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And it did not get rid of the aggro eternally.

The blood trend one is gold wow classic actually useful when you understand how to use it. Utilizing blood trend and other fury abilities make it so that when you sit down and receive crit on (guaranteed to become crit when sitting) you receive a few fans affecting weapon speed, harm, and Health regen. 

With health regenerating potions combined for this, and piercing howl to slow mobs, jousting mobs by running back and forth make it so that you're topped on wellness while kiting, when seasoned, several mobs at a time. Even though it's clunky to set up, it can make it so that (in my personal experience) you actually can have no down time.

Especially when you enchant your leveling gear together with + stats, health, and a few soul items. Doubly so once you have a proc weapon that is fantastic. With this procedure, I was able to best place to buy wow classic gold really level faster than my hunter/mage at times, because I was able to pull 1-4 mobs always, with no time, with an aoe slow, using a 2H that really does shadow damage (around 80dmg proc impact ). With a petroleum buff that does an extra 80ish damage, along with a high baseline damage on the 2h, and rallying cry of the dragon slayer+ many hens, it was often where I had been 2 shotting mobs which were in my level, (25-30).

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 I honestly believe this is classic wow gold being treated more with passion than profit in mind.Which is the reason why this will be much bigger deal than most people believe. Get ready people, the planet is about to find out what the hype was all about and what countless other companies attempted to replicate and failed.

I know that the nostalgia crowd desire this. And I think that it's going to be big for two or possibly a year. But it is going to get boring and people will pursue after the most up-to-date and greatest games exactly the same as they've. 

I hope to visit when the numbers die down the host to be closed by Blizzard. 

And I am calling it now that people will harras Blizzard to create content for classic when the boredom gets gold wow classic us won't be the exact same experience. Gamers will know where to get what and know exactly what to wear. 

It will not be exactly the exact same feeling of being this complete nobody wanting to work out how it works, finding your first fellow players and getting to understand them. It meant a whole lot more to me personally as well. But we've done it all. We are going to go back for that crit of nostalgia, and then bugger off. I can't imagine people would like to experience the whole painstaking procedure for unlocking molten core and all the dungeons. Been there, done that. That All.


The new version of World of Warcraft will be released at the end of the year.

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas explains the release of the classic new version of World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft classics have been on the line for nearly two months. As of today, a small number of loyal players of World of Warcraft have upgraded their characters to full-level -60. And cleared 2 difficult levels - Molten Core and Onyxia. Since Blizzard released the classic version of World of Warcraft, the official official said that the classic version of the dungeon, team copy, PVP mode will be divided into six phases to update, and bring a richer gaming experience. But so far it has not been shown when these updates will be released. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said in this interview this year that the second phase of the update will be released this year. However, he declined to disclose the time of the launch of the subsequent version.

Hazzikostas told me; "I think the second phase of the update should be something later this year," but the exact time has not yet been determined because of various factors. WOW Classic Boosting enables players to quickly upgrade their game levels and help players solve difficult situations in the game.

The biggest obstacle in launching the second phase was "layering." This new system helped the World of Warcraft classic version resist the traffic pressure from many gamers on the first day of launch. By spreading pressure and traffic, specific servers can bring players in the same world into different copies of the game, which greatly reduces the pressure on the server and also protects the player's gaming experience. Thus dispersing the population so that everyone is not in the same area, avoiding congestion in a certain area due to excessive numbers. Browse to find what you need to help you become stronger.

If we don't layer, we can't accommodate the game's internal scenes and so many gamers. Hazzikostas explained, “Considering the natural losses we have seen, the current situation is that there is a shortage of servers and staff. On the contrary, due to the introduction of a tiered system, even in the first few weeks, A large number of players queue up to log in, and can quickly alleviate the current situation. Now the use of the layered system will not cause the player to drop the line in the hot moment, and can guarantee that when a large number of players log in at the same time The server can also run smoothly.

