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The game market is currently flooded with many substandard free value-added games, especially on mobile devices. But in recent years there have also been many interesting free games. For example, Massacre, MOBA, and spectacular independent games, there are a variety of types, dazzling, can satisfy most players. If you do n’t want to spend a penny, but want to enjoy some high-quality games, then keep watching.


If you are tired of cartoon ARPG, then the path of exile is your best choice. This game is completely free. It has seven main character categories that can be divided into more categories. Their skill tree is very strong and can be adjusted and customized to produce complex and unique combinations. On the other hand, gems allow you to enhance your skills and give you the ability to shake the earth. If you want to acquire skills more easily, POE Currency is also a good choice, which can save you more time. This opens up unlimited possibilities, it is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is the best free ARPG you can play.


MOBA is the most interesting and competitive multiplayer game. As the pioneer of DOTA, DOTA 2 is still improving. Valve's games are different, such as "League of Legends", "SMITE" and "Storm Heroes" because it is a truly free game. 117 hero characters are available for everyone to use, no matter what skills you can use at any time, without spending money or paying unlock fees. One of the most diverse free games.


The PC first-person shooter is Counter Strike. The latest CS: GO version is now available for free. It cleverly combines goal-based strategies with high-octane actions, providing seven game modes. Whether it is casual or competitive, CS: GO games can be played with friends. The classic mode allows two teams of five to confront each other to eliminate the bomb or save the hostage race. However, CS: GO also provides a faster-paced Deathmatch mode with fast rebirth, and recently introduced a Battle Royale mode called Danger Zone. With so much diversity and exciting gameplay, CS: GO is called one of the best free games you can play on PC.


Despite the differences, these two games completely changed the mobile game and made it an unstoppable battle royale type. In the game, becoming an unstoppable character has always been the pursuit of players. Path of Exile Currency is your springboard and takes you to the top. Unlike PCs, PUBG Mobile is completely free. It is rougher and truer than Fortnite, and provides four maps with different terrains. One hundred people fell from the plane on different parts of these maps. They must collect weapons and supplies, and kill anyone who hinders their progress. You can challenge alone or in groups of two or four.


Path Of Exile has been released for a long time. The official team of the game not only completed the game adaptation for PC and XBOX platforms, but also released Path Of Exile on the mobile phone. But putting PC games on mobile platforms such as mobile phones for entertainment does not seem to be an easy task. Not to mention how players buy POE Currency or create custom skills in the game. Even under the premise of a lot of publicity, the effect of the final harvest is still minimal. In the early years, "Diablo" brought the game to the phone, but they experienced a fiasco.

Grinding Gear Games has learned from their fiasco. They announced the introduction of the now popular Path Of Exile to mobile gaming platforms. Path Of Exile, which was originally developed in-house, had no factors such as micro-transactions or gambling that caused the decline of the game. Simply put, the mobile version of Path Of Exile will bring players the best gaming experience in the purest game mode. The game team intends to introduce Path Of Exile on the mobile platform without hesitation.

Jonathan Rogers (Jonathan Rogers) as the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games recently issued a statement. He announced that the mobile version of Path Of Exile will not have microtransactions, time restrictions and annoying advertising notifications. The mobile version of Path Of Exile is a version developed by the developers of the first and second parts of the PC version of Path Of Exile. They emphasized that the mobile version of Path Of Exile is designed for those who use smartphones to play small games. But the bad news is that Path Of Exile did not receive a warm response on Android and iOS platforms.

This shows that players' interest in Path Of Exile is mainly concentrated on PCs rather than mobile phones. Players still need to work hard to complete challenging tasks in PC games to get more happiness. However, the emergence of many alliances now makes more dangerous factors appear in the game. Players must make changes to adapt to the current complex gaming environment. The more difficult the environment, the more you need POE Items. Buy POE Currency in a reliable agent is obviously a very cost-effective thing. Players can find a large number of cheap POE Exalted Orb, POE Orbs and Path of Exile Currency on those websites. And they also have the most secure transaction protection system. Go and enjoy the fun of POE!

