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WOW: The main course of Tauren

Tauren's body is large and thick, and its shape has the characteristics of a cow. Adult Tauren weighs between 750 and 900 pounds. They can grow up to 12 feet tall. However, in World of Warcraft, Tauren men are unified at 8 feet and women are nearly 6 feet and a half. Tauren has a dioecious type. The male body is extremely large, the muscles are thick and strong, while the females are relatively short, delicate and feminine. But compared to human males, female Tauren still looks taller and stronger.

Social culture
Tauren sees 15 years old as an adult and has a life length roughly equal to that of humans. They will have many names in their lives - a childhood name, a name in youth, a name in adulthood, and often use a completely different name to communicate with foreigners.
Although Tauren was brave in the battle, most of the time they were very calm. They love jewelry, like to decorate their hair with gems, or hang the chain ornament on the corner.

They have simple hieroglyphics but are not universal. Traditions, precepts, and stories are mostly spread and inherited through oral narration.
According to tradition, many women Tauren chose to become shamans, and they felt their connection with the mother of the earth (described later in the “Tauren tribe's creation myth”). Some foreign scholars believe that the mother of the earth that Tauren believes is actually a form of life's genus, the red dragon queen Alexstrasza.

Tauren's shamans often wear the totems passed down by their ancestors, which are made from huge logs. These woodware are also often used as weapons. Chiefs also use long-gun weapons, while others wear hammers or canes.
Tauren has long been skilled in making and using short knives to defend himself. Although this technique can easily be developed and made into longer irons, the belief in nature does not allow them to dance the shining sword. Still, Tauren in the game can still use Classic WOW Gold, although this is a very difficult character to control, but as long as you are too strong. Tauren can still be mastered by you. If you are having trouble with the game, you can purchase the WOW Classic Boosting service and use them to help you get to know the game more quickly.

Recent overview

Tauren is one of the oldest races in World of Warcraft. Thousands of years before the human and orc war, Tauren, who followed the Shaman culture, had established their tribal society. The kind Tauren are calm and not fighting. As a result, they remain low-key and do not participate in the endless disputes of Azeroth.
Tauren is scattered into a number of tribes living in the central grasslands of the Kalimdor continent. When they meet the orc tribes that have migrated, they are being devastated by the hostile race, the ferocious centaur. The young orc leader, Thrall, directed his troops to successfully rescue Tauren. From Sal, the leader of the Tauren blood hoof clan, Kane Bloodhoof, felt great personality and excellent commanding ability. They formed a solid alliance and quickly repelled the invasion of Centaur.
The other two races in the tribe, the orcs and the jungle trolls, share many similar ideas with Tauren and believe in similar shamanism. Tauren provides timely mediation and support to the impetuous allies with ancient cultural accumulation and calm personality. Since then, Tauren has become an indispensable force in the tribe.
However, due to the trauma of the fierce battle with the Centaur, Tauren's population is still recovering.
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WOW classic:Bard suit

Weapons and armor are good at: Bard is good at using all simple weapons, plus long swords, fine swords, sap, short swords, short bows, long whip. Bard is good at wearing light armor and shields (except for tower shields). Bard is not affected by the probability of normal arcane failure when wearing a light armor to cast a poet spell. Of course, like other arcane spellcasters, casting a spell with a pose when wearing a heavy armor or holding a shield (most spells) will still be affected by the probability of arcane failure, and the part-time Bard is showing Arcane gains from other occupations are still affected by the probability of arcane failure.

Bard casts the Arcane in the Bard Arcane list. He can cast any spells he knows without preparation. All Bard spells have a verbal component (singing, memorizing, or music). To learn or cast spells, Bard's charm must reach 10+ spell levels. The level of exemption against Bard spells is 10 + spell level + Bard Charisma modifier.
Like other casters, Bard can only cast a limited number of spells per spell level per day. His basic daily spell distribution scheme is listed in the table: Bard. In addition, if he has a higher glamour value, he can also get daily reward spells. If the table: Bard points out that Bard gets 0 spells at a spell level, he can only get the number of bonus spells on the spell level for the charm.

