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Lewis Hamilton says he has to hope for the best over the coming rounds as he attempts to regain the lead in the title race. Wholesale Jerseys Authenitc .Hamilton struggled to find a quick set-up throughout the Singapore Grand Prix weekend and has now been beaten by teammate Nico Rosberg for three races in a row, dropping him eight points behind his rival in the championship standings. He was unable to explain his sudden dip in form at the night race one week ago and is hoping the situation will change in Malaysia.Singapore was a difficult weekend for me, so to come away with a podium in the circumstances was pretty good damage limitation, he said. Ultimately, Nico did an exceptional job and I didnt have my best weekend. But thats the way it goes.Were both fiercely competitive. Some weekends he does great, some weekends I do great. Its a combination of things that all come together to make a strong weekend and every one is different.I have no idea if the momentum will swing back to me or when it might. But we still have six races left, so I just have to keep giving it my all and hope for the best. Thats all you can do as a sportsman.Before the summer break Hamilton took six victories in seven races and he is hoping for more of the same in the remaining rounds.Its going to take some good results to get back in front and stay there -- but Ive had plenty of those in the past, so theres no reason to think they wont come back to me again. Sepang is my first shot at it and Im really looking forward to getting out there. Its a track I usually go pretty well at. Cheap NBA Jerseys China .J. -- Seven games into a disappointing season, New York Giants defensive catalyst Jason Pierre-Paul is getting the feeling hes back. Cheap NFL jerseys China . LOUIS -- St. http://www.wholesalechinajerseys.net/ . The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the Lions have not announced the hiring, which was first reported by ESPN. Lombardi, the grandson of former Green Bay Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi, has been an offensive assistant on Sean Paytons New Orleans staff since 2007. If the Washington Redskins cannot reach a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins before free agency opens in March, they will place the franchise tag on the quarterback, a source familiar with the situation told ESPN.Cousins is being paid a guaranteed $19.95 million in 2016 after he became the second quarterback to play under the franchise tag, joining Drew Brees in 2005 with the San Diego Chargers.In his fifth season in Washington, Cousins has the Redskins chasing a playoff berth at 6-4-1. He is fifth in the NFL in Total QBR this season and has thrown for 3,540 yards with 20 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He threw for 826 yards and six touchdowns in nationally televised games against the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys?over the past two weeks.The franchise quarterback tag for the 2017 season will be $23,943,600, but the source said the team knows it cannot afford to let Cousins walk and he is expected back in Washington -- either with a long-term extension or the one-year tag. Cheap NFL Jerseys Shop. .CBS Sports first reported the Redskins plans for Cousins.If the Redskins had to tag Cousins for a third straight year in 2018, it would cost the team $34,478,784, giving the quarterback some leverage heading into contract negotiations.In the other seven times in which a team has used the franchise tag on a quarterback, the sides agreed to a deal by the summer deadline.Information from ESPN staff writer John Keim contributed to this report. ' ' ' 
RIO DE JANEIRO -- Two Russian swimmers filed an appeal Saturday against their exclusion from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, claiming the ban is invalid and unenforceable. NMD On Sale .The Court of Arbitration for Sport said it received appeals from Vladimir Morozov and Nikita Lobintsev, both seeking to overturn their bans over state-sponsored doping allegations.The two were barred from the games by swimmings world governing body, FINA, in line with the new criteria for Russian athletes announced by the International Olympic Committee.FINA said the swimmers were implicated in the report by World Anti-Doping Agency investigator Richard McLaren that detailed state-sponsored doping in Russia across more than two dozen summer and winter sports, including swimming.CAS said the appeals were filed against the IOC and FINA.Lobintsev won a bronze medal at the 2012 London Games in the 4x100 freestyle relay. He won silver in the 4x200 freestyle relay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Morozov also won a bronze in the freestyle relay in London.The IOC executive board decided last Sunday not to ban the entire Russian Olympic team from the games. But it ordered all individual sports federations to apply new criteria to decide which athletes could be allowed to compete.CAS said the swimmers appealed that the IOC ruling should be thrown out because it is invalid and unenforceable. They also want FINAs decision to be set aside and for the IOC to validate the entries submitted by the Russian Olympic Committee.A panel of arbitrators will hear the case and issue a ruling. NMD China .ca! Hi Kerry, Heres an interesting one. I know its common knowledge that all players are responsible for their sticks. We witnessed that when Zack Kassian hit Edmontons Sam Gagner in the face after a missed check. NMD Sale . They hope to persuade the other team owners and commissioner Roger Goodell to put pressure on Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to drop the nickname they find offensive. "Given the way the meeting transpired," Ray Halbritter, an Oneida representative and leader of the "Change the Mascot Campaign," said Wednesday, "it became somewhat evident they were defending the continued use of the name. https://www.cheapnmdoutlet.com/ . Cote was eligible to become a free agent Feb. 15. Cote helped running back Jon Cornish run for a league-high 1,813 rushing yards en route to being named the leagues most outstanding player. I needed some help. That much was clear.My normal day for writing this column is Wednesday. Its an all-day and sometimes all-night affair between me, my computer and a copious amount of diet cola. Its not pretty but somehow, someway, it gets done.Except this week, Field Yates, Stephania Bell and I did a live performance of the Fantasy Focus 06010 podcast Wednesday night in Boston. While its always really fun and gratifying to go meet fans and do the show live, it also means my time to write was severely truncated. I spent Tuesday night doing the Loves and the Hates, but for the intro this week, I knew I needed help. So I called my dear friend Michelle Beadle. Beadle, of course, is the host of SportsNation, weekdays at 4 p.m. ET on ESPN, as well as the new host of NBA Countdown on Wednesdays and Fridays (a well-deserved gig that shell totally crush).She also happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet.I called her and made the pitch. I have an idea for my next column. Youve interviewed thousands upon thousands of people in your career, from all walks of life. Youre great at it. So I want you to interview me. Send me any 10 questions, nothing is off limits, ask me anything you want and Ill answer it in my next column. Be funny, serious, whatever you want. What do you think? Beadle said she was game and so here, now, is Michelle Beadle with the definitive Matthew Berry interview.Beadle: Im honored that you asked me to do this. First time, long time.Berry: Thanks for doing it. Whatcha got?Beadle: Los Angeles media star Steve Mason had a large role in launching you into the fantasy stratosphere; how did you pay him back?Berry: Yeah, he really did. Mason, of course, is part of the popular Mason & Ireland radio show on ESPN 710 in L.A., and also does a ton of other stuff. In terms of how Ive paid him back, well, I wrote about his kindness and support in my book, Ive done a weekly segment on his radio show for about 10 years now, I give him advice on his fantasy team ... and uh, yeah. This is awkward. Not nearly enough. Maybe Ill send candlesticks. Candlesticks always make a nice gift.Beadle: When you were writing Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, were you afraid of winning too many Oscars?Berry: Well I co-wrote it, of course. When we finished the draft, I re-read it and I realized that if we didnt change something, this third sequel of a 16-year-old movie would sweep the Oscars. Then would come instant fame, riches, women and then next thing you know Im coked out of my mind on a year-long bender with Charlie Sheen. Dodging that was of the utmost importance.Jokes aside, Ive written about that experience a lot but one tidbit Ive never mentioned is that -- and this will shock you because it shocked me -- in 1987, Paul Hogan was actually nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay for the first Crocodile Dundee. Which he would remind us of all the time when we would, um, let me try not to get sued here, uh, when we would disagree on the creative merits of his suggestions. Nightmare. Hey Croc 3 bought me my first house, so its like I always tell the kids: If youre gonna sell out, sell out big.Beadle: Congratulations on the new album. What was the thinking behind naming the band The Maypoles?Berry: Thanks. Dancing around the Maypole was something I enjoyed as young boy growing up in England.Now normally I would just go along with the joke, but I already get mistaken for The British Matt Berry often enough. If anyone from SAG-AFTRA is reading this or any one of Matts representatives, can you help me? I continually get residual checks and statements for Matt that arent mine. Ive literally sent 15 emails and made 10 calls and no one will get back to me or fix this. So I just send the checks back and then they keep getting sent back to me. So, yo, British Matt Berry, I keep getting residual checks and official mail for you. Next one I get, Im buying a pony.Beadle: Youve made cameos across multiple platforms. Have you ever turned anything down?Berry: Well, I passed on a supermarket opening in Osk Kosh but that was more of a scheduling conflict, so no. I havent. Loved you in Sharknado 3, by the way.Beadle: If you could trade places with anyone at ESPN, who would it be and why?Berry: Actually a great question. And a tough one. Truthfully, I think I got the best job in America. But theres definitely a few at ESPN I would be happy to switch with. I mean obviously Jesse Palmer. When you said switch places, I get to keep his hair, right? And wardrobe? And crazy genetics? His play-by-play and Good Morning America gigs are pretty good too. I always really admired Bill Simmons role with Grantland when he was with us. Im an entrepreneurial guy, so I feel that would be awesome to have a hand in a bunch of different things, work with a specific group of folks, while continuing TV and podcast duties. But, if I have to pick just one... Im gonna say Marcellus Wiley. Gets to do a radio show in L.A. -- I love L.A. and L.A. sports, loved working for 710 a little while -- gets to do a show with you every day where you guys just laugh and laugh; so jealous of that. And gets to live in L.A., which I miss terribly. So yeah, if Marcellus decided to retire, I want that job.Beadle: Youre a New York Times best-selling author. So is Khloé Kardashian. More of a statement than a question.Berry: And Snooki! Dont forget Snooki! Shes a best-seller too! Im of two minds about of it. On the one hand, yes, you could argue having pop culture names like that as N.Y. Times Best-Selling Authors cheapens it a bit, but I prefer to think of it this way: Regardless of if you personally are a fan of a Kardashian or not, the fact is a ton of people are. And that they paid good money to get a book that has that persons name on it