Path Of Exile Metamorph League has been released for a while. Presumably every player is fighting happily in the new league. However, players must have discovered some problems that interfered with our smooth game. No one can avoid the threats that appear in the alliance. All players can do is to learn the lessons and lessons learned after each battle while fighting. Fortunately, as long as we successfully complete the tasks in the alliance, we can get satisfactory rewards including POE Currency and POE Exalted Orb. Next, I will give players a detailed introduction on how to avoid threats.

Once the conqueror of the Atlas extension was launched, the Metamorph Alliance was also released. Atlas progress system and MAPping (that is, PoE's final game progress system) have been comprehensively improved. Atlas' wake level is also included in the newly added function menu. This is not affected in any way and allows players to get more rewards on the map. In addition, the defense value of the monsters appearing in the alliance and the damage caused will also be greatly improved. Players need to reduce the level of awakening before they can kill extremely powerful enemies.

Players can view the game guide posted on the Path Of Exile forum. This can improve the understanding of the vast majority of players' game items and character skills, and better help players fight. The most common role for most players is Necromancer, the most frequently used skills are summoning skeletons and whirlwinds. If players want to find some fun versions, they can go to the POE forum to find Summon Skeletons. In addition, players can also find the foundation to customize and create some useful skills. What's the appeal of the best build without fun? The most gratifying thing for players is that there is still so much interesting content in the free game of Path Of Exile.

In today's world of popular games, such free and attractive games are rare. And Path Of Exile updates the content every three months. While enhancing the characteristics of the game, it also attracted more and more people to join the game. The game team is constantly introducing more interesting game content due to the huge number of players. But since there are so many players, it is presumed that their demand for Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs and POE Items in the game is also rising rapidly. If players want to save money and ensure transaction security, they can go to a reliable agent to Buy POE Currency. This will provide the best shopping experience for ordinary players.

Recently, more and more players joined the Metamorph League to start a fun game. Everyone is actively responding to the possible crisis in the alliance. Metamorph League and Delirium League have many monsters and dangers that threaten the lives of players. But the crisis is directly related to the rich POE Currency. Players must increase their sensitivity to crisis to survive better in the game.

The first tip is that we can make full use of the power of the burning flask to attack monsters to get the reward of falling. After using the life bottle, players can be resurrected. The defense value of the player's game character can also be improved with the help of the utility bottle. After using the granite flask, the player's armor value increases. This means that the physical attack damage will be greatly reduced. After using the Emerald Flask, players can increase their agility in order to avoid all kinds of damage. The use of antimony antimonite flask can reduce the skill hit rate of monsters or enemies by half. Players can replenish the flask energy in Path Of Exile by killing enemies. Therefore, as long as the players have been killing the enemy, the buffs provided by the various flasks to the players will always be effective.

The second tip is to use Defensive Passives properly. All players will witness when they enter the game. Robbing items that are good for improving strength is something that players must do. Relying on the life or energy in the trees can support the players' high-frequency battles. However, if the skills launched by the players are too low, it will not cause great damage to the enemy. In this case, you can use previously picked weapons or elements to enhance skill damage. The player's equipment health is related to the number of lives looted from the tree.

Every player should carefully consider how to get some achievements in Metamorph League. Although there are many crises, we should not be afraid of danger. If you are a novice player, I suggest to go to the basic league to strengthen the strength first. When the economic conditions of novice players allow, you can search some reliable agents to Buy POE Currency. A large number of POE Items will significantly enhance the competitiveness of novice players. And now many agents are doing activities, POE Orbs and Path of Exile Currency items are readily available and cheap. This can also provide convenience for players in financial distress. Quickly join the Metamorph League. A lot of exciting battles are waiting for you to join.

The following will introduce how players should do in Path Of Exile's Metamorph League to ensure their own safety. The biggest expansion change in recent history will land on Path Of Exile. By adding a new leader, the endgame can be eliminated by Atlas' conqueror. The endgame system has changed dramatically. New loot and POE Currency rewards will also be added to the game, but it also means that more difficult tasks are coming. Path Of Exile has thus expanded into one of the best gaming systems available in any video game.

