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Activity: Jul 19 '21

Also keep in mind that a twisted recharge using a blend of tokens

Lets say you make 100 strikes at a mean of 150 damage per successful hit. We could estimate 20 of those hits will be 0s giving you an approximate accuracy rate of 80%. Now we could factor in the greater accuracy of the Crossbow, your accuracy rate rises to about 87 percent and each of the 7 extra hits you handle will also moderate 150 damage of course. So now, your new overall average of damage done becomes 130.5 while it used to be 120 (this factors in the 0s). Now lets compare this to a 5 percent boost in harm: Your accuracy rate will remain at 80%. Now since every one of these 80 hits will probably be raised by 5%, the average damage per successful hit increases to 157.5. Now, we will include your other 20 0s that you just hit per 100 shots along with your new general damage per shot is 126. So obviously you will find a 20% increase in harm rather a 5 percent but I am deducting the damage that eagle eye already provides. Also keep in mind that a twisted recharge using a blend of tokens and gp prices 20k tokens. I am not sure your current prices but keep in mind that eventually you'll achieve floors that grant 20k tokens per. Considering these flooring can take 23-28 moments, and I doubt you'd be able to make 2 mil in this time in frosts, it will become worthwhile to simply use tokens for your repair. If you want to know more about RS, you can visit