But stratification will never be long-term. Hazzikostas explained that one of the new features introduced in Phase 2 is the ultimate BOSS like Kazzak and Azuregos. The view of these BOSS is that there can only be one version at a time. Layering makes it easier to turn these enemies into spoils.

The good news is that the process of decommissioning stratification currently only takes a few weeks, Hazzikostas said. Earlier today, community manager Kaivax posted on the classic forum that most populated servers had dropped to only two layers, while 13 were permanently locked on one floor. The benefit of this is that since everyone is spread across all levels, it usually feels like a ghost town at startup, and now feels like a bustling social center.

Once each server drops to a layer, the second phase startup time will go a step further. This is good news for everyone: the second phase adds a powerful new world in addition to the terrible Moorish Dungeon (which will undoubtedly open a bloody new chapter in Classic’s most stupid debate). Boss to compete for veterans. But even those who have not yet reached the highest level will be looking forward to the new honor system, which rewards (or punishes) the player who killed the enemy.


As I've managed to play CoH 17, However, I get the nostalgia trip! And fortunately it's not classic wow gold near launching but considerably later in its lifetime after many improvements.You really don't even understand what you are talking about this. Quite a few mistakes. 

There is no large classic servers ? Blizzard shuts them down? Are you certain? And what is this about abilities and LESS spells? Are you high? Not to mention that the beta isn't even dwell. Not one of these ppl are streaming's it. Did you check their channels? Or did you lazily seem? Lmfao. You posted talking about some thing you don't know much about for views.

As someone that has newcomer accounts I wondered your and only trial community's opinion on something. I'm on a budgetas such I'd love to make enough gold to purchase at least a wow classic gold for sale token each month so we could enjoy the game without affecting our budget. 

My question is that which might be the best option for jumping into the full version? Purchase the entire version? Buy the way? Wait until the classic comes out for a sort of deal? Thank yall beforehand for the aid.


Deere Moore is located in the Feralas area of World of Warcraft, an ancient ruin night elf city. From a more practical gameplay perspective, it is the main dungeon in modern times: most of the raids are kept in mind, which is crucial for defeating leaders from past team raids.  If you want to get more WOW Classic Boosting at the best price, please visit the GameMS website. This is Blizzard's first divergent dungeon. In this dungeon, people are encouraged to use other methods, such as skipping the best method.

Blizzard asserted before the classic launch, terrible Moore will probably be brought in to the World of Warcraft Classic from the second phase on the planned raid, dungeon and PVP functions. But in today's development diary, game director Ion Hazzikostas surprisingly found out that it appeared actually before planned. If you don't know what the best website to buy WOW Classic Power Leveling is, the GameMS is your best choice. Efficient service and security are the best choice for purchasing WoW Classic Gold.

Although we initially were built with a Phase 2 program that may become the Dire Maul Dungeon, the earth leader and also the PvP honor system, I am thrilled to announce we will split Dire Maul separately and implement it as being soon as you possibly can. Hazzikostas said inside the video. Actually, from the beginning of the week, that is certainly, the week of October 15, the Dire Maul dungeon will likely be released from the world.

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When will the next phase of the World of Warcraft classic game be released?

The classic version of World of Warcraft is radiant, igniting any type of MMORPG and attracting many new players.
The next player reached the best level and the hype stopped. As a result, as the number of players gradually decreases, the queues become smaller and smaller.
Fortunately, Classic is not over yet. It is divided into six phases, each with new dungeons, teams and systems similar to the original game.
The second stage is significant for fans of World of Warcraft, who try to bring back old players and attract new players. If you really need more WoW Classic Gold, you can get it from our official website GameMS, which has the cheapest price and the most attentive service.

What will the other stage provide for World of Warcraft Classic?

World-class bosses will enter the next stage with the classic, which gives players the chance to grow new content and equipment. Also to the Molton Core and Onxyia's lair, players should have two new bosses to farm.