A temporary challenge alliance called Metamorph was also launched by the conquerors of Atlas. In this alliance, players can use the organs of dead monsters to assemble into a monster with amazing strength and get a lot of shocking rewards. But the bad news is that many players cannot adapt to the challenges posed by these monsters and the overall expansion of the conquerors. So how do players survive in Metamorph League?

Players will find how dangerous and powerful the monsters against them are. Monsters have different levels of strength and threats to players. Because the players have insufficient anti-chaos attributes. Chaos damage is the main type of damage that a large number of transforming elf leaders attack players. This injury is fatal. This requires players to defend against such damage. Players can add chaos-resistant items to their equipment. Otherwise, you can only run Chaos Inccoluation to resist. In addition to this, it is best for every player to check not to use this mod, which is a very time-consuming practice.

Players can team up with their partners to defeat monsters in the Metamorph League. This will greatly save our time and also improve our security. It is also easier to fight monsters in squads. But the bad news is that if the system determines that the players have teamed up, then the danger level of the monsters will increase. This is related to the strength of the player's own build. But under normal circumstances it is not too difficult to fight in the form of a team. Players have the opportunity to get a lot of Path of Exile Currency and other rewards by participating in the party on each map.

Path Of Exile Metamorph League is being held in full swing, presumably players have also increased the demand for POE Currency. But finding a safe and cheap agent can solve the problem that players need POE Currency. As long as there is a secure transaction protection system, transaction orders can be successfully completed, and items such as POE Orbs and POE Items are cheaper than the official ones. Then this corresponds to the basic needs of most players. Players can also save the next sum of money after POE Currency Buy. Quickly join the game and enjoy the joy brought by POE!

Exchanging game items with other players is inherently another part of the game. Any items obtained or snatched by players after the completion of the challenge mission can be exchanged. For example, if player A has a large amount of POE Currency but POE Orbs is his urgent need, then he can exchange items with player B who has a large amount of POE Orbs but needs POE Currency. But the problem now is that most players still don't know what to do in order to exchange things for things. The following is to teach players how to do it in order to obtain the desired items at a minimum cost.

Path of Exile has become so eye-catching due to the changeable item trading mechanism. Various currencies are the backbone of POE transactions. Vendors will receive items sold by players in these currencies. It just looks troublesome and it's easy to do.

How does POE Currency work? As I mentioned above, there is no universal currency such as gold for trading in Path of Exile. Instead, players use crafting materials in exchange. Each of the named spheres has various effects that can be used to change the object, thereby affecting its overall value. However, the de facto standard (a standard that can consider the dollar equivalent) is Chaos Orb. This is relatively rare. But once they reach the end of Path of Exile, players can expect most transactions to have a certain amount of Chaos Orb. So when you find them, you should always stick to them.

Now the breakdown of major currencies and exchange rates relative to other currencies can be queried on the POE official website. For example, players now need about 160 POE Orbs, which is very common for obtaining a POE Exalted Orb. The Mirror of Kalandra, the rarest item in Path of Exile, requires 48,300 POE Chaos Orb to obtain. Players are deciding which POE Items to sell to consider whether they can get Chaos Orb. Otherwise it will only waste your time and money. But players can also insist on small profits but quick turnover to get more money. In this way, players do not need to spend a lot of real money to POE Currency Buy. But more casual players should explore the dungeons instead of trying to play in the market.

If players are interested in this, they need to know many things in advance. Even novice players should not be afraid. PlayerAuctions has prepared some suggestions that can provide players with convenience in the POE Delirium League. The arrival of Delirium greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the players. Players also urgently need a large amount of POE Currency to help themselves improve their strength to meet future Delirium challenges.