Bard's choice of spells is very limited. At the beginning, Bard can learn 4 level 0 spells based on your choice. When you get a new Bard level, he will get one or several new spells according to the spell known by Bard. (Unlike daily spells, Bard knows that spells have nothing to do with charm. Table: The numbers in Bard know spells are fixed)
After every 5 Bard levels (8, 11, etc.) after Level 5, Bard can learn a new spell to replace previously known spells. In fact, Bard "discards" a known spell to exchange a new spell. New spells must have the same level of spells as he exchanges, and must be at least two levels lower than Bard's ability to cast the highest level spells. Bard can only swap one spell per spell level, and must decide whether to exchange spells while gaining new spells at that level.
As mentioned earlier, Bard does not need to prepare spells in advance. As long as he has not used up his daily spells at this level, he can cast any known spells at any time. When Bard uses spells, Buy WOW Classic Gold can effectively help him enhance his spell power. Players using both spells and WOW Classic Gold can not only enhance the damage, but also enhance the spell gain.

When Bard judges whether he knows some local celebrities, legendary items, notable places, etc., he can make a special anecdote knowledge check, which adds his Bard level + his intelligence correction. . (If the Bard's knowledge (history) level reaches level 5 or higher, then he gains a +2 bonus on this check.)
Successful anecdotal knowledge checks cannot reveal the power of magic items, but may give some hints about the role of the item. Bard can't take 10 or take 20 to do this check, the result of knowledge is random.

Bard is a symbol of harmony. They travel around, describe the beauty they see with music, and express their feelings with music. The harp in Bard's hand becomes a weapon during the battle. The notes played by it can greatly enhance the strength of themselves and their teammates. They can also cause great damage to the enemy. Click on to purchase the relevant World of Warcraft gold coins. Buy gold coins now and enjoy a low price to help you quickly upgrade in the game.
Molten Core

    Molten Core is the first true copy of the RAID team in World of Warcraft (40 players). The highest-level Raid copy in wow1.5.2 requires 40 people to work together. (Opened the Winged Nest in WOW 1.6.1, it is also a copy of 40 people.) Any one of the mobs has the strength to surpass the ordinary copy BOSS. The BOSS is even less white, and almost every one needs the cooperation and efforts of the entire team. Defeat them, not only to get countless epic item rewards (purple equipment, including professional suits), but more importantly, let team members experience the joy of teamwork and pride and pride.

    Copy description
    Molten Heart is the most advanced Raid copy in Chinese WOW1.5.2. It requires 40 people to work together. Any one of the mobs has the strength to surpass the ordinary copy BOSS. The BOSS in the game is stronger than one. Almost every level requires the cooperation and effort of the entire team.

    Located in the depths of the Blackrock Depths in the Black Rock Mountain at the junction of the Searing Gorge of the Eastern Kingdom and the Burning Plains, the Black Iron Seven Hyun Hall (the tomb of the Summoner) and the lecture hall are a green copy door with fire elements. After completing the entrance task, you can transfer directly from the NPC at the bottom of Blackrock Mountain.

    Here is the nest of the elemental lord Ragnaros, summoned by the Black Iron Dwarf. Molten Core is at the bottom of the Blackrock Depths. This is the center of Blackrock Mountain, and the place where the war of the dwarves was reversed a long time ago. Sorensen the Great, the king of the elemental flame, Ragnaros summoned to the world. Although the King of Fire can't stay away from the Molten Core, it is believed that his elemental minions control the Black Iron Dwarf and form an army outside the ruins. The burning lake of Ragnaros has a crack that connects the fire plane, allowing evil elements to pass. The primary agent of Ragnaros is the manager of Exotus - because this is the only thing that can awaken the king of fire. World of Warcraft Classic Gold can make you become more energy-efficient, and now you can enjoy a very low price.

    Magma giant
Background: This giant is in pairs. Their uniqueness is that they won't refresh again in a Raid event. This giant has a very high HP value and is a very difficult monster to deal with. Attack: Repelling a single target is the trick it uses on the tank, and this attack also reduces the hate value of the tank. In addition to applying 600-800 attacks to the tank, it will also step on and attack multiple targets.
Strategy: The strategy to deal with them is very concise. It is very dangerous once the monster enters the camp and begins to attack non-tank characters. So bring them outside the camp, assign a tank and equip him with two healers, and the tank will lead one as far as possible. The Raid team will focus on the other one, once the monster dies and then deal with it. The one left. Dealing with giants should focus on slowing down the player and cleaning up the area step by step. They are common high blood monsters that need to be cleaned first.