means something. So I dont have an issue with it.A 12-year-old emailed me last year and asked to interview me for his school paper. I said OK but he had to come do it on our podcast, which he did. Got a tour of ESPN, the whole deal, had a great time. And he asked me during it what one professional accomplishment I am most proud of, and I said the book. There were so many naysayers when I was working on it. Your audience only likes you because its free; they like you because of fantasy advice; they like you because of ESPN; youll never get people to actually pay money for something that has no fantasy advice in it, that isnt affiliated with ESPN; only women buy books. I feel its the best thing Ive ever written. It was just me and the screen alone for two long years, and for it to be well-reviewed and then get on the list for about two months meant so much to me, you have no idea. So there, Beadle. I took your snarky question and made an earnest answer out of it. Plus, I got to make a Snooki reference. That, young readers, is what we in the writing biz call a win-win.Beadle: Have you ever had that feeling when youre floating above yourself as you give serious advice to strangers about fake teams theyve drafted and thought, What the hell am I doing?Berry: Only every day of my life. I tweeted this out on the Fourth of July this year and 100 percent meant it: Truly blessed to live in a country where I can make a living wearing makeup and talking about fake football on TV.Beadle: When did you decide it was safe to give up any backup plan?Berry: Yeah, heres the weird part. This job is the backup plan.Beadle: Who are you voting for in the upcoming election?Berry: So I didnt know Beadle in high school, but I know exactly what she was like. She never got in trouble. Teachers pet. But what she would do is, when teacher wasnt looking, would whisper to some dumb kid Hey, you know what would be funny? You should ... and then the dumb kid would invariably do whatever it was to impress Beadle, shed laugh and the kid would get detention. Michelle is totally that girl. The instigator. Of course she knows I cant answer that question because my editor has gently and patiently explained to me in great detail what hed do to me if I tried to insert politics into my column. Nice try, Beadle. But obviously, Im writing in a vote for President Jim Bob Cooter and Vice President Boaty McBoatface.Beadle: How much do you regret asking me to do this?Berry: Not nearly as much as my editor regrets approving this idea.Lets get to it. Thanks to Michelle Beadle -- watch SportsNation every day at 4 p.m. ET on ESPN! -- and to Thirsty Kyle Soppe of ESPN Fantasy for his help with this column. As always, this is not a start-sit column but rather about players I feel exceed or fall short of expectations. For my thoughts on start/sit, see my rankings, which are updated throughout the week, with the last update at 12:15 p.m. ET on Sunday, after the early inactives are announced. Also, tune into Fantasy Football Now, Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. ET on ESPN2.Quarterbacks I love in Week 7Matt Ryan, Falcons: In four of the past five seasons, Ryan has ended the month of September as a top-five fantasy QB. He has never finished the season as a top-five QB, though. Now, he does have two top-seven finishes in the past four seasons (we are in the middle of Year 5), so its not all bad. But the fact remains he has always dropped off after September. Im here to say ... not this season. I believe, baby. If anything happens to Julio Jones, I get to change my mind, but right now, Ryan is locked in as a must-start. Only Tom Brady comes in higher for me this week against a banged-up San Diego secondary that is 18th against the pass during the past four weeks. Amazingly, on Ryans run to the current No. 1 QB in fantasy, he has played only two home games. But traditionally, he is even better at home, and this season, hes averaging almost 30 points a game there. Two first names ... always a crowd pleaser.Andy Dalton, Bengals: The Red Rifle was on the love list last week, and he stepped up, so you know he earns a repeat appearance with the Browns up next. Cleveland has allowed three touchdown passes in four straight games, and Dalton is playing terrific, completing a career-best 67.4 percent of his passes this season. Coming off back-to-back 21-point performances, Dalton makes it three straight against a Browns squad that is giving up 21 fantasy points a game to opposing quarterbacks.Philip Rivers, Chargers: It has been an inconsistent season for Rivers, who already has 13 points or fewer in three different games, but Im team #gonnabeashootoutinthedome this week. Sure, the Falcons managed to corral Paxton Lynch and a less-than-100-percent Russell Wilson, but this is a bit different. I think Ryan has a big game here, which means Rivers is gonna have to chuck it himself -- both teams are top three in the NFL in pass attempts per game. Jameis Winston and the Panthers duo (Cam Newton and Derek Anderson) combined for 618 yards and seven passing scores in the two home games against the Falcons this season. With extra time to prepare (the Chargers played last Thursday), expect Rivers to come out throwing and go pass for pass with the Falcons. Hes a clear top-10 play for me.Kirk Cousins, Redskins: After a shaky start, Kirk has righted the ship with multiple touchdown passes in three of his past four games, and he has thrown at least 260 yards passing in five of six. Heading now to Jim Bob Cooter Stadium in Detroit -- I just assume theyre gonna rename it that soon, so might as well start saying it now -- where the Lions are allowing opponents to complete a league-high 73 percent of passes (17 touchdowns and just three interceptions). No team allows more fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks, and you know the age-old fantasy football rule: If Case Keenum can throw for 321 and three scores against a defense, so can Kirk. And hes still available in nearly 30 percent of leagues, by the way.Others receiving votes: Over the past two weeks, the No. 1 QB in fantasy is ... Marcus Mariota, thanks in part to the most designed runs of any QB in that time frame. I worry a bit that the Titans just run all over the Colts here, but Indy has allowed multiple touchdown passes in three straight. ... I generally hate traveling teams on Thursday night, but you can throw on the Packers (theyve given up at least 17 points to opposing QBs in three of the past four games), and Brian Hoyer now has four straight games of more than 300 yards passing. The Packers secondary continues to be banged up, and I dont see either team running that effectively here. ... It didnt look good last time we saw Jameis Winston, thats for sure, but the Bucs are coming off the bye and will face a 49ers team that has allowed multiple touchdown passes in five straight games (including the likes of Drew Stanton and Tyrod Taylor).Quarterbacks I hate in Week 7Russell Wilson, Seahawks: 11, 11, 13, 24, 10. Those are the point totals by week for Wilson. Hes getting healthier, and by the end of it, hell be among the elite fantasy QBs, but I dont see it starting this weekend. You can actually run on Arizona (17th against the run the past four weeks), but they have the third-lowest completion percentage against and a league-high nine interceptions. Wilson has recorded just 12 carries for five yards in his past three games, and the Seahawks seem to be taking it easy on him with the rushing, keeping his ceiling lower. Hes outside my top 10 this week.Carson Palmer, Cardinals: Podcast fans know how I feel about Palmer, who has just two touchdown passes and five interceptions in his past three games. He scored a total of 26 points in those three weeks. For comparison, six different QBs scored at least 26 in Week 6. Palmer has been looking old and skittish recently. His yards per attempt are down significantly this season (not good on an offense that thrives in chucking it), and he should be under pressure often -- only five teams in the NFL have more sacks than the Seahawks. The days of Palmer being an elite fantasy starter every week appear over. It was fun while it lasted, Carson.Carson Wentz, Eagles: Remember when Carson Wentz was a thing? Well, he looked like a flustered rookie against Washington and was pressured repeatedly last week. The QB was sacked five times and hit 11 times as the Eagles really missed Lane Johnson. Now here come the Vikings, off a bye, with only two teams in the NFL having more sacks (and the Vikes have played just five games). The Vikings are allowing just 12 fantasy points per game to opposing QBs (that includes games against Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers), so Im not sure Wentz is even worthy in 2-QB leagues this week. Hes outside my top 25.Running backs I love in Week 7LeVeon Bell, Steelers: Just putting him here in case you were all panicked about Ben Roethlisberger missing this game and potentially more. Stop it. Yes, going from Ben to Landry Jones is a downgrade, but the talent of Bell plus the volume of touches keeps him as a rock-solid RB1. Dont get cute.Jacquizz Rodgers, Buccaneers: This is mostly based on the matchup. The 49ers are allowing 5.0 yards per carry while coughing up 164 rushing yards more than any other team this season. Its worth noting that the last four running backs the 49ers have faced are LeSean McCoy, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott and Christine Michael. But still, Rodgers actually looked decent on Monday night in Week 5, and hes going to get all the carries in this one. The 49ers are allowing a league-high 3.29 yards per carry before contact, so Rodgers is a legit RB2 this week.Spencer WWare, Chiefs: By the time the Chiefs fully ease Jamaal Charles back into the role, hell be retired. NMD Clearance. They are taking lots and lots of precaution with their 29-year-old running back who has had two ACL surgeries (hmm, when I say it like that, it actually makes a lot of sense), so Ware has continued to play a larger role in this offense. The best way to defend Drew Brees is to keep him off the field, playing ball-control offense, which you should see a lot of Sunday. Ware is averaging 7.1 yards per touch, so he should have no issue getting into the end zone against a Saints team that has allowed a league-high 11 rushing touchdowns, including multiple such scores in three straight games.C.J. Anderson, Broncos: Hey, I hear ya, OK? I hear ya. Its been tough sledding recently. But I actually found some positives in last weeks game. For all the Devontae Booker talk, Anderson outsnapped Booker 57-15 in that game. He also had one catch, 47 total yards and a touchdown called back by penalty on three plays. If that doesnt happen, his final numbers would have been 17 touches for 118 total yards and a score. The narrative changes quite a bit if that happens. It didnt, of course, and thats part of fantasy football. Bad luck will be a part of it, but I still expect him to get the majority of snaps against a Texans team that has allowed more than 105 rushing yards to running backs or a rushing touchdown in every game this season. Anderson represents a solid play and someone who will be low-owned in DFS tournaments.Others receiving votes: In the two games Tom Brady has started this season, James White is outsnapping LeGarrette Blount 73-54 and is tied with DeMarco Murray as the ninth-best RB in fantasy in standard scoring (seventh-best in PPR). Now he gets a Steelers team that has already allowed eight scores to opposing running backs and gives up the third-most receptions to opposing backs. ... Like Kirk Cousins, Matt Jones has looked like a different guy recently, with more than 130 total yards in two of three games and at least 16 touches four straight weeks. Hell take on a Lions team allowing the third-most yards per rush before first contact. ... If youre truly desperate, I expect Mike Davis