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Java basically runs like an in between from an interpreted OSRS gold language and a compiled one. And because every instance of it's virtualized in a container, there's a LOT of overhead with Java. I think you'd be surprised how effective moving to a C language is for RuneScape's server side. Many MMOs run far more intensive systems but since they're built on better languages that they operate much smoother. The C languages may be built to scale to hardware. Java has multithreading capability and access to additional RAM or hardware acceleration isn't efficient.

I could easily be wrong here, as my experience with Java is restricted, but from everything I know about the language it isn't efficient in modern day for the majority of tasks. I understand how Java works. Yes, it's more overhead than run apps made in other languages. No, it shouldn't be the bottleneck and beneath 2000 players. Switching into another language is a bandaid solution to a much more insidous difficulty: for decades Jagex has encouraged and employed QA techs to"programming" functions, rather than hiring qualified applications engineers.

The outcome is that you receive a metric fuckton of terrible code, in a codebase that's decades old, scripted in an intermediate language (runescript) which is subsequently interpreted and conducted by an already translated language (coffee ), and managed by a handful of actual Java programmers. To be fair, with C++ they'd have to update their whole code base and write everything, which will hopefully alleviate the first matter. I doubt they would use some program to interpret the Java code without reviewing it? Right?

I would envision a RuneScript interpreter could be more responsive if written in well. It does not totally fix the problem but it might help. The ability to scale to threads would also help. I doubt those RS servers are operating on i9 9900Ks, however likely rather Xeon or Epyc systems with reduced clock rates and tons of cores, and they simply just run several worlds on one server. They would make much better use of their hardware, if every server execution scaled better.

If you are writing ineffective code Java, switching to C++ won't magically make you write code. It is very rare that the speech to buy RS gold that a tool is written in is the most significant cause of downturn. Frankly, IME, the majority of the"speedup" projects get from shifting languages is simply from the lazerfocus introduced from the rewrite. This results in all those"why is that composed like this?" Questions being followed-up on since it has to be rewritten anyway, why don't you fix it. All of this completely ignores. I can only imagine the amount of dev-hours consumed (along with the disappearance of gamers as the already dwindling update listing perishes completely).

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