    Flame lord
    Attack: This monster has multiple attacks. It imposes a relatively weak attack on the tank and deals 500 ignition damage to most people. However, it is capable of Debuff players causing the fire damage to increase by XXX points. It can also apply 4000 points of continuous damage to a single target, that is, 250 fire damage per second and a silent state. The last special skill of the Flame Lord is Raid's disaster star. It will summon a lava monster on a regular basis. This kind of monster will attack 600 damage on a single target. If it is long enough, it will split into 2, then 2 and 4 and so on. The difficulty of this kind of copy is far from the average player can accept, the boss level is also very rare in the game, it is recommended that ordinary players try not to participate, or wait for themselves to become stronger and then participate, in this In the process, players can use WOW Classic Power Leveling to help them quickly upgrade their level.
World of Warcraft: Weapon Warrior

    Weapon Warrior is a branch of the warrior profession in the famous online game World of Warcraft. The talent is a strengthening weapon system. Compared with the violent talent, the weapon's weapon talent is focused on strengthening the damage of various weapons (two hands). In particular, crit damage has increased the explosiveness of weapon warriors.
Weapon warriors have long been called "battlefield talent" because of the high damage of the two-handed weapon, the slow speed, and the instability of the copy output, but because of its high explosive power, it has a strong PVP ability.

Talents mainly strengthen weapons. Compared with violent warriors, weapons warriors are good at holding two-handed weapons. They can cause a lot of damage in an instant, but because of the slow attack speed of two-handed weapons, and the limitation of the fighter's anger slot, it is difficult for the weapon warrior to become a copy. DPS.
The change in weapon talent after 3.0 made the weapon warrior a good melee output. With bloodshed + severe injury + suppression and a 0.5 second slam, the weapon warrior can not only generate a lot of damage but also assist the team's other physical output occupations.
    In the World of Warcraft Cataclysm, the weapon warrior once again climbed to the top of the DPS. Compared to the newly opened version 4.3, the weapon warrior output is slightly better than the violent warrior. Players are welcome to use Cheap WOW Classic Gold in the game. With his help, all difficulties can be solved and help you build your own team in the game.

    Mists of Pandaria

The skill damage of all occupations has been adjusted in the mystery of the Pandaren. Many talent skills have become general or specialized skills.
Removed the field that was originally equipped with remote, sacred, and throwing items. All weapons will be placed in the weapon field. Long-range weapons, including wands, have been strengthened and become more powerful. Ranged weapons no longer have a minimum range limit.
Intelligence no longer increases the upper limit of mana. The upper limit of mana for all occupations only changes with the level. Spirit is still an important attribute of the healer.
Hits and spell hits merge, and now hit attributes reduce the chance of melee and spell misses. Precision now reduces the chances of dodge and spell misses, as well as parry.
Precision now displays the percentage as directly as the hit, rather than displaying it as an intermediate value. We unify the hit and precise calculations, and now each 1% increase in these two attributes requires the same hit/precision level.
A ranged attack can be dodged. Hunters will be able to benefit from precision.
Resilience is now renamed "Defense (PvP)" or may be "PvP Defense." Player damage to other player characters is reduced by 40%.
PvP equipment will have defense attributes as well as a new attribute "PvP". Strength increases the damage you do to other players and the amount of healing you have in other players in the PvP environment.
Removed spell resistance and no longer increased the gain of resistance. The increased resistance of all racial talents will be reduced to reduce spell damage. The spell penetration on existing items is all replaced by PvP strength.
Improves the cooldown of all spell breaking skills.
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new skill
The Battle Flag (Level 87) throws a flag at 30 yards to intimidate your enemies or inspire your comrades. Each time you use the battle flag, you can choose one of the following effects: Challenge Battle Flag: Forces all enemies within 15-30 yards to attack you for 6 seconds, and the battle flag lasts 30 seconds.
Frustration Battle Flag: Reduces all damage dealt by all enemies within 30 yards by 10% and the Battle Flag continues to 15
Skull Battle Flag: Increases the critical damage of all the squad and team members within 30 yards by 20% for 10 seconds.
World of warcraft-MONK skill

Monk information

Regardless of their role in the battle, Monk uses his own fists to show his strength and strengthen his ability with the instinct flowing in his body. Monk has the ability to deal damage to enemies while healing allies. For example, the true air wave.
Type: Tank, Heal, Melee Damage output.