to get the start over an injured Carlos Hyde this weekend against a Bucs team that has coughed up 440 rushing yards and six rushing scores to opposing RBs over the past four games.Running backs I hate in Week 7Matt Forte, Jets: Traveling on a short week, the Jets offense looks like a hot mess, and Forte isnt even the running back playing the most; Bilal Powell has outsnapped him 127-126 the past four games. Averaging just 2.8 yards per carry in his past three, Forte just doesnt look great from the eye test. He scored three touchdowns in Week 2 but hasnt scored in any other week. During the past four weeks, no team has allowed fewer rushing yards per game than the Baltimore Ravens. Im looking around for better options if I can find them.Jordan Howard, Bears: Its always dangerous putting the Thursday guys in the column, because if he scores or has a big game, Friday morning is rough. But heres my concern. Last week was the first week KaDeem Carey got some real work. It was still the Jordan Howard show, but look closer. Carey gained 16 more rushing yards on six fewer carries (while Howard played 54 snaps to Careys 26). Howard rushed 15 times for 34 yards, averaging just 2.3 yards per carry, whereas Carey rushed nine times for 50 yards, or 5.6 yards per carry. Maybe it was just a game flow thing, trying to get a spark out of their run game, but ... maybe not? You could certainly see a scenario in which they split touches here, and Green Bay presents a tough matchup, giving up just 0.74 yards before first contact per carry this season (second-best is 1.77). The Bears just lost former Packer and three-time Pro Bowl left guard Josh Sitton, a terrific run blocker, to injury. So that hurts, too. Given the state of running backs this season, you probably dont have better options, but Howard is a low-end RB2 for me this week, not the top-10 guy he has been the past few weeks. Oh, and if you own Howard, pick up Carey.Isaiah Crowell, Browns: Part of the appeal here was the volume, and its just not there recently. Crowell has outsnapped Duke Johnson just 100-97 the past three weeks. Crowell is averaging a mere 1.73 yards per carry the past two games, and its clear the Browns miss left guard Joel Bitonio, a terrific run blocker who is out for the year after suffering a Lisfranc injury. The Bengals have been run on recently, first by Zeke Elliott and then last week by the Patriots, but Crowell isnt going to get that kind of workload or blocking. Hes merely a TD-dependent flex this week.Raiders running backs: I dont care if Latavius Murray is back or not. Whoever starts will be in a committee going against a surprisingly solid Jags run defense. Jacksonville is ninth-best in rushing yards allowed per game during the past four games, is in the top 10 in fewest fantasy points allowed to opposing running backs and has kept opposing runners below 70 yards in the three of five. Youre hoping for a touchdown here, and the Jaguars have given up just three in five games. But given how many Oakland RBs touch the ball, its hard to say who ends up getting the score. The dreaded west coast team traveling east for a 1 p.m. ET game ... this smells like a trap to me. No thanks.Wide receivers I love in Week 7Antonio Brown, Steelers: See Bell, LeVeon. Im putting him here because Ive seen too many people panic about the Roethlisberger injury. My Twitter timeline filled with people freaking out and quoting stats from last year when Ben was out (which were not good) and the fact that Brown has never caught a touchdown in his NFL career from anyone but Ben Roethlisberger. OK, much of last season when Brown struggled was with Michael Vick at QB and, frankly, he had no business being in the NFL at that point in his career. There was only one game -- ONE - in which Landry Jones situation was similar to what it is this week. That is, Jones knows he is going to be the starter from the start of the week and gets all the first-team reps with the ones ... and then goes on to both start and finish the game. That was last season in Kansas City (not an easy opponent), and Brown had six catches (on eight targets) for 124 yards. Yes, its a crazy-small sample size, but its all we have to go on and, frankly, in this instance its all we need. It proves what we need to: that weve seen Brown be successful with Jones as the starting QB. Now, we will see if it continues, and certainly theres a chemistry Brown and Roethlisberger have that isnt there with Jones, not to mention this is a tough matchup with the Patriots. But Browns elite talent, the offensive scheme and his high target floor keep him as a WR1 for me this week and every week Big Ben is out. That may seem obvious to you, but man you should have seen my Twitter feed the night Bens injury news came out.Marvin Jones, Lions: Im putting him here because a lot of people are asking if Golden Tate has surpassed him, and because Im not worried about Josh Norman in this one. Jones is the only wideout with at least seven fantasy points in all six games this season (no other WR has a streak of more than three games), he has four TDs in his past four games and then you look at Washington. The opposing WR1 has averaged six catches for 88 yards against the Redskins, with three touchdowns. I have Marvin as a top-10 play this week.Alshon Jeffery and Cameron Meredith, Bears: See Howard, Jordan. With the Bears struggling to run the ball, expect them to throw, throw, throw against a banged-up and struggling Packers defense. Eddie Royal already has been ruled out, so these two and Zach Miller should see double-digit targets each against a secondary that has allowed opposing wideouts an average of 188 yards per game and eight TDs this season.Tyrell Williams, Chargers: The 6-foot-4 Williams has matched or outscored Travis Benjamin in four straight games and he leads the Chargers in red zone targets with nine (the same total as Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry combined, though Gates has missed some time). I expect Desmond Trufant to be on Benjamin more often than not and you know I expect this game to be a shootout, so Williams is a high-end WR3 this week.Others receiving votes: I realize how brutal Jeremy Maclin has been, but Im back in for one more week at home against a Saints team that has given up more than 200 receiving yards to wide receivers in four out of five weeks this season. ... Youre already starting Allen Robinson, but I like Allen Hurns this week, as hell see a lot of burnable D.J. Hayden in a matchup the Jaguars should be able to move the ball in. ... The Steelers are allowing the fourth-highest completion percentage on passes 15 yards or deeper, so the thinking is this might be the week Chris Hogan gets deep for one. ... The Rams have allowed the slot receiver to catch at least seven passes in five of six weeks this season, making Sterling Shepard a viable consideration this week for three-WR leagues.Wide receivers I hate in Week 7Jordan Matthews, Eagles: Matthews is banged up and as Carson Wentz has started spreading it around more, Matthews has seen his targets drop to just 4.7 a game during the past three games. Going against a Vikings defense that has allowed just two wide receiver touchdowns all season long (and none from the slot), Matthews is an easy sit.Willie Snead, Saints: Aside from the obvious Drew Brees home/road splits (the game is in Arrowhead ... ding!), the Chiefs have allowed just one score and an average of 51 yards a game to opposing slot receivers. When you are on the field with Brees you always have a chance to score, but as Coby Fleener and Michael Thomas continue to get more involved with the offense, Snead is a risky WR3/4 this week.Golden Tate, Lions: OK, so that was nice, but I am going to need to see it more than once. Dont look now, but since getting embarrassed by Antonio Brown in the Monday night opener (it happens to a lot of folks), the Redskins have allowed just two touchdowns to opposing wide receivers in five games. You know I already like Marvin Jones in this game, so I dont see both of them having big games here. I need to see it again from Tate before I trust him in my lineup.Tight ends I love in Week 7Delanie Walker, Titans: He has been bad or out in three of the past four weeks, but Im back on him this week as a top-five play. The Colts have given up at least 70 yards to opposing tight ends in three of the past four games and with them struggling to generate a pass rush (only two teams have fewer sacks), I expect Walker to run more routes in this one.Zach Miller, Bears: Thursdays game could be really awesome for me or really ugly. But again, I dont think the Bears will run that effectively here and that Brian Hoyer throws a ton. With Eddie Royal out, Miller should see a ton of targets. Since Hoyer took over in Week 3, Miller is the fourth-best tight end in fantasy (second best in PPR scoring), hes second in receptions, seventh in receiving yards and third in targets among tight ends. Ive been screaming about this guy since the preseason and yet hes still available in 25 percent of leagues. Miller has the team lead in red zone targets and now gets a Packers team that gives up the ninth-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends.Hunter Henry, Chargers: Two first names, still a crowd pleaser. He has scored in three straight, totaled 60 yards or more in four straight and while I wish he ran a few more routes, theres no question Rivers is looking for him. The Falcons are giving up the fourth-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends, including 95 yards or a score in five of the past six.Others receiving votes: Cameron Brate had a quiet game before the bye, but he has been much more involved since the team moved on from Austin Seferian-Jenkins. His upcoming schedule is ridiculously friendly to tight ends, starting with San Francisco on Sunday. Tight ends have caught at least seven passes against the 49ers in three of the past four games. Brate is available in more than 75 percent of leagues. ... If Dwayne Allen were to miss time, deeper leagues should look at Jack Doyle, who has become a reliable outlet for Andrew Luck (he has caught 87 percent of targets this season) and figures to see a lot more work, especially in the red zone.Tight ends I hate in Week 7Coby Fleener, Saints: I swear, this isnt just because he vultured a goal-line carry from Mark Ingram, whom I own in two leagues. Of course Fleener scores the first rushing touchdown by a Saints TE since 1976 (hat tip to Mike Triplett). OF COURSE. But nah, as you can tell Im down on the periphery of the Saints passing offense this week, especially as it relates to the middle of the field. You know I dont like Snead in part because of K.C.s success at defending the slot ... well, Fleener is second on the Saints in slot targets. The Chiefs have held the entire tight end position of their opponents to fewer than five points in three of the past four games. Fleeners scoring last week was very fluky (the rush, then the miscommunication with Snead where one of them got their routes mixed up. Supposedly it was Snead, but I still think it was Fleener and Brees is covering for him, because Im stubborn like that). Fleener is outside my top 10.Zach Ertz, Eagles: Yeah, so, this Vikings defense? Its good, and hasnt allowed a touchdown to a tight end this season. Meanwhile, Ertz is still finding his way with Wentz, as he has been targeted on just 11.1 percent of the passes since his return two games ago.Defenses I love in Week 7Cincinnati Bengals: In five of six weeks, the opposing defense has scored at least six points against the Browns. Cleveland may be without Terrelle Pryor in this one and after a tough loss to the Patriots, the Bengals come back home in a game they need to win. Cincys defense is inconsistent, but the Bengals have beaten up on the bad teams (19 total fantasy points against Miami and the Jets).Baltimore Ravens: Somehow they are still available in more than 50 percent of leagues, and now they will see Geno Smith under center for the Jets. I mean ... how much more do you need here?Others receiving votes: Everyone is starting the Vikings, but Phillys defense could be OK here as well. Sam Bradfords return to Philly? Yeah, the Eagles defensive players are very familiar with him from practice. ... The Patriots are always well-prepared and now get the Landry Jones experience. Even though I think LeVeon and Antonio are fine here, it doesnt mean I think Landry is.Defenses I hate in Week 7Los Angeles Rams: These London games are always so weird and Im not starting a team that already has allowed 11 passing touchdowns and is about to face Odell Beckham Jr.Houston Texans: The Broncos should go ball control here, running effectively and wearing down a defense that is tied for 29th against the run the past four weeks. That also means fewer opportunities for turnovers and sacks.Matthew Berry, The Talented Mr. Roto, sure is glad Beadle didnt ask him for his thoughts on pool noodle etiquette. He is the creator of RotoPass.com, a paid spokesman for DraftKings.com and one of the owners of the Fantasy Life app. ' ' ' 
