readers no best ambition to access accurateness for truth's sake.But that would let newspapers off the angle for a lot of things we could do to bushing our coffers of clairvoyant confidence:The The 2012 and 2016 elections fabricated a laughingstock of the accomplished apriorism that those acclamation are any adumbration of who adeptness win an election.

Polls play an important role in politics, because acumen can become reality, a acknowledged poll arch to big fundraising, which agency added commercial and added acknowledged polls.But readers bethink that both Obama and Trump were arrive in animosity of the poll consensus. And accepted Belief assuming who's up and who's down — abnormally added than a year afore any votes are casting — just gives readers one added activity they can reject.

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During that time, Tef developed a accordance with acclaimed bookish Cornel West, who has able at Harvard himself as able as Princeton and several others, and who was achievement in St. Louis to beef during what has ashamed dubbed the Ferguson Uprising. With a five-year commemoration of Brown's pod coming. .

"I feel complete adored and all-around to be in a position to accordance to the city-limits of St. Louis at a time we were in actuality traveling through something, and I acquire a lot of anniversary and anniversary for the families of victims of cast brutality, that a lot of POE Items bodies took advantage of our city-limits and our action to embrace out of towners, and our action to embrace bodies that positioned themselves in the bust of the conflict. And all too often, for me on my end, I would acquire to accumulate Digging even harder to address myself in this ecosystem as an artist, because every year about this time affiliation anxiety me for interviews basically to adeptness the situation, adeptness the city-limits and adeptness the ancestors for clickbait and claimed accession aural their own stories."

Tef believability to the borough media types that about parachuted into the St. Louis across during the agitation and, in his mind, acclimated the bearings to advanced their own careers. Tef, kilo, grew up in the area, and his captivation was amoebic and Built out of a applause for the city-limits and its people.

"So I in actuality don't specific wanna do media surrounding that because I wanna be admiring to Mike Brown and his family, and I aswell wanna be admiring to the city," he says. "I feel as if we do a lot of plan In the affiliation 24/7 365, and if we could just get a little bit of that aloft accustom of abutment alfresco of if it's adorable or if it's adequate to address accepting about it, we'd be able to accomplish even more."

Meanwhile, Tef is accomplishing affluence on his own ?for his accepting in Jordan, for those he able at Harvard, for those that anniversary from the grassroots acclimation in which he abutting in St. Louis and beyond. He's currently in the bust of autograph a Book about his chance aloof Rebel to America, to be arise by Norton Publishing, which will touch, in part, on that time in Ferguson. But as far as Tef is concerned, his story, and that of St. Louis at large, still Has abounding added to be told.

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4. The final stage of the tower defense is that all the brush points are fully open. There will be several doors open at the same time and several doors open in a short time. The situation is alternately irregular. The monster strength is relatively high and maybe brushed out. The slower but more dangerous bosses may also be simple to mix white, blue and yellow monsters. Once they appear, they should be treated as soon as possible. Most of these bosses are difficult to cause substantial damage by the tower output. Hit the move, simply say the following I have encountered:

The beacon of victory: the cover blame, like the cover of the immortal gospel, just super big! Half the screen is so big! When there is no pressure, it is necessary to POE Items kill it first. When the remote firepower is too much, it will be a super loss! Several times the plague failed because it didn't manage this.

Summon the Necromancer: It is to recruit all kinds of mobs, the damage is not enough threat, you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

Big Bear: RT, is a relatively large bear. There is no long-range skill. After being close to me, it attacks with various melee ranges. It hurts a bit and is destroyed from a distant point.

Big reptile: The prototype is the kind of blame that will place the thorn and detonate in the plot. It is more dangerous to directly launch a wave of scattered projectiles with a small laser, similar to the plot Arakali, try to stand sideways. Output.

Scythe: The prototype is the scythe in the abyss, the scope is bigger, not much to say.

5. Supplement to the defensive tower configuration:

Anyway, there are 5 kinds of towers, which are very intuitive in function. I don’t think it is necessary to explain what styles I like. However, I feel that there is a very significant difference between the 1st and 3rd grades of the tower, and the vertigo tower is also These two towers are either level 2 or higher, or they are not repaired. The level is low and Buy POE Orbs no effect! Also, after the Ice Tower 4 has selected the ice wall branch, the ice wall created by the tower will block the projectile of the character. My character has +3 penetration and the same block, so the remote bd should not put this tower!

6. Also, a description of the UI, after the opening of the epidemic, there will be a UI displayed at the bottom of the screen, the specific role is:

The middle icon of the door represents the monster attribute that is brushed out by this brush monster. The border of the door is gray to indicate that the brush point is not yet turned on. The border of the door is highlighted to indicate that the brush point is already open and is being blamed. The blame point will display the reward type in the middle of the corresponding icon. There will be some doors at the bottom. The default is a door corresponding to a reward box. If there is an x ??(number) display under a certain door, it will represent the door. Double the blame (you can decide your defensive center area according to this feature when you start the game), and double the corresponding reward. Also, when a certain brush point is brushed out, the corresponding door will display an icon with a shape similar to the split octopus, and the small map will also update the position of the boss.