Status bar: life, infuriating, energy, mana.
Available armor: cloth armor, leather armor.
Available weapons: glove, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword, long-handled weapon, staff.
Three poses: Barbarian (tank), Linglong (treatment), and Tiger (DPS).
Two kinds of statues: the statue of the mysterious cow (tank) and the statue of the dragon (treatment).
Use an energy system similar to the Stalker, but choose the Linglong style to replace the energy strip with a blue strip. In addition, Monk has a unique resource strip, which is qi.
Main attributes: Agile (tank and DPS), intelligence (healing).
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Partial skills
Shenhe leads the neck kick: casts a roundabout kick in the air, causing 1 physical damage per second to the enemy within 8 yards. The movement speed is reduced by 30%. Lasts 6 seconds.
Rolling: Rolling forward a short distance.
Broken Jade Lightning: Guides the shattered jade lightning to the target, causing natural damage within 6 seconds. There is a 15% chance to deal 1 damage when dealing damage.
Meditation: Reduces all damage taken by you by 90% and grants you the the the the the the the the the the the
Dichotomy of the soul: Separating the body from the soul and leaving the soul in place.
Divine Soul: Transfer and soul change positions.

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Classes symbol
    Flying in the sky: Flying is a very subtle state that can interact in mid-air, such as mining fire cooking or other things, similar to the druid's travel form; but once you enter the battle, you will immediately dismiss the Zen flight. Since it is an instant, you can release this state at any time, or immediately lift off the air to avoid unnecessary battles. Since the Zen flight speed is slower and the battle will be lifted, it will generally find a safe in the air. The place summons the flying mount.
    Cannot be used where it is not possible to summon a flying mount. Not own skills, you need to find NPC to buy props to learn. Rolling: Rolling on the ground can make Monk move fast on the battlefield. If you point out the talent, you can evolve into a true tooth-toothed Zen pilgrimage: read a 10 second strip and send it back to the top or temple, if you don't leave the two places. If you cast it again, you can transfer it to the graveyard near the original location. This reading strip is not interrupted like a hearthstone, so it can be passed away to avoid death and save the cost of repairs and food runes.

    Monk talent
The Pandaren martial arts masters shared the secrets of ancient martial arts that they passed down from generation to generation to the young warriors of the Alliance and the Horde. By harnessing the power of the heart and using the energy of “infuriating”, Monk can act as any role on the battlefield: injury, defense and healing.
POE-Rollenanalyse - Hexe

Hexen-Intelligenz-Charaktere, die Hauptentwicklungsrichtung sind Zaubersprüche, Beschwörungen, Totems, Elemente, Schilde.
Weil alle Berufe nur unterschiedliche Ausgangspunkte sind, aber die Talentkarte geteilt wird, und die Fähigkeiten auch. In der Vergangenheit spielten Hexen nur als Magier, aber auf dem Weg des Exils ist die theoretische Entwicklung sehr frei, aber wir müssen das Problem des Überlebens aufgreifen und als Kern des Talents überlebt haben, damit Sie andere Fähigkeiten spielen können die Hexe, wie die Fähigkeiten des Zauberers. Wie Schamanenfähigkeiten und so weiter.

Wenn sie sich nicht der inneren Schwäche ergeben würden, würden sie mein Talent nicht fürchten. Wenn sie mein Haus nicht in Brand stecken würden, würde ich ihre Kinder nicht mitnehmen. Jetzt bin ich auf die Geisterinsel Valklas verbannt. Ich höre. Ich habe gesagt, dass es hier Gerüchte über die Mönche gibt, und ich habe auch bekannte Ängste in den Augen anderer Verbannter gesehen. Für mich ist es nicht anders als an anderen Orten. Die Elemente sind meine Verbündeten, die Verstorbenen sind meine Diener, und die Angst wird mein engster Freund sein.

A1 Elementarschaden und -widerstand: Erhöht den Elementarschaden um 6% und den Elementarschaden um 10%.

