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RuneScape and Old School RuneScape launched exclusive gifts for four months for officially certified members. In addition to providing free membership of MMORPG, players will also receive a large amount of Runescape Gold, which is really amazing!

The news was released in the Department of Digital, Culture, Media with Sports (DCMS) of the British government, and we work together to hope that players will have better gaming experience.

This time we launched a very secure trading platform. This is the third collaboration between RuneScape and Twitch. This is the official promotion of the official trading website, you can OSRS Gold For Sale at

In its call to ban the sale of loot to children, the report also recommended more research to address addiction barriers, the long-term effects of gaming with the protection of vulnerable players. We call on minors not to recharge any game items.

Old School Runescape players around the world are beginning to return to the carnival for Deadman Mode Tournament. As part of Jagex's contribution to the PlayApartTogether movement, the competition will last for a month, where they will donate to some charities.

The idea of ​​Deadman mode is that the player will start completely from scratch and must advance and upgrade as soon as possible. If you are a fan of Old School Runescape, you will know that this is not easy. Deadman mode runs on the Player vs Player server. If you experience a crash on this server, everything must be restarted, which makes the game more challenging. If you want to pass the game smoothly, it is very important to get enough RS3 Gold.

Every player starts with a three-level battle. The experience gained in "Dead Mode" is five times the normal amount, and you can win various rewards! The progress of any other Runescape games (including "Old School") will not be affected. After killing the player, you will get Blood Money which can be used to purchase Deadman Mode armor.

The top 2,000 players of the Deadman Mode Championship will be in the live finals on May 30. These players will be reduced to about 250 participants, and the game will continue until the last two. From there, the winners of the Deadman Mode will be one-on-one.

As you can imagine, the Old School Runescape community is looking forward to the Deadman model, and its competition is very rapid. As an ordinary game player, if you want to get the same excitement as the contestants, then you can choose to Buy RS Gold on, I highly recommend this site, because not only the low price will make you get a good shopping experience!

In RuneScape, whether it is ten years ago or ten years later, it will never lack new users, because this is a very classic but always innovative game. Although many players like Runescape, they may not be familiar with some of its game guides. At this time, we usually choose to find some game guides from some forums. This is a good choice.

However, you can also go directly to our website to find some game guides. RSGOLDB2C is a professional website that provides RS Gold. Of course, it also provides free game guides for players. Perhaps you can find what you want on this website without spending a penny.

Back to our question, how to kill monsters in a team in the game?
It depends on what you want to kill. If it's better to not team up in the wilderness because I make money by killing others. If not, kill those hot monsters such as Nex or other god wars monsters. King black dragon and the like do not require you to go to the team source, where most people are full. If you kill the mobs, you can go to clan wars, soul wars, castle wars and the like, or go to the grand exchange of world1 and shout twice, let them join your clan.

For novice players, they are very interested in teaming up, fighting monsters, and upgrading. But you will not stay in the game all the time, and you will find it boring for a long time and will have a desire for new maps. Smart players always like to Buy OSRS Gold directly on RSGOLDB2C to help themselves pass the game and come quickly My favorite map.

Old School RuneScape has received a huge expansion, which will add a new city, missions, and extremely nasty team bosses. The latest batch of PC and mobile MMORPG content was announced at RuneFest 2019 in Farnborough on Saturday.

Morytania's expansion will open the door to Darkmeyer, the vampire city. In its dark and creepy alleys, you will find many new activities and advanced agility courses that can be used to test your courage. If you do n’t have much energy to play Old School RuneScape, then you can get Runescape Gold from the online store in exchange for more powerful weapons, making the game easier and more fun.

The huge expansion will also add the penultimate mission to the Myreque series "Father's Sin". Then come the new skill content and team boss, called Ashimaha's nightmare. To be honest, this thing does not seem to be very interesting, but I still come up with a picture below for you to decide. The latest expansion plan is also coming in 2020.

During RuneFest 2019, we experienced the "League" game mode. The first of these is the Twisted League, which started on November 14. It allows players to try to solve more challenging Ironman content.