AUBURN, Ala. Stitched Phillies Jerseys . -- Bryce Brown scored 19 points, freshman Danjel Purifoy added 14 points and Auburn hit 13 3-pointers in an 83-66 victory over North Florida on Friday night in a season opener for both teams.Freshmen Mustafa Heron and Jared Harper each had 10 points for Auburn.I thought our defense in the first half was tremendous, Auburn coach Bruce Pearl said. In the second half, you know, we didnt play as well defensively. I was disappointed with our rebounding. But to hold a team that averages 84 (points per game) to 66 is good. Were trying to get better. Its a great way to start the season: with a win.The Tigers used their 3-pointers to pull away early, and their athleticism and tenacious defense prevented the Ospreys from clawing back in the second half.The two teams came out jittery as Auburn and North Florida combined for 15 turnovers in the first 11 minutes. Auburn, which was starting three freshmen in guards Heron and Jared Harper and forward Purifoy, committed seven of those.The Tigers lack of size kept North Florida in the game midway through the first half. The Ospreys 6-foot-11 center Romelo Banks, who finished with 16 points and 10 rebounds, gave Auburns Horace Spencer fits. Spencer had to come out for grad transfer LaRon Smith just two minutes into the game, and although Smith wasnt any taller, he provided more-stout defense on Banks.We just didnt have an answer, said North Florida coach Matt Driscoll. Our top guys, our lead guys, our marquee guys, they just didnt have one of their better games. Like, thats gonna happen, so weve got to find a way to play through that.With North Floridas down-low advantage hampered, the Tigers were able to break away as Auburns quick passing and shooting negated the Ospreys hard trapping defense on the perimeter.BIG PICTURE:North Florida: The Ospreys will look to regroup and get their cold shooting back on track next week.Auburn: Pearls young, inexperienced squad kicks off his third year with a win, and the Tigers will look to keep it rolling.STAT OF THE NIGHT:Auburn started three freshmen for the first time since Nov. 20, 2005, when the Tigers started Josh Dollard, Quantez Richardson and Joey Cameron in a 69-54 over Lipscomb.HE SAID ITGive them credit, they shared the sugar, they had a ton of assists. They got no pigs on the team, they look like they really like each other. They can shoot the living dog out of the ball, and they defend well enough and rebound so strong. -- North Florida coach Matt Driscoll.UP NEXTNorth Florida will try to bounce back and notch its first victory against Edward Waters on Monday.Auburn looks to start 2-0 when Georgia State rolls into town next Monday as part of the Cancun Challenge. Jonathan Papelbon Jersey .Y. -- Canadas Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse have another World Cup gold medal after winning the two-women bobsled race on Saturday in Lake Placid, N. Jim Bunning Jersey .ca! Kerry, Two nights after the Scott-Eriksson incident in Buffalo, the Bruins returned home to play San Jose. In that game, Zdeno Chara put a check on Tommy Wingels that clearly targeted his head. https://www.cheapphilliesjerseys.us/ . -- Its been a long road back for Sean Bergenheim. RIO DE JANEIRO -- The sound was already deafening. You couldnt hear. You couldnt think. Eighty thousand screaming Brazilians was something you felt. But it wasnt good enough. Neymar wanted more. And so the 24-year-old lifted his arms up and down, up and down, begging the sea of yellow to get even louder.A few seconds earlier, he had started this frenzy by magically twisting a free kick into the top corner of the goal to give Brazil a 1-0 lead in its Olympic final against Germany. He thought this was the moment. The iconic image of his country winning its first Olympic gold would be him, following his goal by mimicking Usain Bolts arrow-shooting celebration and then choreographing the fans into a frenzy.He had no idea. This was only the beginning. A little more than two hours later the Brazilian wunderkind would fall to the field in a bed of celebratory tears. He would laugh and dance and cry and take a victory lap on the pristine grass of the hallowed Maracana, the heartbeat of Brazilian soccer. In the fifth round of penalty kicks, his right foot would boot the ball past the German keeper, inciting nationwide celebrations from the Amazon to Sao Paulo and all points in between.I cant begin to describe [my feelings], Neymar said afterward. I have fulfilled my dream and to have fulfilled it in my home country makes me very proud. This is one of the best things that have happened in my life. Thats it. Now the critics will have to [take back their words].The noise when Neymars winning penalty landed in the back of the net could only be described as spine-tingling. It made the raucous celebration after his goal look like polite golf claps. Fans hugged, kissed and danced in the aisles. The party would go on indefinitely, with chants and cheers and a spirited rendition of the Brazilian national anthem during the medal ceremony.This was about far more than the most decorated soccer nation on the planet finally winning the one title that for so long had eluded it. Or doing it on home soil. This was about restoring pride in a country built on a bedrock of soccer. Two years ago, the Selecao were downright humiliated in a 7-1 loss to Germany in the semifinals of the Brazil-hosted World Cup. That 7-1 score became woven into Brazilian culture, used to describe any sort of embarrassing outcome. Then the squad failed to impress at this summers Copa Centenario in the United States. And it is currently sixth in World Cup qualifying in South America. In other words, when the Olympic soccer tournament began, morale was at an all-time low.Neymars right foot changed that. Even though this is an age-restricted tournament whose global popularity doesnt come close to that of the World Cup, the young Brazilians showed their biggest fans its OK to believe again. Its OK to pour everything you have into watching 90-plus minutes of soccer. It will be worth it in the end.Brazilian football is not dead, said coach Rogerio Micale. We have great potential and hope to achieve more great things in the future.The match will also have a profound effect on how Brazilians feel about the Olympics. In many ways, Saturday nights victory was the unofficial closing ceremony. And it couldnt have gone any better for the home team. When the Olympics draw to a close Sunday night, it will bring to a merciful end a nine-year run that saw the country host three major international sporting events: the Pan American Games, the World Cup and the Olympic Games. It hasnt gone seamlessly. And there will without question be a long-term debate about whether or not thhese Olympics will prove to be a good thing for Brazil. Garry Maddox Jersey. ut after the Olympic spotlight spent the last several months talking about Zika, feces-filled water and the escalating violence in Brazils streets, the final memory the Brazilians will have of these games is Olympic gold in the sport that matters most. This is how it long has been in this country: the pride over their international dominance in the sport of soccer helping to make the problems at home a bit more palatable.We knew the huge responsibility on the shoulders of the Olympic team, Micale added. Football is the No. 1 sport in Brazil. But now this phase has passed we can look to the future of Brazilian football more confident and proud.When the tournament began two weeks earlier, this top-of-the-podium outcome couldnt have seemed any more unlikely. Sixteen days ago, the Brazilians opened their Olympic campaign with a scoreless draw against South Africa. In their second match they again failed to score in another tie to the 99th-ranked team in the world, Iraq. Yes, Brazil tied Iraq. On Brazilian soil. But a 4-0 thrashing of Denmark pushed the Brazilians to the medal round, where a 4-0 win over Portugal in the quarterfinals and a 6-0 domination of Honduras in the semis set the stage for Saturday night.From the very beginning, there were nerves in the air and pressure on the shoulders of everyone on the field wearing yellow. It was three nights earlier when a pair of Germans ruined the midnight party on Copacabana Beach, beating Brazilian volleyball stars Agatha and Barbara in straight sets to win gold. This was soccer. As much the fabric of Brazil as samba, Carnival and caipirinhas.When Neymar opened the scoring in the 26th minute, it looked like it would be Brazils night. The Germans hitting the post three times in the first half only further fueled feelings of fate. But in the 58th minute Germany let it be known it had every intention of spoiling the celebration when Maximilian Meyer booted a shot into the back of Brazils net. It was the first goal the Selecao had allowed in the entire Olympic Games.For the remaining hour-plus, Brazil spent most of the time on the attack and the Germans last-ditch defense proved impenetrable. Time and time and time again the Brazilians would create a scoring chance and would either be unable to finish or simply run into a German wall.When the second period of extra time drew to a close, players from both sides fell to the field in pure exhaustion. Neymar was one of them. Through four rounds of penalty kicks both teams couldnt miss. Then Germanys Nils Petersen had his penalty saved by Weverton and the Maracana erupted.Thats when Neymar stepped up. He waited, waited and then waited a bit more. He took two stutter steps. Then buried the ball in the back of the net. Pandemonium.Two weeks earlier, as the team struggled, Brazilian fans were seen crossing out Neymars name on their jerseys to support that of Marta, the most popular female player in the country. Now he was again their hero, receiving without question the loudest approval of the night during the medal ceremony.That is just part of Brazilian culture, the way we are, Micale said. It is always love or hate. We are a nation of extremes. Im just so proud at this moment to be Brazilian.It was a feeling shared with other Brazilians across the globe. A feeling that had been absent for so long that it somehow felt brand new. ' ' ' 