A2 Vorfahrenursprung: Wenn Ihr magisches Bild existiert, erhöhen Sie den Schaden des entsprechenden Elements um 40%, den Schaden des magischen Elements Ihres Elements, erhöhen Sie den Verstärkungseffekt von 100% elementarem magischem Bild und haben Sie höchstens ein magisches Bild.

B1-Elementschaden, ungewöhnliche Zustands-Chance: Erhöht den Elementschaden um 10% und die Chance, dass der Feind einfriert, spürt und sich entzündet, um 3%.

B2 abnormaler Zustand: alle 14 Sekunden: Enthält Eisstagnation für 4 Sekunden, einschließlich galvanischer Konvergenz für 4 Sekunden, einschließlich zündendem Zusammenfluss für 4 Sekunden, einschließlich Eisminderung, elektrischer Stimulation, zündendem Zusammenfluss für 2 Sekunden abnormaler Zustand dieser Eigenschaft.

B3 Elementarschaden: Chance auf abnormalen Status: Erhöht den Elementarschaden um 10% und die Chance auf 3%, den Feind einzufrieren, zu spüren und zu entzünden.

C2 Cataclysm Eruption: Reduziert den Schaden des Elements des Infest des verletzten Kindes.

D4 Chaosgenie:
Schaden durchdringt 25% Frostbeständigkeit, wenn Sie in den letzten 10 Sekunden Feuerzauber erlitten haben
Schaden durchdringt 25% Blitzresistenz, wenn Sie in den letzten 10 Sekunden Frostfertigkeit haben
Schaden durchdringt 25% Feuerresistenz, wenn Sie in den letzten 10 Sekunden Blitzeinschlag erlitten haben

In diesen kraftvollen Kontexten kann man sich das Praktikum der Hexe vorstellen. Seit dem Erscheinen des Spiels ist die Hexe ein sehr heißer Charakter. Spieler verwenden es oft mit POE-WÄHRUNG und Fertigkeiten, um die Widerstandsfähigkeit und den Schaden der Fertigkeit zu erhöhen. Wenn Ihr Path of Exile Currency oder POE ORBS nicht ausreicht, gehen Sie zu kann auch das angebot genießen.

E1 Energieschild, Energieschild-Wiederherstellungsrate:
Erhöht den Schild um 8%.
Erhöht die automatische Wiederherstellungsrate um 15% Schild.

E2 bösartige Zelle:
Füge 100 Schilde hinzu,
Wenn der Schild innerhalb der letzten 4 Sekunden zu antworten beginnt, wird die Antwort des Schildes nicht unterbrochen.
Source of shaman

    Source and its evolution
    In the current written records, Shamanism may arise independently from the native orc tribe of Draenor, the fallen draenei Esso (the Broken), the Amazing Dwarf Dwarf, Kalimdor. The Tauren, the Panda of Pandaria, and the Troll tribes scattered throughout the country, and extended to the Goblin. Out of worship and awe of elements, ancestors, nature, and animal gods, some wise men have realized how to communicate with these noble primitive beliefs and need help, thus forming shamanism; these wise men become the first shamans. .

    Since shamanism is equivalent to “state religion” among the orcs, the first shaman was in a leading position among the orcs, or became the most powerful staff of the clan chiefs, or directly led a clan. Although the shaman at this time was very influential among the orcs, it did not make the whole orc formed a close-knit race, thus leaving hidden dangers for the shackles of Gul'dan and his warlocks.

    Blizzard did not mention too many books on the formation of the shamanistic beliefs of the Wildhammer Dwarf, but it can be guessed that the reason for this belief is because of the special geographical location of the Eagle Nest: surrounded by mountains, biodiversity High, natural environment is superior, and the wild hammer dwarf who loves nature naturally produces the affinity for nature and elements. Similarly, the Mulgore grasslands inhabited by the Tauren are equally temperate, and the Tauren also have a tradition of worshipping ancestors and Mother Earth. Some racial habits similar to the Draenor Orcs should be the source of their shamanic beliefs.

    The troll races scattered throughout the planet have a tradition of studying voodooism and worshiping animal gods in the early days of the troll empire. Although some of them may not seem evil, it is still speculated that the trolls have shamans. the reason. As for the Panda people of Pandaria, the shamanistic beliefs should also originate from their special geographical structure. But the four gods that mainly affected Pandaria were served by the monks, and there seemed to be no direct connection between the shamanism and the four gods.

