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The seventh anniversary of the establishment of the old school Runescape is here. It has been more than ten years since we used the server as a game snapshot in 2007. But Old School Runescape players know that the game will not continue to develop, because the game will continue to update and expand, thus bringing new content to the game. game. game. game. Classic frame. The latest content of these updates is a sequel to one of the most popular adventures in the game.

You can find more detailed information about Dragon Slayer II in the official update instructions, including where to start new missions, the enemies you may encounter, and the rewards you can expect. Completing the new Grandmaster mission will unlock access to all Mythical Guilds licenses and receive more RS3 Gold.

In addition to updates, senior product manager Mathew Kemp also promised to make major changes to the game in the new year and provided us with the official trading website, you can Buy RS3 Gold on

The old-school Runescape was released by Jagex in 2013. The game is a complete restart of the 2007 version of the game, and this version is widely requested by its closely connected community. The current game version Runescape 3 has lost many players. Game developers made a series of mistakes that caused thousands of players to completely abandon the game. Errors such as ridiculous microtransactions and the complete change of the combat system led to its demise.

Today, thousands of players have returned to Old School Runescape, a game with a higher player base than the new updated version.

He is right. For novices, the F2P robot farm is a headache. Automated accounts (often called robotic programs) take up various methods of obtaining OSRS GP provided by Runescape's free world. They did nothing for them. If Jagex cannot resolve this issue as soon as possible, then these players may never come back.
In recent news, Jagex was acquired for $ 530 million. The ancient Runescape community was frightened. The last time Jagex was sold, their favorite game was flooded with unnecessary microtransactions. Therefore, this time Jagex launched a reliable trading website, you can
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By referring to the comments of modern players who like to indulge in realistic pictures, most people find it difficult to accept the old RuneScape styling design. However, there are still many people who like this way of obtaining graphics and RS3 Gold, and are also very popular in the game world. Its graphics and image quality have been very popular in the past.

The Song of Elves is the latest update of Old School RuneScape. After the mission is completed, it will contain one of the longest storylines in the history of video games. The Elf Quest series began in 2002 and was the first series in Runescape. However, it is time to end the story.

After the mission is complete, you will have access to a new location that combines the old-fashioned version of the game with the modern RuneScape. If you improve your skills or Buy OSRS Gold, it will help you reach a higher level

It is not easy to become an iron man in the old-school Runescape. to survive, you must be completely self-sufficient. Collecting OSRS Gold and other seemingly wealthy items will require two (if not three) jobs. Whether you want to be an iron man or an iron man, we will tell you how to become a rich man here. How to overcome the inevitable difficulties in the game.

If you are a lone wolf who does not like the company, then the Ironman model is very suitable. If you are keen to participate in the endgame of "Old School Runescape", you can choose to permanently serve as Iron Man. To do this, you must go to Lumbridge and talk to the Ironman consultant there. After permanently setting the account to Ironman mode, unless OSRS customer support contacts them, it will no longer be possible to eliminate these restrictions.

Becoming an Ironman will force you to play the game and adapt to the current market (because you have no right to use it). Therefore, if you are tired of using common methods to obtain very few coins, why not try to Buy RS3 Gold at It allows you to get more coins with the least money and appreciate many aspects of OSRS.

In the dust archives of OSRS history, it is worth commemorating 2020. The day that started with each other suddenly became a day full of shock and surprise. That day, a new update of theft skills came online. Everything is normal, the update log has been officially released, and players are busy earning OSRS Gold, whether it is tricks, PvMing or PvPing. Now, the latter has the most important influence here.

After the update was released, no one noticed any difference for a while. Some people did not notice anything at all, only read the relevant content on the OSRS page, or later heard the voice of friends. Everything happened, and suddenly, many players wondered why they couldn't log in to the game. PvPers is the first popular method. When the popular streaming media Purpp broadcast his PKing adventure, he robbed the victim's body and found a lot of RS Gold!

Players quickly discovered and discovered that this was a wrong approach. Many people think this is wrong: some participants report problems directly to Jagex, and some participants seek more gold. Of course, in the end, everyone who abuses the error will be punished, and this is no exception.You can also go to Buy OSRS Gold at

The elf's singing echoed in the old-school Runescape. The game is the biggest update ever, and it brings you some benefits: giving away free OSRS Gold, allowing players to enter the legendary elven city of Fifidinas, and completed a 17-year exploration journey. However, despite having access to all new content, some older players still have different concerns.

The reason for this concern is that a series of graphic adjustments will affect the facial features of many popular NPCs. At the core of the current dialogue is Elena, which is a conference of human beings and plays an important role in many tasks related to the "Song of Elves" series.

Elena has been around since 2002 and even caused great fun (as far as OSRS is concerned), but with the new update of the game, she has undergone some major facial reconstructions. Officials bring some free benefits to everyone. They often choose "Buy OSRS Gold" on

When you are busy killing demons to get a lot of RS Gold, you may not realize that many players think this is one of the most difficult mini-games in the game, but please don't worry. The following are some tips we give you to help you understand the gameplay and upgrade the equipment, so that you can understand the game more quickly.

Of course, advanced players prefer to grow at the fastest speed and adjust their favorite parts. They usually choose Buy OSRS Gold on, because the delivery speed here is particularly fast, customer service is very good, and most importantly, the price is very cheap, many players trust this site!

Generally, if you want to get rid of the relentless pursuit of Old School RuneScape Gold (OSRS Gold), you can use this mini-game. This short guide should prepare you fully. Focus on remote control, you will complete successfully, and the powerful cloak will wait for you at the end!

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape launched exclusive gifts for four months for officially certified members. In addition to providing free membership of MMORPG, players will also receive a large amount of OSRS Gold.

This time we launched a very secure trading platform. This is the third collaboration between RuneScape and Twitch. This is the official promotion of the official trading website, you can buy game gold coins at

The news was released in the Department of Digital, Culture, Media with Sports (DCMS) of the British government, and we work together to hope that players will have better gaming experience.

In its call to ban the sale of loot to children, the report also recommended more research to address addiction barriers, the long-term effects of gaming with the protection of vulnerable players. We call on minors not to recharge any game items.

Jagex discussed their recently proposed OSRS "collaboration plan" on Old School RuneScape's blog. The partnership program is a new program that Jagex is trying to introduce, which allows players to spend real-life money through third-party vendors to buy RS3 Gold in games. Jagex believes that these partnerships with third parties will incentivize new participants to join OSRS.

Especially consider that members who play games for free cannot access this exclusive content unless they get more cash or wait for an undisclosed time. As a free game, they will not directly affect the gameplay. But subscription players will enjoy more rights, and free players will need more time and energy to play in order to get a better experience.

For example, the partnership between Jagex and Twitch. This website provides an official trading site for players who purchase Twitch Prime. They usually choose "Buy OSRS Gold" on

The 2020 OSRS birthday event is where the game officially adds a year to achievements. On February 22, 2013, OSRS and Hyundai RuneScape were produced separately. All this can be attributed to the huge fan base that greeted RuneScape in the form of an ancient school.

Jagex has many years of strength, he wants to add something special to the player, and is loyal to the beloved MMORPG. The answer they proposed was "Romeo and Juliet" first proposed many years ago. So, what is this pursuit? RsgoldBuy is a professional game trading website, will it bring you cheaper RS3 Gold?

We will see more information about the Old School RuneScape's annual birthday event. Although this year's birthday event did not pay as much as the OSRS gold medal and double EXP, it is good to see that OSRS is stronger than ever. Many players in the game can not only complete the tasks in the game but also enjoy the graphics, music or fluency in the game.

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