Lord Kazak will ominously live away from Dark Portal in the Highlands, as the Blue Dragon Azuregos will continue to be in Azshara. Each boss needs an assault team to kill, which provides the player another possibility to equip. The Dire Maul dungeon has seen in Feralas also is added to your game.

However, what's important is that the PvP honor system and level awards will probably be introduced. This will give players grounds to fight against each other's factions, enabling these to build honors and acquire epic gear. They have a total of 14 levels, as both Neither unlock new rewards, including equipment and titles. If you don't have enough time to play WoW Classic Gold but want to buy WoW Classic Gold, GameMS can complete the transaction as fast as possible to meet your shipping requirements.

This brings the world PvP back for the game, especially in controversial areas, for example, Stranglethorn and Hillsbrad Foothills. However, the real action will occur if the battlefield is incorporated in the third phase.

When will your second phase be released?

Blizzard has hinted the stages are going to be released with a schedule similar to the ones within the original game.
The official date of your second phase has not yet been announced, but unless we have a major change, the next thing is expected to be released ninety days after launch. If this is correct, your second phase may start as early as November 2019.


Recently, many World of Warcraft veteran players have been waiting for years of World Of Warcraft Classic service finally officially launched. As many players anxiously open the game, the author can't wait to return to this Azeroth continent again.

The success and status of World of Warcraft has no need to be rumored, and any praise can hardly describe the greatness of this game. Countless bloody youths have fought in this magical land. Here, there is a magnificent journey, a beautiful story, and countless brotherhood.

As the author of the TBC, I have never understood the vanilla era of the year, and I have not really experienced the charm of the 40-person group. With this nostalgic service, I can finally relive the taste of the year.

Today, nostalgic clothes, like Jay Chou, are memories of the early 80s and 90s. Some people say that Jay Chou has already done his best, but the new song is still a real hit screen, but there is no water. The GameMS website provides the Classic WoW Gold for the most popular games of the moment. This seems to be exactly the same as the World Of Warcraft Classic, and it will evoke memories of countless people.

18 years ago, Blizzard appeared in front of the player with a MMORPG game based on the worldview of Warcraft, which continued the important plots and characters of the past generations, and excited the countless players around the world.

At that time, in 2001, the main online games that mainland players came into contact with were mainly 2D or 2.5D. These works, such as "The Legend of Blood" and "Stone Age", are simple papers, whether they are cute or not. people. Even a work like "Miracle" is a long way from real 3D games.

At that time, the most popular online games in foreign countries were based on Ultima Online and Ever Quest. The former is a 2D perspective online game, the game content is very diverse, the player is not simply to kill monsters, but also can dig mines in the game to marry, let people experience different game life. The latter is the global 3D action game that was popular in the world. Players in the 3D world, together with the bosses, can enter the game copy.

When Blizzard developed World Of Warcraft Classic, it also referred to the mature EQ on the market, and added the classic settings in EQ, such as running the corpse and copy to increase the game's interesting settings and improve it. If you want to Buy WoW Classic Gold, there are plenty of cheap items available on the GameMS website.

After several years of development and repeated media reports, on November 24, 2004, World of Warcraft was officially launched in North America. On that day, it sold more than 250,000 copies, and more than 200,000 accounts were created, which successfully created North America at that time. The record of game sales (although it was later surpassed by other games).

Due to localization, policy, and approval, China's World of Warcraft was not released at the same time as North America, but Blizzard Entertainment had already contacted domestic game agents. Due to the popularity of WCG, Warcraft and Blizzard have already laid a good game foundation among domestic game players, so there are many manufacturers who want to take a share of it - although no one knows that World Of Warcraft Classic games are Can China really be fire?


This is a crazy journey, but the battle of Azeroth seems to be coming to an end. The current expansion of World of Warcraft is supported by betrayal, genocide and some extremely difficult raid leaders, but its glimmer of hope is the arrival of new fans' favorite characters.