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    The draenei master of shamanism is derived from the broken leader, Nobundon. The draenei, who almost lost himself, listened to the elemental response in the process of unwillingness, so he led some of the broken pieces of hope to receive the gift and gave it to other undecided virtues. Lenny. As for the goblin... We can only guess that the volcanic eruption on Kozan Island caused some of the goblins to lose their faith in money and machinery, and turned to the ring of the earth under the leadership of Thrall, who has been here.

    A more representative example of this should be a goblin shaman named "Golden Block" that players often come into contact with during the Cataclysm mission line. During Gul'dan and his Shadow Council gradually mastered the tribal powers, he staged a good show, which in turn forced all the shamans to abandon the shamanism and turn into a servant of demons and fels. Only a few shamans with firm positions The priest escaped. This made the shamanism's strength severely weakened, and even once it was close to losing. The revival of Shamanism benefited from the establishment of a new tribe.

    As the new leader of the Horde, Thrall is also a shaman of the pro-passage of the Derek Tal, the elder of the Frostwolf clan. Knowing the evil of the demon spell, he vigorously revitalized the shamanism within the new tribe, and the orcs began to study this ancient tradition, and the shaman also restored his former lofty status. The trolls improved the shamanism based on the traditional voodoo and formed a relatively independent shamanism. Shamanism emphasizes the balance of elements, and the attitude toward elements is “request” rather than “requirement”. Although the shamans themselves admire peace, in the war-torn Azeroth, this goal is far from reach. In order to defend their faith, the shamans became a member of the war and carefully manipulated the power of the violent elements. All shamans are members of the "Round of the Earth", a neutral organization that aims to calm the elements of the war-torn Azeroth.
POE: Hexenkarriere Einführung

Hexen sind kluge Missionen. Die Hauptentwicklungsrichtungen sind Zaubersprüche, Beschwörungen, Totems, Elemente und Schilde.
Da alle Berufe nur unterschiedliche Ausgangspunkte sind, aber alle professionellen Talentkarten gemeinsam genutzt werden, das heißt, unterschiedliche können direkt dasselbe Tianfu verwenden, und selbst einige mächtige Spieler können alle Talentfähigkeiten nutzen, ist dies eine schreckliche Existenz. ! Das Gleiche gilt für Fertigkeiten, aber Sie müssen das Überlebensproblem begreifen, das Überleben als Kerntalent verwenden, Ihre kraftvolle Vorstellungskraft im Spiel frei entfalten und Ihr eigenes Exil erschaffen!

Wenn sie nicht Höhen und Tiefen sind, werden sie keine Angst vor meinem Talent haben. Wenn sie mein Haus nicht feuern würden, würde ich ihre Kinder nicht mitnehmen. Jetzt bin ich auf die Geisterinsel Valklas verbannt. Ich habe von den Mönchen hier in den Augen anderer Verbannter gehört. Angesichts der vertrauten Angst ist es hier nicht anders als bei mir. Das Element ist mein Verbündeter, der Verstorbene ist mein Diener, und die Angst wird mein engster Freund sein.

Elementarschaden und -widerstand: Erhöht den Elementarwiderstand um 6% und den Elementarschaden um 10%. Und wenn Ihr Golem vorhanden ist, erhöht er den Schaden des entsprechenden Elements um 40%, erhöht den Verstärkungseffekt des 100% -Elementar-Golems und hat gleichzeitig nur einen Golem.

Elementarschaden, Chance auf abnormalen Zustand: Erhöht den Elementarschaden um 10% und die Chance, dass der Gegner einfriert, spürt und sich entzündet, um 3%.

Modellkatastrophe: Reduziert den Schaden um 50%.

Elementarschaden, Angriffsgeschwindigkeit und Zaubergeschwindigkeit: Erhöht den Elementarschaden um 10% und erhöht die Angriffs- und Zaubergeschwindigkeit um 4%.

Zerstörungsuhr: Erhöht den Elementarschaden alle 4 Sek. Um 100%. 4 sek.

Schaden durchdringt 25% Frostbeständigkeit, wenn Sie in den letzten 10 Sekunden Feuerzauber angewendet haben.
Schaden durchdringt 25% Blitzresistenz, wenn Sie in den letzten 10 Sekunden Frost-Fertigkeit haben.
Schaden durchdringt 25% Feuerresistenz, wenn Sie in den letzten 10 Sekunden die Fähigkeit Blitz eingesetzt haben.

