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Self-lubricating bearing grease in the add time to pay attention to what BPW copper bearing bushing grease has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, rust and lubrication, to improve the bearing high-temperature oxidation resistance, delay aging, can dissolve carbon deposits to avoid metal debris and oil Of the gather, improve the mechanical wear, pressure and corrosion resistance. But after a survey of grease in the bearing summary of the movement of the process, we noticed: the grease in the bearing should not be too much. Grease addition to not only ruin, and the role Destructive Enthusiasm. In the practice of bearing the job, if too much grease, then the higher the speed, the greater the harm, the more filled with the greater the conflict torque. In the same filling conditions, the sealed bearing of the conflict torque than the open bearing to be large. When the grease filling amount is equal to 60% of the bearing internal space volume, the friction torque is no longer significantly increased in the future, because most of the grease in the open bearing has been extruded, and the lubrication in the sealed bearing Fat has also been the reason for the loss. With the increase in the amount of grease filled, bearing temperature rise linearly, the same filling volume,BTU for medium duty bushing sealed bearing temperature rise is higher than the open bearing. It is generally believed that the sealed roller bearing grease filling, the maximum shall not exceed 50% of the internal space, ball bearings to 20% to 30% most suitable.

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