Most importantly, Old School RuneScape also received a brand new team system that allows up to 500 players to track their team progress, compete with the rival clan for glory or arrange fun activities for everyone to participate. For the choice of an online mall, many players like to search and buy directly from Google, and I prefer to Buy OSRS Gold directly on, originally because it was attracted by cheap prices, but what attracted me more is the quality of customer service The goods are extremely fast!

The update of RuneScape Mobile's Super Ranch will allow players to own their own dinosaur farm, including skills and guilds, I believe many players are very.

You can plant dinosaurs on the Anachronia dinosaur farm, which can be teleported to use mysterious trees. Upon arrival, you will be able to raise 14 different reptiles, which can be raised and reproduced. This new update increases the maximum farming skill from 99 to 120. RSGOLDB2C provides players with a large amount of Cheap OSRS Gold, which can help players win big games in time, you can get it here.

In addition, you will be able to help beginners who want to make a splash in the agricultural field at the Manor Farm Agricultural Association. This will increase your reputation in the community, and you can also make some upgrades for the server farm.

Farming is not the only skill to increase the upper limit, Herblore will also increase from 99 to 120. This will also bring in the introduction of 10 new drugs, including Weapon Poison +++ and Elder Overloads. You can also make bombs and use the Blessed Bottle, which can restore 500 prayer points per point.

Runescape Mobile can now be used in Early Access through Google Play. You need to have membership to play. If you don't have enough patience in the game, you can Buy OSRS GP on RSGOLDB2C in exchange for more powerful weapons and equipment. I wish you to come to your favorite game.

A new audio drama produced by fans records the mission line of RuneScape. British actor Josh Strife Hayes provides a podcast-like adventure for fans of classic MMORPGs. Although the current version of the game, RuneScape 3, has a large number of players, it is also controversial due to unlimited microtransactions. If players are in urgent need of Old School Runescape Gold in the game, I recommend you to obtain it on, the delivery speed is particularly fast.

Whether it is nostalgia or gameplay, Josh Strife Hayes will play his own audio drama in the world of Old School RuneScape. Each episode describes the music and sound effects of classic games from a dramatic first-person perspective. Through adventurers seeing detailed records of all this for the first time, listeners may have a new understanding of these environments.

Like many MMORPGs, players spend a lot of time training various skills in addition to completing tasks in RuneScape. If you don’t have enough time, it ’s wise to choose a reliable third-party gaming site to buy RS3 Gold. Hayes hopes his audio play will be a "good backstory" for those who lack luster. Provide entertainment while the audience continues their daily activities.

Trouble and strife developed RuneScape's knowledge in a special way. It expands existing content through verbal dramatization. Video games usually naturally cover the visual and auditory expressions of their stories, but in Old School RuneScape there is a lack of dubbing and detailed visual effects, so there is a gap to fill the imagination space.

Hayes fills these gaps through audio dramas, and players can enjoy music while playing the game. The developers of RuneScape 3 will continue to release new content, but the exclusive fans of Old School RuneScape will continue to expand the 2007 version of the game in an unconventional way.

If you are not particularly familiar with, you should not purchase too much when you first Buy OSRS Gold to avoid loss. As far as I know, ordering here is particularly cost-effective!

RuneScape Mobile will explore unprecedented history with its latest skills in archaeology. The announcement of the 28th skill of the MMORPG classic was announced during RuneFest 2019 in Farnborough on Saturday.

To improve your level of archaeology, you will need to visit and dig many excavation sites on the vast land of Gielinor. Priceless cultural relics, powerful cultural relics, and fierce weapons are buried deep underground. Moreover, as you continue to explore, you will gradually discover new knowledge and demon treaties lost in time. If you want to get more OSRS GP, then you can try to get it from, its price is always lower than the market price, and very safe.

Jagex also announced plans to expand the content of overtime land this summer, the so-called overtime ranch. This sounds neat and allows you to nurture and care for Gilino dinosaurs. The ranch will be open before the end of this year, so thankfully, we will not have much time to wait to start our own destined Jurassic Park.

Most importantly, the maximum level of agriculture and animal husbandry and Herblore skills will be increased from 99 to 120, allowing you to formulate powerful potions using agricultural products and original extracts from pet dinosaurs.