Die verfluchten Feinde, die du besiegst, haben eine Chance von 20% zu explodieren und verursachen einen chaotischen Schaden, der einem Viertel ihres Lebens entspricht. Und 10% des Schadens von deinen verfluchten Feinden.

Totenturm: Erhöht 20% des Chaosschadens und erhöht den Schaden

Dunkler Kommandant:
Die Aura, die Ihr wirkt, erhöht den Schaden, den Ihr und die Umgebung anrichten.
Die von dir gewirkte Aura erhöht die Angriffs- und Zaubergeschwindigkeit von dir und deinen nahen Freunden um 5%.
Sie und Ihre Freunde sind von Ihrem Heiligenschein betroffen und erhöhen den Widerstand um 20%.

Das Obige ist die Einführung der meisten Karrieren von "Hexen". Wenn Sie weitere Einzelheiten erfahren möchten, klicken Sie auf, eine Website über die POE-Währung, die bezahltes Geld und Hexen enthält. Durch den professionellen Bonus-Effekt können die Lieblingsspieler Chaos Orb sowie verschiedene Talentpunkte kaufen, um der Hexe zu einer mächtigen Rolle zu verhelfen!
POE: "War of the War" -Saison-Spiel in das Kernspiel

Das vom Krieg heimgesuchte Land ist eine sehr beliebte Saison, und neben den zahlreichen positiven Rückmeldungen aus dem Exil ist der Inhalt des Spiels selbst sehr hoch. Und da das Legion-Gameplay hauptsächlich im Bereich der Begegnungen und Kämpfe auf der Karte liegt, ist es recht einfach, es in das Hauptspiel POE Currency Kaufen integrieren.

Sie können der Legion auch auf folgende Arten begegnen:
Sextant anbringen
Blaue Kristallgrube

Der Inhalt von S8 of Exiles dreht sich um das Thema des Schlachtfeldes. Seit Tausenden von Jahren sind die mächtigsten Militärführer in der Geschichte von Valklas auf dem Gebiet des ewigen Krieges gefangen und in einen ewigen Krieg verwickelt. In der vom Krieg heimgesuchten Landsaison von "The Road to Exile" befreien die Spieler sie von endlosen Schlachten, stellen sich ihnen und beenden diesen endlosen Kampf

In der Hauptgeschichte der S8-Saison zeigt das Spiel eine sehr detaillierte Darstellung der wichtigsten militärischen Anführer, die auf dem Schlachtfeld gefangen sind. Während des Fortschritts der Geschichte stehen die Spieler vor vielen Herausforderungen. Nach dem Sieg werden die Spieler begrüßt. Es wird eine beispiellose Belohnung und ein Schatz sein.

Im sicheren Haus von Syndicate wird Vaan an die Legion vergeben, einschließlich der Legion und der ewigen Fragmente. Sie finden die Belohnung der Legion auch in der Kiste hinter der Wand der Blue Crystal Mine.

Wir planen auch, dem Kartengerät ein Zana-Affix für die zukünftige Verwendung in der zukünftigen Version hinzuzufügen (jedoch nicht in der S9-Saison).

In der kriegsgeschüttelten Ländersaison haben wir versucht, das späte Gameplay auf unbestimmte Zeit zu erleben, und die Verbannten können den Domäneninhalt des Kampfes unbegrenzt oft erleben. Dieses Gameplay existiert immer noch, wenn sich die Legion dem Hauptspiel anschließt.

Gleichzeitig haben wir Belohnungen im Ewigen Krieg hinzugefügt, sodass jeder Spieler, der diese Inhalte erlebt, eine gute Belohnung erhält. Zu diesem Zweck haben wir die erste Runde der Monsterbelohnungen hinzugefügt, wodurch die Auferstehungszeit für jede Runde der Monster verringert wurde. Die Belohnungen der Generallegion werden nicht reduziert, aber die Belohnungen anderer Monster werden reduziert. Die Erfahrungen auf dem Gebiet der ewigen Kriegsführung werden wir jedoch nicht reduzieren.