ESLs first offline Street Fighter V event, The Brooklyn Beatdown, brought over 270 of the worlds best online fighters in one place. Jeff McKnight Jersey . But only one stood victorious above the rest and that was Zhoujun Xiao Hai Zeng.With the exception of the grand finals, every match played out on the first day in a unique twist to level the playing field. With such a massive field of world-class players, there was bound to be upsets and the first day was chock-full of them. Razers Lee Infiltration Seon-woo was beaten by Thomas Brolyinho Proen?a without winning a round and then eliminated by Kenryo Mago Hayashi after using Balrog. Even players like Red Bull and Twitchs Daigo The Beast Umehara, Razers Kun Xian Ho and Huomao TVs Johnny HumanBomb Cheng experienced short tournament runs.Regardless of standing and skill, no player was safe from the potential of losing to their opposition. The Capcom Pro Tour and the evolution of Street Fighter V is entering a point where upsets in tournaments are now a given. The players and the development of advanced tools and option selects within the games engine continue to provide underdog players the opportunity to contend with the worlds elite.The grand finals: Qanbas Zhuojun Xiao Hai Zeng vs. Evil Geniuses Yusuke Momochi MomochiAs a player, Momochi is an opponents nightmare, with a midgame that rivals the best to play the game, unpredictable wake-up options and reversals, excellent defensive reactions and an unflappable resolve. On the other hand, Xiao Hai was a momentum-based player that overwhelmed opponents only if his confidence was high and if his reactions and footsies scored a knockdown.Despite Momochis standing in the losers bracket, he was the player with more experience on the grandest fighting game stages and he was the player that won more games and sets through momentum than anyone else. In addition, the grand finals were set on another day, separate from the main tournament, to add a new wrinkle of pressure to the chagrin of Xiao Hai, whose biggest weakness is his ability to calm down his nerves and come through in the clutch.When the matchup started, it was the Momochi show. But then the Chinese star woke up. The combos started to connect, his throw game worked and his patience in the midgame paid off with hit-confirm after hit-confirm. Xiao Hais greatest improvement from game-to-game was his defense. Momochi did not get the same damage and potential from his v-trigger activation that he did in the first round and it cost him. The winner would take home $30,000, while second-place took home $10,500.Surprises of the tournament: Brolyinho and Jesse Commander Jesse EspinozaIt would be difficult to give the MVP title to any other player but Brolyinho and Commander Jesse. Both of these players were hardly on anyones radar entering New York and came out of it with the tournament run of their careers.Their success provided a solid blueprint to defeating both top domestic and international talent. Commander Jesse took down his opponents with a combination of unique offensive maneuvers, movement and airtight meaty setups to keep the lockdown. He was the only Dhalsim in the top-8 and it appeared to be an unfamiliar character for most of the international opposition.As for the points leader for the Capcom Pro Tour Latin America region, Brolyinho, his success was still a surprise when considering the level of talent in the field. His Necalli was a frame-trap and offensive-crazed maniac. He pressured and walked up with impunity and forced disadvantageous situations for every opponent he faced, top name or unnamed. Ron Taylor Jersey . - Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not a fan of his teams use of the wildcat formation, saying "it makes you look like a high school offence. Amed Rosario Jersey . -- Josh Sterk scored once and set up two more as the Oshawa Generals edged the visiting Belleville Bulls 3-2 on Friday in Ontario Hockey League action. https://www.cheapmetsjerseys.us/520l-desi-relaford-jersey-mets.html . Supported by three-run homers from Jayson Werth and Wilson Ramos, the young right-hander went seven strong innings in the Washington Nationals 8-4 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night.American tennis legend Pam Shriver chased her son around Indian Wells to try and get a kiss while he did everything he could to avoid it. Hot on the heels of Iron Mike Tyson showing a softer side earlier in the week, the Indian Wells kiss-cam located another celebrity in the California crowd.Shriver, a multiple Grand Slam winner in doubles events, was in attendance with her son and proceeded to chase him around the stands and spectators lapped it up. Hit play on the video above to see if he managed to avoid his embarrassing mother!And heres that moment Mike Tyson felt totally embarrassed after his kiss-cam moment... Mike Tyson, showed his softer side when he was caught on Kiss Cam at Indian Wells You can watch all the action from Indian Wells live on Sky Sports 2 from 8pm or with a NOW TV day pass for £6. Corey Oswalt Jersey. 99. Also See: Sky Live: Djokovic v Raonic WATCH: Tyson on kiss cam ' ' ' 
MEMPHIS, Tenn. Wholesale Raptors Jerseys . -- Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale refers to the remaining members of his injury-plagued squad as the Nasty Nine.On Saturday night, it was Troy Daniels turn to fill the void for the short-handed Grizzlies.Daniels scored a career-high 31 points, and the Grizzlies hung on for a 103-100 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers after Julius Randle three free throws with 5.9 seconds left.Daniels shot 12 of 23 from the field, including 6 of 12 from outside the arc. Marc Gasol had 19 points while JaMychal Green finished with 16 points and 13 rebounds as Memphis won its second straight.I was just taking what the defense gave me, Daniels said. And my teammates helped me get into those spots.Lou Williams scored a season-best 40 points for the Lakers. Luol Deng added 18, and Timofy Mozgov had with 13.It just flowed, Williams said about his shooting. It was just one of those games.Memphis pulled away in a tight game with a 9-2 burst that erased a 95-94 Lakers lead in the final 5 minutes.Williams converted a three-point play with 51 seconds remaining to pull the Lakers within one possession. They then had a chance to tie when Gasol fouled Randle on a 3-point attempt.After Randle missed the third free throw, there was a scramble for the ball, and Jordan Clarkson hurled up a 3-pointer from the right corner that was off the mark.They made the little plays, Lakers coach Luke Walton said about Memphis. Down the stretch, they got to a couple of loose balls that they turned into big plays.Both teams were short-handed with injuries, particularly in the backcourt. Starters DAngelo Russell and Nick Young already were out for the Lakers and Jose Calderon, who started, left in the first quarter with a right hamstring strain.The Lakers held a 62-54 lead into the break.But Memphis opened the second half with a 10-4 run, and the game settled into a close affair with 17 lead changes, nine of them in the fourth quarter.Memphis forward Tony Allen said Memphis came out a different team after intermission thanks to Fizdales halftime speech.Hes not going to sugarcoat anything, Allen said. He came in and gave us a scolding, and the guys responded.TIP-INSLakers: Williams 40 points were the most ever scored by an opponents reserve against Memphis. J.R. Smith had 35 for the Knicks on March 27, 2013. . Williams, who hit all 14 of his free throws in the game, has converted a free throw in 30 straight contests, longest streak in the league. ... The Lakers wrapped up a four-game trip over five days.Grizzlies: A contingent of Grizzlies executives, including coach David Fizdale, went to Marion, Indiana for the visitation of F Zach Randolphs mother, Mae Randolph, earlier Saturday. .Green recorded his second double-double of the season. ... Memphis had 32 assists on 41 made field goals. Gasol had eight and rookie Wade Baldwin had a season-best nine assists. .Memphis converted 18 turnovers into 25 points.TRIAGE UNIT:Lakers: Russell (left knee injury), Young (strained calf, right leg) and reserve F Larry Nance Jr. (right knee contusion)Grizzlies: G Mike Conley, G Vince Carter, F Chandler Parsons and F James Ennis. Randolph remains away from the team after the death of his mother.WELCOME BACK NO. 1Lakers reserve C Tarik Black is from Memphis and played at the University of Memphis before playing his final year at Kansas.WELCOME BACK NO. 2Some may forget that Lakers coach Luke Walton was hired as an assistant for the Memphis Tigers during the lockout prior to 2011 NBA season.UP NEXTLakers: Return home for the first time in a week to face the Utah Jazz on Monday night.Grizzlies: Travel to New Orleans to face the Pelicans on Monday night, the only road game over a six-game stretch. Muggsy Bogues Jersey .Y. - Nelson Mandela will be honoured by the New York Yankees with a plaque in Monument Park. Marc Gasol Jersey . Meanwhile, there were huge victories for Sunderland and West Ham over fellow relegation rivals, leaving the battle to avoid the drop up for grabs with the bottom 11 teams separated by just six points. Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres scored second-half goals to seal a fourth straight victory for Chelsea, which climbed above Arsenal and Manchester City in the standings ahead of their games on Monday and Sunday respectively. https://www.cheapraptors.com/443a-p-j-tucker-jersey-raptors.html . Luis Suarezs double powered Liverpool to a 4-0 victory over Fulham, and Southampton easily overcame Hull 4-1 to continue the south coast clubs impressive start to the season. Liverpool and Southampton sent Chelsea down to fourth place as the west London club was held to 2-2 at home. This summer, I started my second season as the defensive backs coach at IC Catholic Prep in Elmhurst, Illinois. Through a run to the IHSA state semifinals last season and into fall camp this year, Ive learned a ton about the game -- more than I ever learned as a player. Heres how my transition into coaching has impacted my view of game prep, scheme, technique, player development and more.The spread offense is legit: Yeah, I was one of those guys who used to look down on the college and high school spread systems. I didnt see it much during my time in the Big Ten at Iowa or throughout my seven-year career in the NFL. It was pro-style or nothing. And I wouldnt budge.But my view has completely changed at IC Catholic due to our offense -- an up-tempo, no-huddle spread system. We play fast, now. Super-fast. Its a two-minute drill for four quarters. And this is the same playbook you will see at UCLA or Oregon.RPOs (run-pass options) are the future of football, but there are plenty of pro-style route concepts in our playbook. Think of Snag, Flood, Hi-Lo, Smash-7 (corner), etc. This is really the same stuff Tom Brady and the Patriots run on Sundays. Sure, there is more window dressing based on alignment, formation and pre-snap movement in the spread, but in my opinion, the quarterback reads and progressions arent that different when compared to NFL offenses. And the same goes for the run game: zone, power, counter, zone-read. With the quarterback in the gun or the Pistol, there are a ton of ways to create advantageous angles in the run game. This stuff works -- and youll only see more of it filter into the NFL in the coming seasons.Conditioning at the start of practice is the key: My old coordinator, Gregg Williams, used to make us do 40 up-downs or gassers or something else horrible at the start of practice. And then we would go chase deep balls during individual period. That was vomit city during camp. And I hated it.But we do the same thing with our team. Why? Because as coaches, we want to see which players can line up, execute and produce when they are tired. I know its hot and nasty -- and I used to complain about it too -- but players need to get over it. I now understand why Gregg ran us at the start of practice: Conditioning tests -- and training camp in general -- sets the tone for the whole season.Teaching terminology and technique: During the first week of camp last season, I told a sophomore safety to play the pocket (play through the hands of the wide receiver). The problem? He had no idea what I was talking about. Just a blank stare.I preach technique every day. Thats the lifeblood of a defensive back. But executing the technique on the field isnt the same as