The first thing we have to know is what is Delirium League. The Delirium League Guide was released in POE last month. It started with patch version 3.10.0 and introduced many changes. The Alliance took over a Mirror of Delirium. Players will pass through a mirror, making Delirium foggy. This will lead to the emergence of new enemies that are difficult to eliminate. But the degree of player penetration is proportional to the richness of the rewards. You can also find other uses, such as clustered jewelry or simulated fragments. Simulacrum fragments that are particularly worth considering, because they eventually allow you to create map elements, which will help you visit Simulacrum. This is the end of the league. Enemies that have already appeared will not appear again. However, they will appear in certain places and will appear when approaching. At the same time, the prey is based on certain types, such as POE Currency or armor.

One thing that can be confirmed for the alliance is that it has a very low risk. So this is something that should not be avoided. For example, when the player reaches the first level of reward, the player can always choose to get rid of Delirium. This means that players can avoid entering areas that may cause any risk. Based on the above, you need to know some tips before trying to do this. First, you want to clear the surrounding area. This must be done before activating the alliance, just to make yourself easier. You must also ensure that before the start of Delirium League, you have not activated any card mechanism.

Another suggestion is that players should not rush to complete the Delirium challenge. This not only allows enough time for the game, but also reduces the death threats of the players. Please restrain your urgency as an ashes player. Players also need to confirm whether the rewards obtained in the battle area have been collected. Many experts on the Internet praised the Path of Exile innovation. This time players can build your POE with experimental options including two popular favorites such as Blad Blast and Spellslinger.

The above statement represents what players need to consider. The alliance is still making improvements and optimizations to the POE version. Players also benefit from it. This means that there is no need to talk so much money to Buy POE Currency. Because rewards include Path of Exile Currency, POE Orbs and POE Items can be obtained by completing tasks in the Delirium Alliance. However, it is best for players to maintain a relaxed attitude in Delirium to deal with the dangers that arise in Delirium.

After the 3.10.1d patch was released, the game team immediately released the 3.10.1f update patch based on the latest feedback and suggestions from players. This update will focus more on the improvement of Delirium and many other skills. Those errors that have a significant impact on Simulacra gameplay and performance have also been fixed. In addition, the BUG that the region and the client will crash unexpectedly is also eliminated. The players were moved by the seriousness and care of the official team. They prefer to play games in Path of Exile and constantly recommend their partners to join the game together, and the phenomenon that follows is that the demand for POE Currency is rising rapidly.

Grinding Gear Games intends to develop two lines. On the one hand, he is devoted to studying the new add-on components of the Action RPG game Path of Exile, and on the other hand, he constantly upgrades and improves the main version. The 3.10.1f patch update will be released by developers this week. Players can now begin to study the detailed introduction of this update. During the immunization period, the owner of many cards in the immunization phase will suspend the movement of Delirium fog.

Delirium objects that cause enemies are triggered when you rush past them, and no longer damage the area. GGG will solve the problem that caused Simulacra's performance to decline. The violent bumps at the end will always turn the character's face in the direction of movement. Spectre spawned by threshers will no longer use the ability to quickly carry out a series of attacks. The visibility of frozen soil will increase. Production allocation settings will start to apply immediately, not from the next zone. In addition, after defeating the target of the traitor, Delirium's mist will stop for ten seconds (previously only five seconds). The most important thing is that during the battle with Shavronn and Creator and the replacement of the video adapter, the game client and this area will stop crashing.

As mentioned earlier, the enthusiasm of many players for Path of Exile has risen again, which has also created a huge demand for Path of Exile Currency, POE Items and Chaos Orb. Players should be aware of one thing, that is, as long as they continue to delve into Delirium and defeat enemies or monsters, they can get extremely rich rewards. But if players use this method of obtaining POE Currency, it is best to team up with other players to fight monsters in order to reduce risk. After success, players no longer need to Buy POE Currency in the game store. Players only need to concentrate on the game, continue to hone and improve their strength, and naturally they will get a lot of rewards.

After the players have been challenged by the league, they can start again in the new economy. Don't worry about whether the original character and a series of items such as POE Currency would be abandoned. These things will be preserved in the standard alliance and hard core alliance. However, the game team gave better suggestions. Players can complete challenges in a new league and prove their strength in Path of Exile!