Der Schatz der Legion und die grundlegenden Belohnungen werden nicht viel geändert. Die Crack-Belohnungen liefern weniger Crack-Fragmente, zum Teil, weil sie etwas zu viel sind, und zum Teil, weil sie die beiden Sätze der speziellen Kartenbegegnungen voneinander trennen. Wir hoffen, dass die meisten Ihrer abgebrochenen Teile aus dem Crack-Spiel stammen!

Der Beamte hat auch einen zusätzlichen Inkubator hinzugefügt, und die Spieler können auch die verschiedenen angebotenen Belohnungen genießen, solange Sie Ihre Ziele erreichen.

Wir mochten den Prozess der Kriegsjahreszeit und bedanken uns für Ihre Teilnahme, damit "POE" weiterhin voller Vitalität bleibt. Das Team freut sich darauf, Ihnen in wenigen Tagen die kommende Saison vorzustellen.
DOFUS: événement d'août

Une partie de cette lettre du jeu en ligne DOFUS est disponible. Passons en revue les grands événements du dofus de ce mois-ci. La troisième saison de la ligue des serveurs - Temporis, les défis de Jolia en août, la fin du Missiz Frizz Challenge, etc., constituent l’actualité de dofus en août. De nombreux articles ont été ajoutés à notre encyclopédie et sont à la disposition des joueurs.

Questionnaire: Nous avons besoin de vous!
L’équipe de jeu DOFUS a commencé une lettre d’enquête plus tôt ce mois-ci dans le but de recueillir des commentaires sur GamesOnline et DOFUS de la part de nouveaux joueurs. Cette enquête ne perd pas beaucoup de temps pour les joueurs, juste quelques minutes. La mission consiste à enquêter sur l'apparence graphique, la facilité d'utilisation et la navigation sur le site Web de dofus, à lui poser des questions et à fournir des modules et des outils à la communauté.

Afin de répondre correctement aux questions de cette enquête, l'équipe de jeu vous invite tout d'abord à visiter la partie DOFUS de la zone d'étude.
L'équipe officielle aimerait remercier les joueurs pour leur coopération active et leur aide. Si vous le pouvez, n'hésitez pas à partager ce sondage avec vos camarades de jeu. Nous aurons plus de réponses au sondage. En fonction des commentaires reçus, l'équipe peut prendre plus d'actions et ajuster en permanence le contenu du jeu et les liens.

Champions de défi
Le dernier numéro du Misszi Frizz Challenge s'est terminé le 28 juillet, alors que Kra (bru), Miss-Shigekax et Neiyk ont ​​gagné respectivement dans les compétitions suivantes:
PvM Challenge Shadow: Miss-Shigekax
Smith Magic Challenge: Kra (bru)
PVM Cell Challenge: Neiyk

Défi de forge
Forge Challenge est la création de trois objets aux caractéristiques très particulières. Les trois objets spéciaux sont Kimbo Chapignon, Ougamulette et Sandals Circulaires. Les participants ont bravement accepté ce défi et, même pour certains d'entre eux, le but de cette démarche est de se dépasser constamment et de se rendre toujours plus forts et meilleurs!
Dans ce jeu, ce que les challengers doivent faire est de rivaliser avec d’autres adversaires sur la base de l’achèvement des normes proposées et de mieux correspondre au créateur des produits.
Lors du lancement du PVM Challenge, le premier défi consistait à vaincre le gardien de l'ombre au sommet de la pyramide avec trois personnages dans la dimension sombre, et le second défi devenait extrêmement difficile, obligeant deux personnages à explorer se cachant à Amakna. La cellule du sphincter au bas de l'égout du château.

Ce défi comporte de nombreuses récompenses, et les récompenses entre les différents niveaux sont différentes. Le champion aura l’occasion de se procurer du matériel rare et des kamas dofus. Et cette fois, l’officiel a généreusement remporté 50000 kamas dofus en tant que champion, si vous pouvez remporter le championnat, vous pourrez économiser sur le coût d’acheter kamas.

Vous trouverez toutes les inscriptions au concours Forgemagie ou PVM sur le forum officiel de dofus, qui comprend des informations sur les gagnants, leurs réalisations et leurs bonus. Et merci à tous les participants pour leur attitude sérieuse et la bonne ambiance créée autour de l’événement, peut-être qu’il y aura de nouvelles aventures bientôt!
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