teaching it as a coach. I found that out quickly during my first season at IC.So I start with the basic terminologies and build the proper technique from there. Stance. Alignment. Footwork. Eyes. Angle. And youve gotta rep it -- over and over -- for the technique to translate to production.Calling plays is much harder than it looks: As a former NFL player, I thought calling plays -- on offense or defense -- would be simple. I know the game of football. How tough can this really be? Just blitz here, right? Hey, why not? Send the house.Nah, man, it doesnt work that way. Ive only called plays in a couple of scrimmage situations this summer, and I could feel my heartbeat. Stress? Yeah. A little panic? No doubt. There is an art to this, a practiced routine and a skill to calling plays on either side of the ball.On Friday nights, I will flip over to the offensive headsets and listen to our coordinator, Tony Navigato, run our no-huddle system. Its amazing the way he navigates the chaos. No panic, no fear, just go. Its the same on defensive with coordinator Roger Kelley and linebacker coach Mike Calcagno. These guys are vets. They are relaxed, focused and ready to adjust.Me? Forget about it. I expected to be like my old coordinator, Williams: mad scientist stuff with the game plan. But Im a long way away from being able to call a game on defense without feeling like my heart is going to explode. Plus, I would probably blitz on every down.Players need to be pushed: Current Titans safeties coach Steve Jackson was my position coach back in Washington. One of the best. And I loved playing for him, but he knew how to push his players. One day, after playing in the heat of Texas Stadium and arriving back in D.C. at 6 a.m., he made us do tackling drills.Man, I was gassed, but that was the second game of the season, and Steve wasnt about to let us relax after a big win. No chance. Line up and tackle. Steve made me take four or five reps in a row until it was perfect. To be honest, I wanted him to pick up the rock so I could lay him out, but now I understand why he did it.And I understand why the late Norm Parker -- my defensive coordinator at Iowa -- used to say to us: Ill be your friend, but I wont be your buddy. There is a balance you have to find as a coach with your players. They want to be challenged. But that only works when you gain their trust and they believe in what you are teaching.Tackling technique is more effective (and safer): The old-school tackling techniques that I used as a player? Those are outdated and dangerous. The facemask to the chest? No more. We teach and use the Hawk Tackle (or rugby tackle). It takes the head out of the play and is also very effective in getting the ball-carrier on the ground. Theres a way to be ultra-physical on defense, while also using the proper tackling technique to keep players safe. Thats a positive for our game.Finding a practice plan: Should we drill more footwork today? Do we need to hit more? What about open-field tackling? Deep balls? Breaking downhill? Its tough to find the right balance -- and time -- with your players during individual periods at practice. I preach footwork all the time, but the secondary also needs to dictate the flow of the game with physicality.Just like the pro coaches I played for, I have the staple drills that I want to get in every time we practice: The W--Drill, open angle drill, drive the one-man tackling sled across the field (brutal). Terence Davis Jersey. But I wish I had an hour, maybe an hour and a half, everyday to work with my defensive backs. There is just so much I want to do as a coach. And the planning part, the daily routine that needs to shift constantly to create new competition, isnt an easy as it might look. Yeah, I need to get better at this.Game film: Guys should go into every game with four plays they can make based off film study. The rest of the time? Read your keys and play ball. Thats it. Dont make this something bigger than it really is. But teaching it is tough. Whether you are looking at formations, alignments or splits, they all tell a story. I know that. But it takes time for younger players to see those keys on the film -- even at the NFL level. You cant assume players understand how to study tape. And its now my job to get that information across, to break it down in a way that allows players to learn.It takes work to build a game plan: Every Wednesday in the NFL, players are handed a fresh game plan. And that thing is deep. First and second down install, third down/nickel, backed-up, red zone, goal line, two-minute, four-minute, exotic plays, screens -- you name it, its covered. Looking back on it, I took that stuff for granted. And some players would toss half of it in the trash can. But as a coach, these game plans require a ton of effort and study time from the staff. That means film work, formations, alignment, splits, down and distance, game situation and so on. Charting plays, tendencies, making practice scripts. Coaches at every level work overtime to get these game plans ready. I study more as a coach than I did as a player.Every player is different: I can come down hard on some of my players. And there are others I have to whisper to. Some guys are visual learners. Chalkboard stuff. While others need to see it on the field in a practice setting. And skill sets are different. You cant coach in a box and expect to see your players develop. There is versatility in coaching too.You have to hit in practice: At times, Joe Gibbs used to run 9-on-7 (inside run drill) without a running back. Huh? It was awful. Line up, come downhill and run into dudes. Over and over. But I now understand why he did it. The most physical teams still win. But to create that physical culture, you have to hit in camp and throughout the season. That doesnt mean live tackling in every drill or every team period, but you have to set your pads and compete. And my view on that will never change after seeing the results as a coach.Everyone needs to hit the sled: When Joe Bugel returned to Washington with Joe Gibbs in the 2004 season, he had our O-line on the seven-man blocking sled every day. And it was consistent throughout two-a-days in the Virginia heat. I remember thinking how awful that looked during the second practice of the day. Beat up, tired and still pounding away at that sled. Nah, Im good.But what Ive learned as a coach is that the sled isnt necessarily position specific. At our program, everyone hits that thing -- from the defensive backs to the kickers. It teaches footwork, hand placement, leg drive and the ability to convert speed to power.It all starts with the head coach: I played for five head coaches in the NFL. And four were offensive guys. So, I didnt really connect with them like I did with the defensive coordinator or my position coach. Defensive guys just think differently, I guess. And I viewed them as the boss during my career.But now that Im part of a coaching staff, my view has changed dramatically. Our head coach, Bill Krefft, is special. He gets it. A true teacher. And he has complete control of what happens in his program. You need to have that to win. Ive had pro scouts tell me this repeatedly over the last year when talking about winning teams in the NFL. It starts and ends with the head coach. He is the most important man in the building, even if the players dont always realize it.Kickoff coverage is the best developmental tool in football (at any level): Get rid of kickoffs? Thats a terrible idea. Not only are you eliminating valuable roles for your football team, but covering kicks is the best developmental tool in the game. This is where you learn to play with vision, defeat blocks, use your hands, create angles and tackle in space. I see the development with our players on coverage units every Friday night.Cold weather games: I played in my fair share of cold weather games -- from Illinois high school ball to Iowa to my various NFL stints. As a player, you can dress up the uniform on cold-weather days, and you are always moving around. In short, you can survive -- even during a playoff game in Green Bay. But as a coach? Forget about it. I was freezing in the state semifinal game on the sidelines when a snowstorm hit. But I was also a rookie this past season. Ill be more prepared the next time. Better socks, I guess.Keep it simple on D: I loved deep game plans in the NFL. Tons of pressure and exotic packages. But now that Im coaching, you really dont need a super complex game plan to win -- especially on defense. I would much rather keep it simple and allow my guys to play fast. The last thing you want is to see your players hesitate at the snap. Thats trouble. Find three or four things you do great and roll with it. Its still about technique and toughness over scheme.Life skills: Yeah, I want to win games as a coach. Who doesnt? But Im more concerned with teaching my players how to deal with adversity. Growth and true development. My ultimate goal here? To see my players succeed in college and into the real world. Thats coaching. And Ive learned that quickly at the high school level. You can have a major impact on the development of young men. This game prepares you for life. It always has.ESPN.com NFL analyst Matt Bowen played seven seasons as a defensive back in the NFL. ' ' ' 
GREEN BAY, Wis. Stitched Sports Jerseys . -- Just about everyone who analyzes the NFL has an opinion about whats wrong with Aaron Rodgers.Now we know what the Green Bay Packers quarterback thinks about it, and how he plans to fix it.I just think its accuracy, Rodgers said Tuesday. Ive missed a couple [throws] that Im used to hitting. And you hit those and you take away the throwaways, being able to hit some things on some of those plays instead of extending and throwing the ball away, and were right where we need to be.A week ago, Rodgers was the least-accurate passer in the NFL. Even after he completed 31 of 42 passes for 294 yards in Sundays loss to the Dallas Cowboys, he still ranks 26th in the league in completion percentage (60.2), and the Packers passing game is just 25th in yards per game.Against Dallas, he sailed what would have been a touchdown pass over Randall Cobbs head and missed tight end Richard Rodgers on what could have been a big gain down the middle.Here is Aaron Rodgers plan to improve his accuracy: Just throw it a little bit better.Most of the questions the QB faced from reporters Tuesday were about his struggles, which date to the middle of last season, and the inconsistent offense that has the Packers at 3-2 heading into Thursday nights game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field.Theres going to be stretches where youre playing really great and stretches where youre just a little bit off, and weve just been a little bit off I think collectively, Rodgers said. Im confident. Were five games into it; were going to get it fixed pretty soon.Rodgers, who said after Sundays loss that he planned to watch the film with a glass of scotch and a critical eye, noted Tuesday, Were close.The scotch was great, he said with a smile. You know, I saw things that weve been seeing throughout the year. Were close. Weve been making some plays at times, but not good enough consistently. Weve got to clean some things up. Ive got to make some better throws at times and weve got to get on the same page a little bit more consistently, especially in the red zone. The last two weeks weve really struggled down there, turning the ball over a few times. So youve got to clean that stuff up. You cant take points off the board like that.Rodgers fumbled against the Cowboys on a first-and-goal quarterback draw from the Dallas 1.Weve set the bar so high here for so long, he said. We know that when we dont reach those standards that were going to deal with questions like this for a stretch until we get this thing right, and theres a heightened sense of urgency but theres definitely not any panic around