The mirror in Delirium will randomly appear in each area of ​​the Delirium Challenge League. When the player touches the mirror, reality turns into a nightmare in the form of mist. These new monsters added to Delirium will pose a deadly threat to players. At the same time, the existing enemy strength will become more terrifying. But the good news is that the deeper Delirium gets, the more rewards it may receive.

Cluster jewelry may also appear in the loot. However, these new jewelry that can only be inserted into the edge of the passive tree can only be bought in Delirium stores. If the tree structure of the passive tree wants to expand to show new passive skills and expand its popularity, just assemble a piece of jewelry to complete this task. Players can even reveal new cornerstones if they are lucky enough. Like other objects in Path of Exile, you can make clustered gems to modify their properties. Players can also get Delirium orbs in high-level delirium battles. Delirious orbs can be combined with cards. The entire area of ​​the card will be surrounded by the dangerous Delirium. You will also find Delirium that can be combined with Simulacrum. In the virtual model, you will find the most difficult and meaningful battle of fools.

In 3.10.0, the Standard, Hardcore, and Solo Self-Found variants of the Delirium Challenge League can be used to create private league versions of these leagues. The new challenge alliance has a total of 40 challenges. The Horn of Delirium will be awarded as a reward after players complete 12 challenges. Cape Cape Delirium will be released when the 24th challenge mission is completed. The wings of Delirium will be released after the player completes 36 challenges. Unfortunately, these items can only be obtained in this league. Starting from the 19th challenge, to the third challenge thereafter, you will get the decorative pieces that decorate the totem pole Delirium to display in your hiding place. The totem pole constantly shows the number of Delirium challenges you have encountered in the league.

But players need to pay special attention. Rewards and threats coexist, so don't let rich rewards stun your mind. The rewards such as POE Orbs, POE Items and Path of Exile Currency will gradually become richer as the difficulty increases. Strength is the most important. Players only need to continuously improve their strength in the challenge alliance to successfully pass any challenge. This eliminates the need for POE Currency Buy in the official store. This also saves players a lot of unnecessary expenses, which can be used elsewhere.

Path of Exile Delirium is the latest expansion in the best ARPG league. Start publishing today. The new expansion not only optimizes and updates most of the existing content including POE Currency, but also new enemies are gradually added to the game.

Path of Exile Delirium has added a large number of enemies in order to better enhance the players' challenging experience. This will undoubtedly make the game more difficult for players. Each area has a Mirror waiting to be activated. Just enter the current area of ​​Delirium to add many new abilities to the monsters in the area. Not only that, new Delirium monsters will be born. Everything in the game, including the boss, can be affected by Delirium. This means that the challenges encountered by players will gradually increase. However, if the players are courageous, they can also delve into Delirium step by step, where the strength of the monster is directly linked to the rewards received by the players.

Path of Exile Delirium also pays special attention to the early leagues that old players love. Delirium still maintains the content of the original league. This is indeed the reason why Path of Exile can last forever. Not only is the game team constantly adding and optimizing content to keep up with the trend, but it also maintains its original features. So such a surprising and very attractive game was born.

Cluster Jewels, who joined for the first time, also shined in Delirium. Both the character customization ability and the passive skill tree can be improved or expanded using these jewels. After optimization, strength and versatility can be improved. This should be one of the characteristics of the new alliance that players want to see most. After all, interesting construction is one of the reasons why Path of Exile can attract so many players. And Cluster Jewels will have more upgrades and improvements in the future.

Path of Exile Delirium has also updated and improved the following content. Four new skills including "Power Bolt" and "Sword Blast" and three new auxiliary gems have been added to the game. The team also improved the Atlas Endgame Conqueror. Finally, The Metamorph League has been integrated into the core gameplay. Players can get Path of Exile for free on Steam. But as mentioned earlier, the challenges in Delirium will increase. Therefore, it is obviously unrealistic to rely on picking up Exalted Orb dropped by monsters to enhance yourself. Players are best to Buy POE Currency at the safe and cheap agent website. That will save players a lot of time and money.
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