If you want to get such good results, it is best to choose to RS3 Gold For Sale on RSGOLDB2C, which will provide everyone with 100% safe currency. More importantly, its price will never be higher than the market price, let alone let you spend more money to buy them.

Mage RuneScape developer Jagex has acquired new ownership, and Macarthur Fortune Holding in the United States acquired the company for $ 530 million through its Platinum Fortune fund.

Last year there were repeated speculations that Jagex was sold to Platinum Fortune. Despite Fukong's attempt to restructure its finances, the transaction was not rejected by Jagex once but by Jagex twice, but it was eventually confirmed that it was not a rumor.

In fact, as gamers, we don't care who RuneScape's real owner is. Players are more interested in getting a better experience in the game. Regardless of the method, it is the happiest player to obtain a large amount of OSRS Gold.

However, now is a good time for Fukong to sell, and Jagex performed well in 2019, with 1.1 million subscribers on RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. Since its launch in October 2018, this is in addition to Old School's 8 million mobile installations.

RuneScape has ushered in an exciting milestone. The number of active game members and players has exceeded tremendous success in the mobile field at any time for 19 years, and we have seen significant industry talents join our ranks to guide us The future of life games. Regardless of whether it is a PC or a mobile phone, players can Buy RS Gold on and they will be able to return home with a full load, and will never delay playing the game.

DFO is a Korean action MMORPG with beat expression elements, and the classes are represented by preset character avatars with limited visual customization options. The game used to be one of Nexon's biggest games and was not abandoned by the publisher until 2013.

In 2015, Neople restored its global servers by itself and made it better than ever. That's right, this game is in great demand, and even death can't stop it. Many players always hope to obtain a large amount of DFO Gold in various ways to help themselves during the game.

Compared with most MMOs, DFO's gameplay is more casual, less strategic, and essentially more like hacking. This is not without challenges, but most challenges are based on reactions and general skills, rather than learning enemy mechanics. This is why I like it so much because I am a more impulsive gamer and love the slash action of hackers!

Unless you pay, the strict restrictions on character customization will always haunt me, but as time goes by, I gradually accept its fair trade, because it will not lock any gameplay behind any paywall. Even though the workload of changing characters by category is very small, there are dozens of sub-category options, and each option has its style.

The class that uses swords is not only ordinary warriors, but also demon killers with weapons. His sub-categories include choosing to sign power with the demon, choosing to use only one hand to become a senior swordsman, releasing the chain on the demon to match it, or going crazy. Yes, the killer killer is a huge overlord, but it takes a lot of effort to make the edge of each taste the only choice!

Both new and old players are used to buying DFO Gold online. I recommend, which is a professional comprehensive game website, where you can see the popular game gold coins are for sale, and the price is very cheap, the most important thing is the fast delivery speed.

Old-school RuneScape players can participate in the new competitive DMM tournament, which will be open to members this Friday. This competition is part of Jagex's contribution to the game industry's PlayApartTogether program.

The one-month tournament will open at 1 pm Pacific Standard Time this Friday (May 1, 2020). All players start with brand new characters and strive to upgrade as soon as possible. As usual, DMM occurs on dangerous PvP servers, and when players are killed, they will lose substantial progress. Having more RS3 Gold can get more weapons and equipment, making you stronger.

After the opening ceremony, the top 2,000 contestants will enter the live finals on May 30, where they will fight until there are only 256 players left. Then, the last 256 will participate in the 1v1 knockout until the winner appears.

In addition to the player prizes listed below, Jagex will also donate £ 25,000 to its three collaborating mental health charities, CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust and Rise Above The Disorder, as £ 100,000 to support its work during the coronavirus pandemic Part of the promise.

When developer DCS ended its inquiry about immersive and addictive technology, developer Jagex was under fire, with RuneScape as an example, where one player accumulated more than £ 50,000 in debt through microtransactions in the game. You can find a professional gaming website at, players can Buy OSRS Gold here to get great help.

Although it is not traditional gambling like non-gambling casinos, some video game mechanics have been criticized for promoting similar addictive behavior patterns among its players.

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