Zekhan is a jungle troll shaman that initially provided moral (and magical) support to Varok Saurfang during the siege of Lordaeron. His antics in that battle made him a celebrity overnight and earned him the nickname "Zappyboi". If you are a fan of Warcraft classic games, the GameMS website offers a lot of cheap WOW Classic Boosting to meet the needs of players. The trouble is that he seems to have become self-conscious now.

The latest patch from World of Warcraft introduces several voice lines for this character (as found by Icy Veins), and if you talk to him in a new location in Orc City Orgrimmar, he will squirt. If you don't know what the best website to buy WOW Classic Power Leveling is, GameMS is your best choice. In addition to some greetings and other joys, a voice line also shows "other trolls say that I became me and me." Can someone tell me what date means? ”

In addition to the inappropriate pronunciation, this is a fun little Easter egg from Blizzard, followed by another similar statement: "I didn't deliberately steal the scene, man, Deloah just made me timid."

Blizzard insisted that it was originally surprised by Zekhan's popularity, but it seems he may stay. On the one hand, in some very important cutscenes, he is getting more and more, but more importantly, I am not sure if the community will forgive him, otherwise, he will forgive them.

There are many old players in World of Warcraft who are always looking forward to the release of World Of Warcraft Classic. The release of World of Warcraft fifteen years ago caused a sensation. At that time, young people were addicted to this game and had interesting memories. Today, the release of World Of Warcraft Classic makes many People can have the opportunity to relive this sweet memory, and many old friends can also get together in the game.

8.26 World Of Warcraft Classic release has been a month, but the player's enthusiasm has not been reduced, World of Warcraft classics retain his most essential part of the same system and settings, although today's technology is enough for him to do Better, but this design is more evoking people's memories. Blizzard has been committed to making World Of Warcraft Classic an interactive community, not just a game, in the World Of Warcraft Classic, reducing the difficulty of the dungeon, Strengthen the role of communication, to complete the task, the player needs to carry out more interactions. Of course, you can also choose to experience the excitement of this game as a lone ranger. Buy WoW Classic Gold at GameMS store can make you enjoy more fun. This also creates a bond between friends, which makes many old players feel fascinated and their old ties are constantly recovering.

However, these old players must also face a problem. They don't have so much entertainment time left for World Of Warcraft Classic, but the upgrade still takes a lot of time. Some old players have to quit after two weeks. An adult, the lack of time is really a problem, GameMS can help you solve this problem, Classic WoW Gold can help you save a lot of time, in fact, World Of Warcraft Classic is not just a game, he is more like a bond, will be some Strangers are connected and a deep friendship is established. Wow, it's great.
World of Warcraft Classic has been a month since it was released in August. In this short month, many players, especially those who are loyal fans, have completed most of the tasks in the current game, and their own The level has reached the highest level of the current version: 60Level, some players seem to have lost the game's aims, players are looking forward to when the next update will come, get new goals, and some experienced guilds are already Guess the time of the next update and the updated content.

According to Blizzard's stage plan of World of Warcraft Classic, the complete first phase has been officially presented. The second phase lays the foundation for Classic Battlegrounds and provides the basis for future content, so even though some players have reached the full level. Level and look forward to the arrival of new content, but most players are still carefully experiencing this game, to achieve the highest level with a more reasonable speed, players with insufficient time, you can recommend some help to enhance your gaming experience. The GameMS professional WoW Classic Gold provider is very good. The arrival of the new stage should be in the foreseeable future. At present, the official is already preparing for acceleration.

The number of players in World of Warcraft Classic is unprecedented. Although some hardcore fans are upgrading at a very fast speed, some of them get a quick upgrade by Buy WoW Classic Gold or WOW Classic Boosting, but the official need to consider the whole The average speed of most players inside the game, most of the news currently obtained comes from the speculation with the player, Sum up this news for you, for specific information on the update, please pay attention to the official statement and date of World of Warcraft Classic.
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