here. Clearance Sports Jerseys . "Jeff is a hard worker who was an important special-teams contributor for us last season," said Stamps GM John Hufnagel. Discount Sports Jerseys . Varlamov made 33 saves and Ryan OReilly had a goal and scored in the shootout as the Avalanche beat the New Jersey Devils 2-1 on Thursday night. https://www.discountsportsjerseyscheap.com/ . The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling "puts an end to my dreams of being a top player," the 27-year-old Troicki said in a statement. "I worked my entire life for it, and it has been taken away from me in one afternoon by a doctor I didnt know," said Troicki, whose ranking peaked at No. Australias former captain Ricky Ponting has put his hand up for a role with the national team, expressing interest in either a selection or coaching job in the wake of the sides present slump. He recently concluded his coaching tenure with Mumbai Indians in the IPL, and there has been some speculation over whether he may be the right man to help drive the Australian team back to better health.Id consider it. I said from the moment I retired that Australian cricket is me. I love Australian cricket and some of the guys that are playing now, I played cricket with them, Ponting told the Age. Im open to discuss any role with Cricket Australia and whatever they come to me with, Ill talk to my family and if we can make it work then great, because I want the best for Australian cricket and I think Ive got a lot to offer as far as thats concerned.Ponting reflected on the departure of the former selection chairman Rod MMarsh and the unforgiving nature of the job. Fake Sports Jerseys. Its a tough job and its a thankless job as well, Ponting said. If you pick a team and it wins, you dont get any credit, but if you pick a team and it loses all of a sudden youre the worst in the world.Its a huge commitment; a massive time commitment. Im still incredibly passionate about the game and about Australian cricket, but its hard to find a role thats going to work both for me and for Cricket Australia.Since his retirement from international cricket in 2012, Ponting has worked in a range of cricket and media roles, and kept in touch with the team. He was among the select circle of people the team performance manager Pat Howard spoke to around the appointment of Darren Lehmann as coach in place of Mickey Arthur in 2013. ' ' ' 
LEXINGTON, Ky. Zapatillas Nike Spain . -- Makayla Epps scored 30 points and Maci Morris had 11 of her career-high 19 in the second half when No. 17 Kentucky pulled away for an 82-68 win over No. 12 Oklahoma in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge on Thursday night.There were six ties and 12 lead changes before a 3-pointer by Makenzie Cann at the 6:35 mark of the third quarter put Kentucky (6-1) up for good 45-43. The Wildcats held Oklahoma scoreless the last two minutes of the third quarter to open a 63-55 lead and then pulled away, leading by 18 with 3:43 to play.The game was a rematch of last years NCAA Tournament with Kentucky winning the second-round game 79-58.Oklahoma (5-1), which was off to its best start in six seasons, led 39-37 at the half on the strength of a 10-0 run over the last 3:05 and eight 3-pointersPeyton Little had five 3-pointers for 19 points and surpassed 1,000 points for her career with the Sooners and Texas A&M. Gioya Carter had four 3s and 18 points and Vionise Pierre-Louis had 15 points and 13 rebounds. Air Max España . - Derek Wolfe says hes finally healthy after suffering a seizure in November that doctors now believe was related to the spinal cord injury he suffered in the preseason. Zapatillas Spain . Arsenal failed to take full advantage of its main rivals stumbles on Saturday as substitute Gerard Deulofeu levelled with a hard shot from a tight angle in the 84th minute to give Everton a deserved point. Ahead of a crucial fortnight that will see them play against Napoli in the Champions League, Manchester City and Chelsea, Arsenal leads by five points ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea. https://www.zapatillasbaratasspain.es/zapatillas-baratas-spain-outlet-online-d2288.html . -- Ryan Blaney provided more evidence that Penske Racings No. Adelaide United are on the lookout for a new line-leading striker after confirmation of Bruce Djites transfer to South Korea.Djite has joined fellow Australian Adrian Leijer at K-League side Suwon FC after completing a medical on Tuesday.The 29-year-old becomes the fourth player from Adelaides victorious A-League grand final side to leave the club during the off-season, following Stefan Mauk (NEC), Craig Goodwin (Sparta Rotterdam) and Bruce Kamau (Melbourne City).Djite was in good form last season, scoring 11 goals in Adelaides final 14 games, and he leaves with a total of 35 goals to his name in 133 appearances across two stints with the club.His departure leaves coach Guillermo AAmor with only one recognised striker on his books, Sergio Cirio. Zapatillas Nike Mujer Baratas. Adelaide have only one remaining foreign spot and might be forced to use it on a replacement for Djite, with the few Australian forwards available on the open market unlikely to be lured to the club.A-League rivals Western Sydney, Sydney FC and Newcastle are all looking to sign strikers, while Brisbane also need back-up for star man Jamie Maclaren.Adelaide are back in official action on August 3, when they face Redlands United at Brisbanes Perry Park in the FFA Cup round of 32. ' ' ' 
SAN DIEGO -- When the New Orleans Saints came to Qualcomm Stadium to stretch their legs after a long flight Saturday, Drew Brees walked to the spot in the west end zone where he suffered a career-changing injury on the last day of 2005, and said a prayer. Scarpe Nike Economiche .It was a great time of reflecting, of just how far Ive come and our team has come, Brees said.Some 24 hours later, Qualcomm was the spot of a great celebration for Brees and the Saints. They rallied with two touchdowns in the final 4 minutes, 50 seconds for a stunning 35-34 victory against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers, who blew a 13-point lead by committing two crucial turnovers.This was as much a team game, a team win, as I could ever remember, said Brees, who left the Chargers as a free agent in early 2006 and led the Saints to their only Super Bowl title four years later.With the Chargers trying to protect a 34-21 lead, Melvin Gordon fumbled and Darryl Tapp recovered at the San Diego 13, setting up Brees 5-yard TD pass to Michael Thomas on fourth-and-2 to pull to 34-28 with 4:50 to go.Travis Benjamin then fumbled after a reception and Nate Stupar recovered at the San Diego 31. Seven plays later, fullback John Kuhn scored his third TD of the game, on a 1-yard run. The PAT made it 35-34.Rivers, who was Brees understudy for his first two NFL seasons, was intercepted by B.W. Webb with 1:10 to go.After the final gun, Brees ran over to the stands and traded high-fives with jubilant Saints fans. After showering and doing postgame interviews, he came back out on the field with several family members and friends.It was the first time Brees played at Qualcomm Stadium since Dec. 31, 2005, when he injured his throwing shoulder in his final appearance as Chargers quarterback. He had surgery and was allowed to leave as a free agent, signing with New Orleans.That gave the starting job to Rivers.That last game in San Diego, I thought my career might have been over, Brees said. As I walked off the field, I thought it might be the last game I would ever play.The Saints took a chance on Brees, and four years later he led them to an NFL title.Brees overcome two interceptions to led the Saints (1-3) to their first win.It was the third time this season the Chargers (1-3) blew a late lead.Chargers coach Mike McCoy was furious.That performance in the second half is flat-out unacceptable, McCoy said. From the very opening kickoff return all the way to the very end. You cannot turn the ball over at critical times when you are trying to put the game away. Two times in a row. We absolutely gave this one away.NO LEAD IS SAFEThe Chargers seemed to have it in control after Rivers directed a 14-play, 74-yard scoring drive capped by Gordons second 1-yard scoring run of the game to give the Chargers a 31-21 lead with 12:15 to play. Rivers kept the drive alive with a pinpoint, 16-yard completion to Tyrell Williams to the New Orleans 7-yard line.The Chargers have led in the fourth quarter of each of their three losses.WHERE IT TURNEDThe Chargers took a 24-14 halftime lead after scoring on three straight possessions, getting the 53-yard TD pass from Rivers to Inman, a 30-yard field goal from Josh Lambo and a 1-yard run by Gordon.San Diego floundered on the opening drive of the second half, making fans nervous. Dexter McCluster caught the opening kickoff of the second half 6 yards deep and bringing it out only to the 15. The Chargers went three and out, and Brees led them on a drive culminated when Kuhn scored on a 1-yard run to pull the Saints to 24-21.ATTENDANCE: The announced crowd was 60,641 at 70,000-seat Qualcomm stadium, the second home game this year well short of capacity. The Chargers are threatening to move to Los Angeles if voters dont approve a $1.1 billion stadium subsidy via an increase in hotel occupancy taxes.ANTHEM PROTEST: Chargers Joshua Perry, Joe Barksdale, Chris Hairston, D.J. Fluker and Tyreek Burwell of held up their right fists during the national anthem.INACTIVES: Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was inactive for the second straight week with a hamstring injury. Also out a second straight week was LT King Dunlap, who is bothered by migraines. ... Chargers lineman Chris Hairston limped off with a groin injury late in the second quarter. ... San Diego defensive end Joey Bosa, out indefinitely with a hamstring injury, has yet to make his NFL debut.INJURIES: Chargers LG Orlando Franklin sustained a knee injury. ... Chargers LB Denzel Perryman injured a shoulder in the second quarter. ... Saints DE Paul Kruger suffered a back injury in the third quarter.---Online: http://pro32.ap.org/poll and http://twitter.com/AP-NFL Air Max 90 Outlet . Third-seeded Murray had the easiest path to victory on New Years Eve, barely breaking a sweat during his 6-0, 6-0 win over 2,129th-ranked Qatari wildcard recipient Mousa Shanan Zayed. Vapormax Outlet . Most important, perhaps, it went off without a hitch. Organizers poked a little fun at the now-infamous opening ceremony gaffe that saw only four out of five snowflakes open up into rings, leaving the Olympics logo one ring short. http://www.scontatescarpenikeoutlet.it/italia-air-max-plus-offerte.html . Numbers Game examines the deal that sees Michael Del Zotto and Kevin Klein switch places. The Predators Get: D Michael Del Zotto. The Milwaukee Brewers have signed free-agent left-hander Tommy Milone to a one-year contract, the team announced Wednesday.In the deal, Milone gets a $1.25 million base salary for 2017, plus incentives, an MLB source tells ESPNs Jerry Crasnick.Milone, 29, owns a 4.14 ERA across six years in the major leagues. He had a 3.92 ERA in 24 games (23 starts) with the Minnesota Twins in 2015 but regressed last season, posting a career-high 5. Yeezy 700 Scontate. 71 ERA in 19 games (12 starts).Milone declined an outright assignment from the Twins at the end of the year, thus making him a free agent.With the signing, the Brewers 40-man roster is full. ' ' ' 
