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It seems he deleted his comment. Thats not my language. He had been in subreddits stating these things and Mut 21 coins attacking people. I advised him to chill and he clearly did not. I threw it back. He explained:"Games this generation are unimaginative rehashed crap. Just because you are easily entertained does not make this any less accurate." (Talking about Metro and DMC in that case.) Then in his comment here he said:"nobody gives a fuck about poor losers boycotting a game". So he was being the buttocks. I'm not bothered if people like Madden. I play a lot a FIFA. Whatever makes you happy.

My Two Cents on Madden's Largest Flaw This Year

The desertion of home rules after they told us it was going to become an additional week event and only literally axed it. It had been the most enjoyable game anyone and mode imo can take part and snag some nice rewards. It might have def given us something. I would not have played them anyways until they made the rewards fair for the number of wins. Expecting us to play one hundred games in a two day interval was absurd and never played out of protest if they did possess them. It was perfect last year. 10 wins in a row was still possible, although demanding. They shifted it to ten wins that was perfect. Their logic is completely flawed. Feedback that is positive is given by the community, and they kill the app. This company has gone so far downhill.

They did it to tone. But that shit was fucking dumb. They behave like everyone is no lifer or a YouTuber! Not every HR required to be a completely free NFL100 player. We were stuck with 7hrs worth of matches for two tokens in wtv promo was going on. Right? They just like every 10 wins gets a 93 or you a token or anything and could have had a HR to get RP. They could have done a one for Fan App. Idk know the reason why they ditched it. Bro last year was passion for NMS you can really do it. Everybody should have a chance to be super competitive not just money spenders.

You are incorrect, but that is not one of the 10 biggest flaws in Madden 21. IF they'd have adhered to the (even loosely) it would give more people a reason to perform. Cheese is poor or toned down matches good rewards. And also to fulfill into. I think they lost the ball time. Shit was programmed. I agree, but stating this is Madden 21s flaw is a huge stretch. I didn't even need to touch bc that has been hashed and rehashed enough.

It shouldn't even have been difficult for them to do this, honestly. They might have discovered plenty here, if they had difficulty comping up with thoughts. House Rules and I played with this past year, although I despise H2H. I recall getting that Gronk and not quite believing it. Nevertheless, there were flaws. But most of those would have required a lot more work to fix than this. Right? They can select someone with buy Madden nfl 21 coins all the idea on the sub floor, even a competition. Winner gets a 99 OVR team to fill out the house rules with.
Totally agree. I would not have bought Madden 20 except my friend bought it when it went on the market and we and with franchise mode play with with together. I would not have purchased it if it was not for Mut 21 coins my pleasure of kicking his ass. Won't be receiving Madden 21 though.

I have not bought since 2013 and has been thinking about buying but am concerned about Franchise style since I really don't enjoy playing online. It's just all around bland and stripped. There's no feeing of circumstance ever in the mode and it feels like a gameplay loop of resetting, performing a draft, and enjoying with the season. There is hardly and stats stored so there's no feeling of league progression. Player cards do not even show you exactly what group the player played from year to year for God's sake. I actually had to register to the website called daddyleagues so I could catalog league history and my stats to give some form of context of my league to myself.

In addition to all of that the trade logic of other teams is broken as is the AI's draft logic and also how free service functions. It pretty much forces you to play like a trainer only so that you can experience those idiotic player situations ( for example a star player will whine when he feels like he's not getting the ball ) that pop up from time to time but even those are completely immaterial. It is just an experience and it is the quickest I tapped from a franchise mode. There was a time when madden franchise was so advanced they would appear like such in the actual game and as an owner you could upgrade your stadium to include things like holographic goal articles and a retractable field!

Back in madden 05 you could hire and fire OC/DC and their entire coaching history was seen by you and how well the team they coached for performed. Needed position and to manage players holding out battles. They had a talk radio show that spoke about events. You can restructure contracts to be front loaded or back loaded. It's all these things which were once in Madden 21 which madden decided to remove and for whatever reason neglect to mend in titles. Adding historical stats is an incredibly easy thing and yet they have refused to do so for years!! Till they listen to the community, I am finally done with franchise. Enough.

Madden 21 usering in years

Hats off to the the Madden gameplay team with this particular one. Usering from the Madden 21 beta is near perfection (may feel somewhat slow to a because of ratings) but there's finally a massive skill gap for user defenders. The Change Of score will factor into this and that stat will matter a ton. I left so many user plays where I remained in my zone the majority of the time but when I noticed that a route breaking it jumped for an int, it felt accurate and smooth. People might think usering is a thing in Madden 20 but it not it's among the things to buy Madden 21 coins perform most 95+ rated cards in mut can eliminate almost all of the field.
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