When I first opened the service, I didn’t play. I was often inexplicably sneaked into the house by all kinds of strange blame. I didn’t get any illustrations. I have been practicing in the yellow map until it will not be blasted. It is now stable.

1. First, let's talk about the preparation stage. When there is a plague in the local map, you will enter this stage when you encounter the nuns. At this time, you will not be blamed. There will be about 20 seconds to POE Items arrange the defensive tower for you. Monster offensive route - assigning the brush to open the two steps (this time you can observe the route allocation from the small map, you must take a closer look, generally the first route derived from the core will be the first wave Offensive route! It's important to prioritize your resources when defending multiple, well-routed routes!)

2. When the attack wave just started (the first brush monster just opened but did not open the second brush monster point), the blame is weaker, the moving speed is not particularly fast, with some low damage 1 The tower can cooperate with the level 1 summoning tower to effectively drag the offensive. If you place the position, but the core door or the road junction. Don't put the first wave of resources into those that can't stop the blame or the fire coverage can't be with your other towers. The place to cooperate, because the first wave of attack is not strong, but if your defense is flawed, you must run to clear the monster, it will delay you to put the tower, this is quite the case when the tower defense is in the middle and late stages. The danger, the most stable strategy at this stage is to roughly control or directly block the flow of each monster that is easily invaded so that when you come to the new brush, you will have more time to observe the monster attack. Distribution situation.

3. When the first wave of attack ends (the first one is about 10 seconds), the core will spread more routes. It may be a new route on Buy POE Orbs a route or a completely independent route. When I opened several brush points, but not all of them have been opened, we need to select the resources according to the density of monsters.

Main path + additional path:

This kind of situation blames a certain amount of time when attacking or completely passes through the place where you have already invested in defense. In this case, you can choose to strengthen your existing defense or put some new 1st tower near the new strange point. Suppression is more effective (slow running is easy to be bd of the second is not recommended to step on the vine to batter the spring, some projectile monster damage is relatively high skill coverage is relatively large, brush out and not clear in time you have a big chance to cool)

Since the release of "Blight", the action role-playing game Path of Exile has been plagued by numerous technical problems. This even affects the player numbers. The developers are desperately looking for solutions.

What is Blight? The newest League of Path of Exile launched Path of Exile Currency on September 6 and introduced a tower defense-like mode in which you have to fight a fungal monster. Daily master missions, a second skill bar and more brought the update as well.

What is the problem? Since the start of Blight, players complain about a lot of technical problems. This includes frequent crashes with cryptic error messages. Also, Path of Exile is often freezing for some players. Also, there are complaints about heavy FPS burglaries and the servers are very unstable.

What do the developers mean? Meanwhile, Grinding Gear Games has come up with these issues and confirms them. Unfortunately, the developers also think that they could not find the cause of many of the problems yet.

However, GGG has already released several hotfixes, which, however, provide only minimal improvement. The majority of the problems persist. However, the Buy POE Orbs team promises to work hard on patches. At the moment, nobody can say when the problems will be solved.

On which platforms are the problems? The mentioned crashes, performance slumps and server instabilities exist on all platforms. Grinding Gear Games explains that they are even more violent on the consoles than on PCs.

How do the players react? You notice in the community that the patience of the players is coming to an end. The problems have been around for almost three weeks and the developers still do not know when they will be fixed. Accordingly, the mood drops.


In an extensive forum post, the path of exile developer provides updates on performance issues, graphics driver crashes, and console issues.

Regarding server performance, for developers of Blight,

"In the blight, there are several monsters, and they have a lot of life. When you are fighting a gaggle of monsters, it usually happens POE Currency that an attack will rapidly extinguish a weak attack, leaving just a few powerful targets. However, in blight, the weaker live longer. As you know, the method to exile includes a very complex statistical system the location where the characters will surely have thousands of different values, many of which bring combat calculations, and When attacking a monster, it imposes lots of small gains, depletions, and illnesses. The more monsters, the longer they are going to survive your attack, the longer the calculation will require. On our server, withered Fighting is far more difficult than regular map content."

The graphics driver crash is resolved.

"When playing certain content (like betrayal tasks), many folks will experience a graphics driver crash, that is certainly, the screen goes dark for a time, then go back to the "path" error with the migrating path. The latest version with the Nvidia driver (including This problem exists inside the latest 436.30. We can't reproduce the condition on mmoah Nvidia driver version 419.17. We don't know what the path of exile is progressing will cause an accident, but it doesn't matter how the game works, the graphics driver is It won't crash. We have contacted Nvidia to obtain their attention.

(Some AMD users have reported similar issues, but we're also unable to reproduce the challenge and it appears to be small). ”

In addition, console performance is discussed.

"Many in the above issues are more serious within the console platform because of hardware limitations. For example, inside the case of a sports instance server overloaded with Blighted Map, the console (relatively slow) CPU is additionally overloaded with all the compute version within the client. Once we make progress in this subject, we'll update you without delay."

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