Manchester Thunder head coach Dan Ryan refused to question the decision to postpone the top-of-the table clash with Hertfordshire Mavericks. Chicago Bulls Pro Shop . A leak in the roof at the Thunderdome had delayed the start of the Vitality Netball Superleague match and hosts Manchester were leading 14-9 at the end of the first quarter when officials halted the action due to safety concerns about the wet court.The postponement meant leaders Manchester remain tied on 27 points with the second-placed Mavericks, who can move top of the table with a win over Yorkshire Jets on Monday night, live on Sky Sports. Helen Housby had helped Manchester Thunder into an early lead Ryan insisted he respected the umpires concerns, despite the willingness of both sets of players to continue the match. Players safety is the most important thing, Ryan told Sky Sports. Its the umpires call and they made that decision.From our knowledge, the Mavericks were happy to keep playing, our girls were happy to keep playing. But it was the umpires who made the call and they have the authority to do that, so we have to stand by what they call in the end and the decision stands. But if umpires see reason to be concerned for players safety, then they have the authority to do that and we respect the decision that they made. Dan Ryan Whether it was the correct call or not, Im not too sure, the players were happy to keep playing. But if umpires see reason to be concerned for players safety, then they have the authority to do that and we respect the decision that they made. We were disappointed not to finish the game. We started well and were playing well in the first quarter, so we were quite keen to push on and see what we could do with the game. The Mavericks can take top spot on Monday night The match must now be rescheduled during the hectic closing weeks of the campaign and Ryan admits he understands the dismay of the fans, who were hoping to see a competitive clash. Both teams were fighting for top spot, so there was plenty to play for, and its disappointing that we could not see the game through, said Ryan.A lot of people travel from many different regions and areas to come and watch the game. To only see 15 minutes of it, no doubt they would have been disgruntled, but at the end of the day, you cannot change what happened.Watch the Mavericks against the Jets this Monday night, from 7.30pm on Sky Sports 2. Bulls Jerseys 2020 . It was hard for Luck to pull off another comeback, or even get into the end zone, while standing on the sideline. Rivers threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to rookie Keenan Allen and Nick Novak kicked four field goals to give the Chargers a 19-9 victory against the Colts on Monday night. Stitched Bulls Jerseys . Its the second straight game Bell has scored in extra time for Kelowna, which beat the Brandon Wheat Kings 6-5 on Friday, and he now has four game-winning goals on the season. https://www.cheapbulls.com/ . The deal is pending a physical, assistant general manager Bobby Evans said. Traded from Seattle to Baltimore on Aug. 30, Morse also can play first base and right field to give manager Bruce Bochy some flexibility in writing his lineup. RIO DE JANEIRO -- The Rio de Janeiro Olympics are still just over five weeks away. But they become a tangible reality on Friday when one of their so-called Mega souvenir shops opens on Copacabana Beach.Bring plenty of cash, at least for anything more than a keychain that sells for 25 Brazilian reals ($8). A bikini with the Olympic logo will cost about $100, and a commemorative gold medal at just over $2,000. A bottle of Brazilian wine -- hardly world-famous -- with an Olympic logo lists for $40.Olympic merchandising is big business.Rios head of licensing and retail sales, Sylmara Multini, says organizers hope to sell merchandise worth about 1 billion Brazilian reals ($310 million) to Olympic visitors.Our products are very top quality products and we feel this is a fair price for them, Multini told The Associated Press.Multini said Rio will operate 132 stores around town during the Olympics, many of which will be small kiosks like the six to be set up at the famous Maracana stadium. She said all of the stores are operated by individual companies, which pay royalties to the organizing committee.We dont own the stores, and we dont set the prices, Multini said.Multini talked up the beachwear on sale- the flip-flops, the beach towels, the swimsuits.This is first time in the games that we have such a substantial beach line, she said. It couldnt be anything different. Were in Copacabana. Were in Rio, and we believe these are the products that are really going to fly off the shelf.Brazil is in the midst of its steepest recession since the 1930s. As reporters were shown the souvenir store on Thursday, across town some of the citys soup kitchens for the poor were being closed.The governor of Rio de Janeiro says the state is broke, jeopardizing policing during the games. The completion of a subway line for the games is also in jeopardy. All state-run schools have been hit by teacher strikes. Hospitals are operating, but many workers are not being paid.The show for reporterrs also came a day after a mutilated body washed up on the beach, just a short walk from the merchandise tent and the beach volleyball venue. Fake Bulls Jerseys. Alex Martins, cradling his 9-month-old daughter Camila, stopped by the store during a day at the beach. He said hed probably limit his gifts for Camila to a small stuffed animal for $40.I think this is will be very expensive for regular people here, Martins said. Maybe some will try to buy, but not many will be able to because of the bad economic times. This will be for tourists, I think.The 1,800 square-meter (19,300 square-feet) layout on Copacabana is one of the three largest souvenir stores for the games. The largest store will be a 5,000 square-meter (53,800 square-feet) store in the Olympic Park, while the Athletes Village shop will be 1,000 square-meters (10,750 square-feet).The Copa store could be a windfall for vendors operating kiosks up and down Avenida Atlantica, which runs the 4-kilometer (2.5 mile) length of Copacabana beach.Any Merci works at the kiosk just outside the store -- located between Posts 3-4 on the beach -- and serves up machete-opened coconuts and $4 caipirinhas to thirsty customers. Shes worked around the beach for a dozen years and has never seen business this bad.This last year has been horrible, she said. Im hopeful well do some business, but Im not sure how hopeful we should be.Juliana Mesquita worked alongside Any on Thursday. She senses the possibility for a good few months.Were looking for the foreigners to come by and spend something here, she said. I hope they dont spend it all inside (the store).---This story has been corrected to show that the commemorative gold medal costs just over $2,000 rather than around $3,000.---Stephen Wade on Twitter: http://twitter.com/StephenWadeAP . His work can be found at http://bigstory.ap.org/content/stephen-wade ' ' ' 
WASHINGTON -- The Washington Nationals have a nine-game lead over the New York Mets in the National League East race. Wholesale Sports Jerseys .But that doesnt mean the three-game series between the two teams that begins Monday wont be important.Wed like to beat them, Washington manager Dusty Baker said after Sundays 3-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. We know they have to beat us. It should be a very interesting series.The Mets come to Washington with an eye on the National League wildcard while the Nationals hope to finish with the second-best record in the league and get a possible homefield advantage for the playoffs, perhaps against the Los Angeles Dodgers.Weve got to keep playing, Mets manager Terry Collins told reporters Sunday in Atlanta. We know we can play with (Washington) them. Theyve got a little bit of a pitching issue right now, similar to us. Weve just got to go in there and play. For its about winning games, I dont care who theyre against. You cant look at any particular thing, you just have to go in and win as many games as you can.New York will start right-hander Rafael Montero against the Nationals on Monday. He is 0-0 with a 4.63 ERA this season with New York. He was 8-9, 5.30 in the minor leagues this year with Double-A Binghamton and Triple-A Las Vegas. He pitched 4 1/3 innings on Sept. 6 against the Reds and gave up three hits and four runs.Baker did not name a starter for Monday or Tuesday against the Mets but the Nationals twitter account late Sunday reported that veteran right-hander Mat Latos would start on Monday against the Mets, with A.J. Cole going on Tuesday and Tanner Roark pitching Wednesday.Latos pitched for Baker in Cincinnati in 2012 and 2013 and was 1-0 with a 1.29 ERA in six minor league starts in the Washington system this year. He signed with the Nationals as a minor league free agent on July 3 and is 1-0, 7.71 in two games for the Nationals this year.Latos was with the Chicago White Sox earlier this season -- he pitched against the Nationals one game -- and he was 6-2, 4.62 in 11 games in the American League this year before coming to Washington.Other options for the rest of the season for Washington include two rookie right-handers: Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez.Gioloito made his big league debut against the Mets at home in June while Lopez lost 5-1 to the Mets on Sept. 4 in New York. Lopes has made six starts this year for the Nationals and Giolito has made four.Giolito, who began the year as one of the top pitching prospects in the minors, is 0-1, 5.59 in five games with Washington.There has been some concern about his velocity: he threw in the upper 90s last year but was clocked around 90 in his last outing Wednesday as he came out of bullpen in a game in which Strasburg left early.Lopez has shown a devastating curve at times and is 2-3, 5.52 in his time with the Nationals this year.Cole broke into the majors last year and beat the Mets on Sept. 2 in New York. Cole started at home on Thursday against the Phillies.Cole is 1-2 with a 4.56 ERA in four starts this year for Washington after spending most of the season at Triple-A Syracuse.New York had won eight of its past 11 games after downing the Braves on Sunday 10-3. Dak Prescott Jersey . Tuesdays surgery at Atlantas Piedmont Hospital was performed by Dr. Xavier Duralde and Hawks team physician Dr. Michael Bernot. Magic Johnson Jersey . After a replay, the winner will meet Sunderland in the quarterfinals. Sagbo did well to control Sone Alukos right cross and fire past Brighton goalkeeper Peter Brezovan. Aluko was making his first start in four months after recovering from an Achilles injury. https://www.sportsstarsjerseys.com/randy-moss-jersey/ .ca! Hi Kerry, Heres an interesting one. I know its common knowledge that all players are responsible for their sticks. We witnessed that when Zack Kassian hit Edmontons Sam Gagner in the face after a missed check. Ronnie OSullivan has called for a snooker tournament revamp and believes competitions would be better wrapped up in just four days.OSullivan, who beat both Mark Allen and Jimmy White on Thursday to book his place in the Scottish Open quarter-finals, said he is not fazed by having to play two tournament matches in one day.Its easier, OSullivan told Eurosport. I think these tournaments, it should be done in maybe four days. We [could] all play two matches in one day, best of sevens.It gives you a bit of time to get a bit of rhythm and you feel like you can get some snooker under your belt and maybe play the final on the fourth day, or something like that. I like it. Its pure snooker.The world number 12 looked in control as he beat cclose friend White 4-2 in the third round, securing a fourth round tie against Allen. Baker Mayfield Jersey. OSullivan then bagged two century breaks on his way to beating Allen by the same score.Breaks of 104 and 103 ensured OSullivan raced into a superb start, while Allen pulled a frame back with a run of 74. Five-time world champion OSullivan moved into a 3-1 lead with an 85 break, before Allen cut the deficit with a run of 80.OSullivan sealed victory with breaks of 55 and 34 to set up a quarter-final showdown against John Higgins. The pair are first on the table at Glasgows Emirates Arena at midday on Friday. ' ' ' 
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